The Celtics have a chance tonight to close out the Philadelphia 76ers and get themselves at least a couple days of sorely-needed rest. Recent history though, says that when the Celtics have a chance to close out a series early, especially on the road, they don’t always take advantage of it. In all reality, we really don’t know what Celtics team will show up tonight.

A few noteworthy links –

From basketball to brotherhood: Battie always saw it in Pierce – Jessica Camerato talks to Tony Battie, now riding the Sixers bench, about what he saw in Paul Pierce as a rookie in 1999.

Masterful coach at core of Celtics success – Gerry Callahan says that of all the breaks the Celtics have gotten this year, Doc Rivers coming back was the biggest.

KG: “fair-weathered” beats bigoted any day – The Philadelphia Inquirer responds to KG’s postgame comments by playing the “Boston fans are racists” card.

There was outrage on the radio waves yesterday over Kevin Garnett’s “cheap shots” in this series, with Felger and Mazz up in arms over KG tripping Sixers. Hopefully those two clowns saw last night’s Pacers/Heat game for what real cheap shots look like.

The David Ortiz drama continued on, with Mike Felger puffing out his chest and feeling good about getting Ortiz riled up. Nick Cafardo wants to give Ortiz a mulligan for an “out of character” rant.

Ranaudo still playing catch up after spring-training setback – Brian MacPherson has an update on the Sox top pitching prospect, who has had a rough beginning at AA this season.

Eric Kettani pulled strings – Jeff Howe has an interesting story on the former Navy fullback, who has had to to go through an appeal process and prove his legitimacy as an athlete so he can be free to pursue an NFL career with the Patriots. Bill Belichick was among those who called the Navy to vouch for his skills on the field.


6 thoughts on “Celtics Look to Finish Off Sixers

  1. One question when reading Jeff Howe’s piece.  If BB went to the Navy and said Kettani should be let out because he can play, after the navy said we do not want to let him out of his commitment just to see him be cut, does that mean the Pats are almost obligated to keep a roster spot for him.  I know he can play special teams but this raises the question of do they have to keep two FB’s especially if Larson is better?  WIll a stint on the PS placate the Navy?  Will the final roster spot come down to Kettani or Addai?  I kind of wish Jeff Howe had looked at some of the ramifications of his report.


  2. To the Philadelphia writer, who clearly did this as his “Look at Me, I’m outrageous” 15 minutes of fame, you are right. The only place that racist people live in this country/world is in Boston. Forget Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, forget North Korea v South Korea, China v Japan, Taiwan v Vietnam, lets harp on Boston!!!

    You stay classy Mr…… (I honestly don’t even know this writers name nor do I care to take 10 secs to click his link).


    1.  You didn’t miss much. It reads like your typical Jemele Hill/Bomani Jones/Jason Whitlock race-baiting column.

      The best part of this is that in the past week, you have this:

      Evidently, the Phillies suspected that their own fans would:

      “We did take precautionary measures and added additional security in
      the right field area for last night’s game,” Phillies Vice President of
      Communications Bonnie Clark said in an e-mail. “We cannot discuss other
      details of the security enhancement. I am pleased to say there were no
      incidents during last night’s game.””Kinda unrelated but we’ll use the similar “logical connection methods” the author did.


  3. Looks like Eric Wilbur responded:

    Thankfully, most reasonable people can agree about how big of a joke that guy is.

    If you also also listen to F+M, you’ll know Ron from Malden. He got some ink today:

    NESN also claims that 9ks by a starting pitcher is “proof” you have what it takes to “win the Cy Young”


  4. And, never a bad time for Felger’s trademark “Cap is Crap” argument that he’s already been taken to town to by folks here and experts in the field.

    His response to the lawsuit that the NFLPA filed against the NFL for collusion on the Cowboys/Redskins cap deductions:

    “They’ll do anything to make sure that the cap isn’t perceived as a myth, which it is”

    It’s one thing to have an opinion on something and then another when you intentionally put bad information out there..


  5. Michael Felger started his show today by telling listeners the first thing that went through his mind after the Pacers vs Heat game last night was the 1984 Celtics vs. Lakers game four. Maybe I am just being too cynical but I find it hard to believe that this was the first thing going through Felger’s mind. I think that Mike was assisted by this article from Jason McIntyre who early in the morning wrote this article.


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