In yet another one-point game between the Celtics and 76ers, this time it was the 76ers coming out on top, defeating the Celtics 82-81, evening the series at one Monday night at TD Garden. In what was an ugly game most of the way, the offense picked up during the last five minutes. An offensive foul call on Kevin Garnett for an illegal screen with ten seconds left in regulation and the Celtics trailing by three, ended the Celtics’ hopes of pulling out a win. It was also a major discussion following the game. Games 3 and 4 are Wednesday and Friday in Philadelphia.

Celtics ignore Kevin Garnett til 4th quarter– Steve Bulpett says the Celtics should have gone to their big man more during the game.

Celtics make bad decision– Mark Murphy looks at the offensive foul call on Garnett being one of the many mistakes the Celtics made.

After ugly effort, Celts can only wonder if loss will haunt them– Bill Reynolds has an 11-point third quarter hurt the Celtics in their one-point loss.

For Celtics, one that got away– Paul Flannery looks at Game 2, a game the Celtics certainly had their chances to win in.

Celtics’ experience doesn’t pay– Chris Forsberg has bad execution down the stretch hurting the Celtics and their chances to win.

Paul Pierce, Celtics aren’t right in Game 2– Chad Finn says Paul Pierce’s injury is limiting the Celtics captain and also effecting the team.

Pierce: ‘The knee was fine’– Jessica Camerato has Pierce not making any excuses for Monday’s 7-point performance.

No matter the outcome, Celtics must convince themselves of the process– Gary Dzen looks at the Celtics’ reactions following the game and looks ahead to the remainder of the series.

This time, Celtics couldn’t close it out– Bob Ryan has the only difference between Game 2 and Game 1 was the Celtics not closing it out down the stretch.

Behind a complete game performance from Jon Lester, the Red Sox defeated the Mariners 6-1 Monday night at Fenway Park. With the win the Red Sox have now won four games in a row. Daniel Nava and Kelly Shoppach both homered for the home team. The two teams will play again this afternoon on Tim Wakefield day. Josh Beckett will take to the hill for the Red Sox.

Lester’s gem just what the Red Sox ordered– Maureen Mullen looks at Lester’s impressive performance in Monday’s win.

Jon Lester’s gem continues Red Sox rotation turnaround– Didler Morais has Lester’s outing being the fourth straight good outing from a Red Sox starting pitcher.

Still the one: Jon Lester’s season has a familiar top-of-the-rotation shape– Alex Speier looks at this season compared to Lester’s first four seasons, and  notes his start is very much in line with career norms.

Red Sox in complete control– Michael Silverman has getting good solid pitching has been the key to the teams’ four game winning streak.

Decision day looming– Silverman also looks at the decision the Red Sox face when Kevin Youkilis returns from the disabled list and what to do with Will Middlebrooks.

Should Youkilis be handed his job back?– Nick Cafardo examines the dilemma of what to do with both Youkilis and Middlebrooks.

Lester is on board; is Beckett– Joe McDonald looks ahead to Josh Beckett’s start today and asks if he can continue the trend of good outings by starting pitchers.


9 thoughts on “Celtics fall in Game 2, Red Sox win fourth straight

  1. I thought this was an interesting comment in Cafardo’s piece on Youkilis-Middlebrooks:
    The Drew Bledsoe-Tom Brady analogy is somewhat pertinent in this case. Bill Belichick had just about reached the end of the line with Bledsoe and when Brady took over and performed so well, it was an easy decision 

    I don’t remember it being such an “easy decision” for Nick at the time.  Even the following season when they traded Bledsoe to Buffalo (in the division!!)


    1.  I can’t stand Cafardo. Absolute flip-flopper who goes in the direction of whatever direction the wind is blowing. When he has to actually put his own opinion down, he’s often wrong 90% of the time.


      I remember a very different Cafardo who made it his mission DAILY in print and on WEEI to crap all over Bill and Brady at first but mostly Bill and for a few years after the fact. It got so bad and so obvious that he had an ax to grind with Bill that he was removed from the Patriots beat because he could never just report about the team on the field. Everything he wrote or said on air sounded like an agenda to railroad Bill. Cafardo was very upset that his binky (Drew) wasn’t there anymore to feed him and Ron stories. 


      1. No problem, Bruce.  Unlike some of our media friends, you always credit your sources.


  2. What is Rondo’s “problem” so far in this series?  It appears he’s playing only when he wants to, namely brief parts of both Game 1 (Q4) and Game 2. 

    I also don’t understand his penchant for driving to the hoop and essentially giving himself a chance for a layup only to kick it back out to a wing for a possible 18-20 footer.  And his annoying — and totally needless — dribbling of the ball late in the game last night that burned 20 seconds off the 24-second clock that necessitated his hoisting of a very low percentage shot (for him), was just plain pig-headed or being brain dead — or both.

    He’s a highly talented, but VERY maddening player (who’s going to show up tonight; the “good” Rondo or the moody Rondo) and Doc deserves a LOT of credit for having to deal with this guy.


    1.  In listening to a mixture of TV/Radio after the game (tried to get some national perspective here): they blamed KG on this. Philly radio also is NOT a fan of KG but that’s besides the point.

      Isn’t this shaping out to be the Rondo that we have to love/hate? Maybe a few more years of him being mature but when he has a mental vacation, we know how bad it can be. When he turns it on, he puts himself up there with some of the top PGs in the game.

      I just hope that, in time, regardless of what happens, people do come to realize that Doc probably does have a full-time job in dealing with him. The one thing I wonder is, and maybe we will find out, how does KG/Ray/PP34 deal with him? I’d assume, at some point, they’ve sat him down and had a talk.


  3. Great news:

    @WesWelker I signed my tender today. I love the game and I love my teammates! Hopefully doing the right thing gets the right results. #leapoffaith


  4. Looks like a big focal point, today, is the refs (for some). I’ve not had time to listen to much today but Wiggens is starting with this. It seems like Mazz/Felger don’t want to go there because of the amount of chances given away before this. 


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