Patriots beat reporter Jeff Howe announced on his Twitter page this morning that he will be now be the Patriots beat reporter for the Boston Herald. He will replace Ian Rapoport who recently left the Herald, to move to Dallas and a job with NFL Network.

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I was able to reach Howe for a quick comment this afternoon, in what has been a crazy day for the UMass Amherst graduate. He has been NESN’s Patriots beat reporter since 2009, but is looking forward to the opportunity he has with the Herald.

“I can’t express enough just how excited I am to join an amazing staff at the Boston Herald. I’m really looking forward to the opportunity, and it’s going to be a fun challenge. With that said, it’s tough leaving The last three years have been such a blast, and I’d like to thank everyone at NESN for helping me develop my career. There’s so much talent in that building, and I wish everyone the best of luck.”

Howe is one of the most underrated reporters on the Patriots beat, so the new gig is definitely well-deserved.


8 thoughts on “Jeff Howe new Patriots beat reporter for Boston Herald

  1. Congrads to a fellow Minuteman.

    Question here: Is this a lateral move or something where the ceiling is higher? I know that RSNs like NESN are generally stepping stones to “something bigger” where you usually work for a local beat->RSN->go to a larger paper->larger network. However, is the lack of media exposure going to help/hurt? Unless he has plans to use the Herald post like Rap did.

    I only ask because it seems like NESN has a talent retention problem. My perspective could be skewed by being in this market so maybe the frequency of people leaving RSNs is about the same and they put in the same amount of time.


  2. I have read somewhere, either written by Bruce or by Finn, that NESN is cheap.  It makes sense in a way.  They don’t need writers on the same level of a newspaper and there is always another chick with nice cans to ask stupid questions of coaches. 


    1. Are most RSNs cheap? Granted, most now are under the umbrella of a FOX or NBC, so I would assume that they are going to bump salaries but also can’t compete with a Bristol or national outfit.


  3. They are doing everything possible to keep people from reading it online, I know that.  Worst layout ever.  It is stuck in 1999.  


    1.  Yeah, which I don’t get. The Globe, while charging, gets the content part.

      Still, ask the NYTimes how constantly redesigning the content works..

      Could just be the dying nature of the newspaper (offline and online) business.


  4. To say NESN is cheap is gross understatement. No self respecting reporter is going from a dot com TO a newspaper without a gun basically being held to their head. No money and miserable working conditions by the higher ups at NESN. So much potential there on so many levels…epic fail always.


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