The defending Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins’ season came to a disappointing end Wednesday night as they fell 2-1 in Game 7 to the Washington Capitals at TD Garden. Joel Ward scored just 2:53 into overtime to give the Capitals the win. Tyler Seguin had the lone Bruins goal coming in the second period, while Tim Thomas finished with 25 saves. It was one of the most highly contested series in NHL playoff history, being the first-ever series where each game had a one-goal differential.

Patrice Bergeron injury hurts– Steve Conroy in his notebook has how an upper-body injury suffered in Game 5 limited Bergeron in the final two games of the series. He took one face off the past two games.

Tyler Seguin saves best for last– Mark Daniels looks at the 20-year-old who scored the final two goals in the Bruins’ 2011-2012 season. He scored the overtime goal in Game 6 and he tied the game in the second period of Game 7.

Seguin learns from Game 7 loss– Joe Haggerty has how Seguin was just starting to come around and play like he is capable of.

Bruins power play struggles prove costly against Capitals– Douglas Flynn looks at the Bruins power play that went 2-for-23 in the series. The Bruins struggled on the power play during last year’s Stanley Cup run, but couldn’t overcome it this year.

Five reasons why the Bruins couldn’t make it out of the first round– DJ Bean has five reasons why the Bruins season came to an end much sooner than people expected.

A shocking, silent end to a season filled with promise– Jim Donaldson looks at how the Bruins season came to a sudden, shocking end.

What kept them afloat last year was missing– Kevin Paul Dupont has a few reasons why this year’s team was different from last year’s team in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Bruins’ season comes to a sudden end– Dan Shaughnessy takes a look at the Game 7 loss, which ended the Bruins’ season.

Tim Thomas rides high road after crease crunch– Ron Borges takes a closer look at Ward’s game-winning goal, and wonders if there could have been goaltender interference called.

One of the biggest offseason stories with the Bruins will be whether or not Tim Thomas will be back, or will he be dealt in order to make way for Tuukka Rask to be the No. 1 goaltender in Boston?

Don’t look now, but the Red Sox have won three in a row after they completing their sweep of the Minnesota Twins with a 7-6 win Wednesday night in Minnesota. Starting pitcher Clay Buchholz struggled, but still was able to pick up the win. He pitched 5.1 innings, allowing five runs on ten hits and walked three. The team led 7-1 going into the sixth inning, before allowing five Minnesota runs, but the bullpen held on for the one-run win. Alfredo Aceves picked up the save.

Clay Buchholz needs to get it started– Nick Cafardo says if the Red Sox bring up Aaron Cook, Buchholz should be the spot they should be thinking of replacing.

Red Sox bullpen’s subpar game reinforces the importance of Rich Hill’s looming returnDidler Morais says the Red Sox are looking forward to getting reliever Rich Hill back this weekend.

Hot-hitting Sweeney got his start on mound– Brian MacPherson looks at Ryan Sweeney’s hot start to the season and how he originally thought he would be drafted as a pitcher.

A different clubhouse– Michael Silverman says going on the road after what took place last weekend was the best thing that could have happened for the Red Sox.

In what has flown under the radar this week because of all the Red Sox and Bruins attention is the NFL draft’s first round is tonight. The Patriots have picks 27 and 31 in the first round, but knowing how Bill Belichick operates it would not be a surprise if the team traded one/or even both of the picks.

Patriots have changed the way teams draft– Tom E. Curran takes a look at Belichick’s draft philosophy and how it has tried to be duplicated by other teams in the league.

Starting the selections: Patriots ready to roll into 2012 draft– Christopher Price looks at the the draft as a whole and looks at possible directions the Patriots may take.

Bill Belichick capable of anything– Karen Guregian says with Bill Belichick running the show anything is possible on draft night.


22 thoughts on “Bruins season comes to an end with OT loss, Red Sox sweep Twins

  1. I’m glad it wasn’t discussed here because of how silly this is, but there has been some attention on string of racist tweets after the Ward goal.

    Unfortunately, many people have already irresponsibly attributed to these to Bruins fans.

    Where were these people when Wayne Simmons scored during the Flyers/Pens series?
    The backstory is, if anyone checked and D+C pointed out, the fringe element of these, that most of the people doing this were not Bruins fans at all, and the powerful response by thousands who lambasted these idiots.

    Sadly, in the days of drive-by journalism, you’ll invariably have an outfit like NBC who will generalise this and label all of Bruins fans/Boston racist. If I had to place some bets, expect your Jason Whitlock, Bomani Jones, Jemelle Hill types to pen a piece on this.


