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This shouldn’t shock anyone, given how the new Red Sox manager has gone about things this spring. Sean McAdam on 98.5 this morning with Toucher and Rich noted that this could be Valentine’s way of “keeping a hand in” the New York for his post-Red Sox managerial career. Valentine only has a two-year contract, so even if he fulfills his entire deal he could be gone after next season.

Is it a little strange? Yeah. But the media should be happy, since they can monitor the appearances and be ready to blow up anything he says on these spots.

So can WEEI get a weekly spot with Joe Girardi?

Red Sox start season in big hole – Gordon Edes looks at the impact Andrew Bailey’s thumb surgery will have on the Red Sox, noting that starting the season with debilitating injuries hasn’t worked out for the Sox in the last decade.

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New pitching coach McClure careful not to come on too strong – Brian MacPherson has the former Royals coach looking to make his impact slowly with his new team.

Opportunity knocks – Peter Abraham has a good piece on reliever Mark Melancon, who has been pretty much dismissed by sports radio as a closer candidate, even though his stuff, makeup and track record seems impressive.

Red dawn in Boston – Jen McCaffrey has an overview of the Sox coming into opening day.

Decisions looming for Red Sox – Michael Silverman looks at the roster decisions the team has to make by 5:00pm today.The Globe notebook from Michael Vega has Clay Buchholz looking good in his final spring start.

Johnny Boychuk injured as Bruins lose to Penguins – Stephen Harris has the Bruins losing a game and a defenseman last night.

Staying healthy is Bruins’ only goal – Joe Haggerty says that the Bruins can only hope they don’t lose anyone else in the final two games.

Marty Turco enjoyed time in Boston – Joe McDonald says that the veteran may have played his final NHL game last night.

London Fletcher, Amobi Akoye Remain Possibilities for Patriots’ Defense and 19 Other NFL Thoughts – Jeff Howe notes that there is still defensive help available on the free agent market.

Allen might not start – Frank Dell’Apa says that it is not a lock that Ray Allen steps back into the starting lineup tonight.


37 thoughts on “Bobby Valentine To Do Weekly Spot On NY Radio

  1. Don’t teams/clubs usually have final say in this? I can’t imagine this going over well with Yawkee Way.

  2. I can’t believe the Sox brass signed off on Bobby V having a weekly gig with a NY station. I take that back…obviously they did as he is doing it…what I can’t understand is why would they allow it. Over time the possibility of him saying something that will be twisted or taken out of context or that he overtly means…far out ways any good that could possibly come of those interviews. Does Sox management think they will pick up new Sox fans in NY because Bobby V does a call in? Are they not aware of Boston fans insecurity with all things NY (except the Jets…we just hate them on principle because they suck), and how this will be perceived by Boston fans. For the past 10 years this new ownership and organization had been incredibly PR savvy. In the last 8 months they have pretty much destroyed that reputation and currently look like a rudderless ship. Bruce your joke about a weekly Joe Girardi call in to WEEI would be funny if someone at WEEI, the Red Sox or maybe NESN were not already considering that.

    1. First, they won’t pick up fans there because of BobbyV or if he called into WFAN or any other station. Likewise with Red Sox fans converting if Joe called into WEEI/WBZ.

      Maybe he demanded it because of all the peronsonel loses. One must think with all the injuries and seeing what Tito had to deal with how he must be right now.

      Still, this makes 0 sense.

  3. Meanwhile, Captain Hindsightarotti is weighing in with the daring assertion that now that Hiroki Kiroda has proven to still be effective, the Red Sox should have given him $12M or so to trump the Yankees, budget be damned.

  4. I stand by my previous statement. Valentine will be fired midway through next year. He’s a sideshow and a poor replacement for a true pro like Francona.

    1. A true pro that took the Sox to two consecutive third place finishes and presided over the worst Sept. collapse in Red Sox history.

        1. They do mean something…however, the last WS title was 5 years ago and the last three seasons have ended in a sweep of the ALDS and two third place finishes. Have you forgotten those, you myopic moron?

    2. True pro? Does a true pro lose control of a clubhouse and let players and management walk all over him?
      Does a true pro manage a team to the worst collapse ever?
      Does a true pro let a vicadin addiction affect his decision making?
      I don’t think so but I guess standards for what it is to be a pro these days has changed.

      1. Dan,
        You believe rumors over facts? How many titles did Francona need to win to satisfy you? Four? Five? He was not flawless, but anyone who could manage the pinnacle of divas (Pedro, Manny, and Ortiz) and win 2 titles gets a pass in my book.

  5. Ah, yes, the patented wit and wisdom of the runny-nosed, thumb-sucking, self-aggrandizing superfan we all know you to be.

    1. Sticks and stones, man. Sticks and stones.

      Want to discuss Boston sports and sports media or do you want to keep going with the ad hominem attacks?

      1. Hey, look, the skateboarder learned a new term. He’s already using it in a sentence!

        I am talking Boston sports. Today, I’m discussing the prevalence of look-at-me assholes masquerading as baseball fans despite their obvious intellectual disabilities. You know the kind I’m talking about. The kind that characterize the most successful managerial tenure of any of our lifetimes as “two third place finishes and the worst Sept. collapse in Red Sox history.”

