The Celtics beat a good Utah Jazz squad at the Garden last night to move to 13-5 since the All Star break.

Celtics 94, Jazz 82: C’s make sweet music – Scott Souza has basketball junkie Paul Pierce enjoying himself.

Is Kevin Garnett the center for now, and the future? – Based on KG’s play at the five this season, Paul Flannery wonders if he might be in that position for a couple more years here in Boston.

Kevin Garnett grinding at higher gear – Peter May says that KG’s play has lifted the Celtics in the second half of the season. It was a memorable postgame session for KG, who told the media ‘I hear y’all calling me old’ and made fun of their hairlines. Garnett has made the likes of Mike Felger look foolish this season, Felger  and his afternoon cronies proclaimed KG “done” and a stiff in the early part of the season.

Big Al Jefferson eats up the Hub – Steve Bulpett says that the man traded for KG still has a big fan in Doc Rivers. (And Jefferson is a free agent after next season)

Rivers gives blessing to son’s decision – Gary Washburn’s notebook has the Celtics coach saying that if his son Austin is still on the board when the Celtics come to draft, the team better pick him. The Herald notebook from Mark Murphy has the Celtics hoping for a Ray Allen return on Friday.

Lavarnway’s time? If not now, he wants it to be soon – Brian MacPherson has the young Sox catcher willing to wait for his shot – as long as it comes soon.

Pedro Ciriaco, surprise sensation – Gordon Edes wonders if the utilityman may have played his way onto the opening day roster.

Buchholz looks into upping his tempo – Maureen Mullen has the righty looking at working at a quicker pace this season.

The mystery continues: Where exactly will Jacoby Ellsbury hit? – Rob Bradford says that where the speedster/slugger hits in the lineup is one of the biggest questions in camp.

Brian Rolston’s Boston renaissance – Joe McDonald has the veteran forward with a chance to be known for more than just being one of the guys traded for Ray Bourque.

Chiarelli has mastered the tricks of the trade – Joe Haggerty looks at how the Bruins GM has master the art of the trade deadline pickup.

Bill Belichick’s brethren laud free agent pickups – Ian Rapoport talks to some coaches around the league about how their former players will fit in with the Patriots.

The NFL Salary Cap Debate – In this Patriots Fourth and Two podcast from Russ Goldman, Michael Felger and Marc Bertrand talk NFL salary cap, with Felger defending his Cap is Crap position.

7 thoughts on “Celtics Stay Hot With Win Over Jazz

  1. I have been all aboard the Ciriaco bandwagon since the very beginning. Let…him… play! Let….him….play!

    Also, I thought Shank’s column today was actually kinda funny. But then I’m the guy whose wedding had tables numbered after obscure Red Sox pitchers from my lifetime.


  2. Oh, and by the way, from Mike Reiss:

    “Now 15 days into free agency, the Patriots have signed 12 players from other teams while re-signing six of their own. That averages out to slightly more than one transaction per day.”



  3. I was listening to T&R this morning they were re-capping the Cuts for a Cause last night. They said that Felger was involved, and that his winning bidder was his wife. What a FRAUD! They tried to defend him saying she was the highest bidder and could do what she wanted. The whole point, other than raising money for a worthwhile cause, is so that the participants end up with either stupid haircuts, or a shaved head. Felger should have just donated money if he wasn’t going to really take part. Absolute FRAUD.


    1. Near the end of T&R yesterday somebody came on from Comcast and admitted it was the higher ups that didn’t want him shaved.


  4. Now Felger is saying KG’s recent play is because he’s in a contract year. As if KG didn’t know at the beginning of the season that he was in a contract year.


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