      1. Now deadspin:

        Of course, the far-left Gawker run site didn’t let up an opportunity to comment:

        “There are lots of backstories here, if you want them. Boston’s troubled
        history with racism. The fact that it was the Bruins who employed Willie
        O’Ree, the NHL’s first black player. The fact that Ward scored on Tim
        Thomas, self-described “free citizen” and Ron Paul fan.
        But we don’t really need the sociologists. This is just a bunch of
        people whose first reactions to Joel Ward scoring a goal were to call
        him a nigger.”


    1. Well, on the Chirpstory aggregator I saw (below), it looked like many were Bruins/Boston fans based on avatars and wording. Surely some were taking advantage of the opportunity to say racist things and i don’t think this should is evidence of “Boston’s racists sports history” or inflamed by Tim Thomas’ political views.  But we shouldn’t pretend that Bruins fans weren’t a big part of the problem.  Every fan base has its share of utter a-holes. 


  2. On a lighter note from my post above:

    patsoxfan1439 I blame #BobbyV for the Bruins first round playoff exit. @scottzolak @theDAshow #redsoxtalk #bruinstalk

    (from twitter)


  3. Last question, what show/host/network breaks the, “I think the Tim Thomas White House thing” as the reason for this loss here? My money is on Felger. 


    1.  It’ll be Mazz.  He’s the only one who was really over the top about that.  Felger talked about it, sure, but was kept of a “this is kind of silly” opinion.  Mazz ripped Thomas apart for it.  And considering I’d bet $infinity that Mazz didn’t watch a single second of last night’s game, he’ll go for that storyline since he can’t talk about the actual game.


    2. I clicked over last night after the game because he’s been fairly rational on the show with Amonte.

      Not anymore.

      Looking to blame someone, “I’ve been saying for 3 years they need SNIPERS and sure they won the cup last year……”

      The only positive out of this is that it keep him and the likes of Haggerty off tv.

      The bearded backwater morning zookeeper who so anxiously gloamed a ride on the duck boat last year is convinced they lost last night because the celebration went on far to long.

      He’s been saying it all year and he says, “I’ve been around this team alot.”

      I believe he went to 3 practices and did 1 charity event with him – they can all go choke on a bowl of nails the bastards.

      They lost a 7th game in overtime – it happens.

      I watched them lose nearly 40 years ago to a Philly team 1-0 on a goal that deflected in off of Orr’s skate – it’s hockey, that’s how it is.


  4. Ryan:

    I have been reading your daily links here for the past two weeks…since Bruce announced he was looking to step back with the impending birth of child 3.  I wanted you to know that I think you have been doing an excellent job.  A few times I have looked up to the by line and chuckled when I saw it was you and not Bruce putting together the post.  I hope you continue doing this as BSMW saves me hours every morning culling articles so I do not have to.  Keep up the good work!


    1. Second this thought. For the first few, I thought it was Bruce and come to find it has not been. Keep up the good work!


    1. I like what Ron said…Thomas is a tea party paranoid moron and those people tend to blame minorities for all the problems. And I think it’s karma that he was beaten by Washington DC…go feds!!!”)


      1.  This is just about the dumbest thing anyone has ever written on this fair site.  Congratulations.


    2. Craig Mustard also implied that Thomas was a racist on his WEEI weekend show a number of weeks back. Said something to the effect of “how could you not consider his actions to be racist in nature?”. Certainly par for the course for a left-wing race-baiter, but surprised he never got called out on it. Apparently having libertarian views means you hate minorities?? Would like to see the evidence.


      1. Yeah, im not even sure how to respond to the guy above who is clearly clueless.

        Apparently, he caused enough of a stir  that he is addressing it in his column tomorrow.

        Lou, on the 6:30PM SportsTonight, had him on live from Gilette and they ended the segment with a brief exchange about it. He didn’t look too happy on how it’s being taken.

        I’m not sure how you defend this. It’s a joke that one fo the people race bombing twitter makes, not a journalist.

        He could have made a “funny joke” but instead makes one that implies the guy is a racist.. that’s something you expect from the folks @ certain cable news networks.


  5. *gasp* Patriots actually traded up, twice, tonight! Since Felger has been bashing the Pats for years for not trading up, expecting praise tomorrow? He’ll probably bash them even more for giving up too much with what they traded. Top it off with a “Pats SUCK” and “You’re absolutely right, ,Mike” from Mazz and it’ll be just another day on the Felger & Mazz show.


  6. In other market news:

    ESPNNy is moving to FM

    This makes me wonder if ESPNBoston might ever try going to FM here?


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