The Red Sox were able to snap their five-game losing streak Monday night in Minnesota. Cody Ross led the team with two home runs, including the game-winner in the top of the ninth inning, leading the Sox to a 6-5 win over the Twins. He also homered in the seventh inning to tie the game at 5. Daniel Bard pitched 2/3 of an inning in the eighth to earn the win. He didn’t allow a hit and walked one batter, but is still scheduled to start Friday. Alfredo Aceves came on for the ninth to earn his third save of the year.

Valentine lightens mood– Scott Lauber has in his notebook how Bobby V joked with Aceves when visiting him on the mound in the ninth inning.

Daniel Bard silences Minnesota in relief but increases chatter to return to bullpen– Didler Morais has with Bard’s performance Monday night the talk of him moving back to the bullpen will continue.

For Cody Ross game-winning homer was a blast from the past– Alex Speier has how Ross’ home run to the opposite field was something he learned to do a number of years ago while in the Tigers organization.

Decision time is closing in on Aaron Cook, Red Sox– Rob Bradford looks at the decision the Red Sox have with starting pitcher Aaron Cook. If the team does not call him up to the big leagues by May 1 he has an opt-out in his contract.

Bobby Valentine can’t rescue ship going down– Gerry Callahan looks at the decision to hire Bobby V as manager, and how things have not worked out thus far.

It’s not Valentine’s fault– Bill Reynolds says the start the Red Sox have had is not the fault of their manager.

Both the Bruins and Celtics were off Monday night. The Celtics will host the Heat tonight as the regular season is winding down. The team already knows they will face the Atlanta Hawks in the first round, but who gets home court as being the No. 4 seed remains to be seen. The Bruins are in preparation for their decisive Game 7 with the Capitals tomorrow night at TD Garden.

Emphasis on health, not homecourt– Steve Bulpett in his Celtics notebook has with Doc Rivers resting his start players of late shows he is more concerned with the teams health rather than the homecourt advantage.

Homecourt or health: For Celtics it’s no challenge– Paul Flannery says the Celtics will need to continue being a good road team in the playoffs as they will be on the road a lot considering they have chosen health over homecourt.

Newly aquired Williams looks to start fresh with Celtics– A. Sherrod Blakely takes a look at the newest member of the Celtics, Sean Williams.

One big history lesson– Ron Borges takes a look at tomorrow night’s Game 7 and says all the teams’ Game 7’s last year mean nothing now.

Bruins need vintage Tim Thomas in Game 7– DJ Bean has in what has been an extremely close series the Bruins need Tim Thomas to be the Tim Thomas of last year’s Stanley Cup run.

Bergeron a money player– James Murphy says the Bruins can count on Bergeron to be a force in tomorrow night’s Game 7.

Selfless Bergeron has proved to be the model Bruin– Matt Kalman looks at how Bergeron has made his case for being named one of three finalists for the Selke Trophy as the best defensive forward in the NHL.


12 thoughts on “Red Sox snap five-game losing streak, Bruins prepare for Game 7

  1. Hooray!  We struggled and achieved a come-from-behind win against the second-worst team in the AL after our putative ace gave up five runs in a pitcher’s ballpark!  Let’s fit ourselves for the rings now!!!!


  2. I love hearing the Pink Hatz on the morning shows, men and women both, weighing in on the need for the Red Sox to get a new ‘coach.’


    1. In 1997 the Pete Carroll led NE Patriots hosted the Bill Parcells coached NY Jets at home in the 4th game of the season.  The Pats were coming off the SB and the Jets had gone 1-15 the previous year.  It was Pete Carroll’s first year with the Pats and Tuna’s first year with the Jets. The Pats needed a last minute field goal to win the game.  I went on the Patriots USENET board and called for Pete Carroll’s firing after that game.  I ripped Carroll who to this day I believe is the single worst NFL coach I have ever witnessed.  He has had 2 teams completely quit on him and the Seahawks will do so by the end of this year.  I was not wrong to call for his firing then…it was so clear he was over matched by the NFL game as a head coach, that anyone should have seen that he should be fired.  Bob Kraft waited 3 years before doing it but I am sure he knew after that Jet’s game.

      Looking at Bobby V, the fact that he makes everything about him, the fact that he wants to change baseball traditions (pulling pitchers) so he can feel insulated, and the fact that he seriously has no clue how to manage a modern day pitching staff or it appears the ego of the modern day player, means that as fans it is perfectly proper to conclude the guy will not succeed here.  I don’t think it is pink hats calling for his firing.  Rather it seems to me like pretty knowledgeable people who understand this is not an either/or but rather it is an either/and. The players on this team are spoiled, disinterested prima donnas and some of them have to go.  But Bobby V who is in over his head and just as clueless as Pete Carroll ALSO needs to go.


      1.  Bobby sure does seem over his head.

        You haven’t witnessed many coaches, though, if you think Pete Carroll is the single worst.


        1. No I have…I got my season tickets during the Rod Rust regime. I sat through Dick MacPhearson. Have friends in NY and KC who lived through Herm Edwards and Rich Kotite. I have seen Dave Wandstadt, Norv Turner and a long list of others that have sucked and I am telling you that Pete Carroll is by far the worst I have ever seen. His lack of understanding of offense and game planning is only surpassed by his utter cluelessness when it comes to motivating, developing and teaching players. He won in USC because he cheated, not because he could coach. He is the ultimate snake oil salesman. I am sure fans in Seattle are Jack and Pumped to have California Clueless on the sidelines.


          1.  Not just the worst coach ever, but the worst by far?  You know, technically it is possible to express an opinion without ridiculous exaggeration presented as extreme resoluteness.


          2. I utterly loath Pete Carroll as a coach. Logically I can understand that someone might think others are as bad as him or maybe worse…but to me…he is by far and an away the worst coach ever. He stole three years of the Patriots….destroyed what Parcells had built…basically destroyed the fan experience as we had to watch his utter cluelessness. I can go on and on. 13 years later and I am still not over it. UGH I hate him. I don’t really see the exaggeration.


      2. Love you, LTD — but I gotta disagree.

        Rod Rust was the worst coach in the history of history.  


        1. Dave….the difference between Rod Rust and Pete Carroll is Rod Rust knew he was in over his head and once he failed in NE moved on and never poisoned another franchise.  Pete Carroll to this day believes all his problems in NE were because of Bobby Grier.  I would wager the $.31 in my pocket (my daughter just took all my cash for another one of those endless school fundraisers) that given identical rosters Rod Rust would coach circles around Pete Carroll.


      3. Felger made a good point yesterday. The RedSox need to do what the Patriots did after 2009, purge that clubhouse and retake there soul. I am not agreeing with the overdramatics, but more the larger point. There were troublesome guys in that 09 Pats Lockerroom, along with lack of talent. The Pats cleansed themselves. The Sox did the opposite and kept the players (seemingly the problematic ones) and we are seeing how two different methods pan out.


  3. I’m told this morning the league is going to investigate the story, which is to be expected. But I also didn’t get the feeling today that the league views this with anywhere near the gravitas of the New England Spygate incident, or the Saints’ bounty scandal. The reason: There’s no evidence, yet, that the Saints either used the device if it was installed, or benefited from it. Now, if it was installed, and that can be proven, that’s serious enough, and some sanction should be forthcoming. But I think there also has to be evidence that it was used for the sanction to be serious. If there’s evidence, and we have seen nothing of it yet, Loomis is in big trouble. If not, Loomis should be in the clear.  <– Peter King. Are you flipping kidding me? 


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