      2. How about a thoughtful comparison of failure Francona’s managerial record vs. shy guy Bobby V’s?

        1. Sure! Sounds great. Well, they both presided over teams that quit on their manager and were let go (Tito technically wasn’t fired as the Sox didn’t pick up his options and he contract expired but for all intents and purposes he was fired).

          Tito was viewed by many to have a very hands-off approach to managing his team both off and on the field (earning him the oh so clever nickname “Francoma”. Bobby V is also a hands-off kind of guy but with a much stronger personality…It remains to be seen if that will be enough to get the Red Sox back on track.

          Tito won World Series titles in 2004 and 2007 (8 and 5 years ago respectively). The last three years of his tenure here ended in 3rd place finishes and getting swept out of the ALDS once. Bobby V took his Mets team to the World Series against the Yankees and lost (11 years ago) and the year before he took them to the ALCS and lost.

          Both managers have not won the Manager of the Year award.

          Seems to me that both Tito and Bobby V have had success in their managerial careers in the past but have not had any recently.

  6. watching/listening to convicted media whores ranting about someone else being a media whore is a bit comical.

  7. He never sued over the story did he? No he didn’t.
    It’s all true and you know it but that’s besides the point. His last title team was five years ago and the team has been regressing ever since. Not all his fault but he has lost his fastball too. His addiction to pain pills affects his judgement and that has been evidenced the last few years.

    1. All true. I particularly question Francona’s decision to let the 2010 team get all injured. What was that all about, Tito?

    2. Good logic. Because he didn’t sue a newspaper, it must be true. Libel cases are very hard to prove. You need to establish not only that the facts alleged were false, but that the reporter/editors knew that it was false and had “willful intent” to print a false story. And the Sox lawyers and PR machine would do everything possible to smear Francona all over again. Not worth suing a MLB organization to a guy who is covering MLB as a media member and wants to manage again someday.

  8. “His last title team was five years ago”

    The ugly cousin of “they haven’t won a world championship in SEVEN years”.

    I hope you guys get every little thing you deserve from your favorite teams.

  9. Yes, they’ve both had success in the past but none recently. They’re equals in every respect. The two World Series rings carry no weight because they happened oh those many years ago, back before indoor plumbing and light bulbs. What exactly are you a fan of?

        1. But, true there is no comparison. One has bad circulation, has to take blood thinners, has two bad knees, is bald and the other doesn’t have any of those things.

  10. If a surgeon had a history of success, but killed his last patient on the table, i don’t think I’d be volunteering to be his next victim. Francona had great success with the Sox, and then watched last year while the team pulled off one of the epic failures of American professional sports history. Winning a world series – or two – does not make you fire-proof for life. Some great coaches have been fired because it just wasn’t working any more. Last year, the patient died.

  11. There are a lot of Francona fan boys on here. Look the guy had a great run but nothing lasts forever. He lost “it”.
    He was more interested in chasing college girls and posing shirtless in pictures than whether or not his guys were ready to play or that they even cared.

  12. For the record…I think it is perfectly reasonable to be thrilled Francona is gone…as I am…and be apprehensive about Bobby V…as I am because he has some serious flaws that are only going to be magnified coaching in Boston. I don’t think it is either/or as Curt Shilling has framed it. It does seem to me that some members of the media…lead curiously enough by Tony Mazz who again is proving that the Baseball reporters show is the best hour on the radio…unfortunately it follows the Felger and Mazz show which can be one of the worst… have figured this out and are skipping the traditional honeymoon new managers get.

  13. What is with the Boston sport talk obsession with Bobby Valentine??
    Never seen anything like it. It’s every show and it’s very bizarre.
    If Bobby V passes wind there’s a 2 day discussion about it.
    Boston sports talk, once really good and top notch is now devolving into endlessly superficial and negative copy cat white noise.

    Btw if ESPN in NY called up Doc Rivers and wanted to do a weekly interview with him regarding all things Celtics and NBA Doc would jump at the opportunity in a minute and nobody in the media around here would say a word.

    1. I think the “regional” part is this:

      Doc is an active NBA coach of the Celtics. Do the Knicks care about the Celtics? My Knick fan friends could careless. Moreover, if they wanted to care, they know how to stream the audio of WEEI/WBZ.

      If Doc were a retired coach and worked for WBZ/WEEI or a local outlet in town but called into WFAN/ESPNNY there like Boomer does for WEEI during the NFL season, they would listen because he’s going to talk to them about local matters and the league.

      I talked to half a dozen fans about this who live in the NY market and are a fan of the Yankees yesterday and all are puzzled about him doing this. They don’t care about him, even from former Mets fans, and won’t be listening. All saw this as a move to make sure he’s right back at ESPN once he’s gone from the Redsox.

      That’s my take on this.

  14. Tito was let go because he’s always been a player’s manager. The players over the years took advantage of that until you get back to back 3rd place finishes, and a horrible collapse. Tito cannot then turn around and start “laying down the law,” so it was time for him to move on. All this BS about painkillers and college girls is so ridiculous. And if you really believe it, then you are exactly the type of fan that Sox ownership hopes for, gullible and stupid.
    Now Bobby V may or may not breathe fresh air into the club, but one thing is for sure NOBODY knows how it’s going to turn out yet. He’s not a fool, and he’s not a savior, why don’t we just wait and see what happens?

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