The Patriots had a busy few days, signing a number of free agents – safety Steve Gregory, receiver Anthony Gonzalez, defensive end Trevor Scott, Receiver Brandon Lloyd and tight end Daniel Fells. These signings, along with some re-signings and the deal with Jonathan Fanene earlier in the week give the Patriots some good depth and competition at some key spots. There could be more to come, but for now, this should quiet the masses calling for action.

Brandon Lloyd makes a big splash – Mike Reiss says that while some of the signings were for depth, Lloyd could be an impact player for the Patriots.

Lloyd gives Patriots a receiver with plenty of fight – Tom E Curran looks at one of Lloyd’s biggest pluses.

Sound Pats philosophy: Load the gun – Hector Longo says loading up for the stretch run of Tom Brady’s career is smart, and does some Felger-bashing (without naming Felger.)

Lloyd’s signing goes a long ways toward answering what ails Patriots – Glen Farley says that New England started free agency by “dinking and dunking” before going deep with Lloyd.

With deadline behind them, Celtics face uncertain future – Paul Flannery has the Celtics now dealing with the reality of their situation.

Celtics not aiming high for big help – Chris Forsberg says that the Celtics know that they aren’t likely to get much help on the buyout market.

Allen’s health maintained by changes in footwear – Jessica Camerato has a look at how the proper sized shoes have really helped Ray Allen’s career.

Celtics in dire need of rebound – Steve Bulpett’s notebook has Doc Rivers looking forward to the next three games.

Ray(s) of hope: The Red Sox’ starters’ new blueprint for success – Rob Bradford looks at whether the Red Sox starting pitchers can be more like Tampa’s.

Different signs of spring – Nick Cafardo has Tim Bogar learning from Bobby Valentine, whom he may replace some day.

Digging deep to halt a skid – Fluto Shinzawa says that the Bruins got some nice contributions in their shootout win over the Flyers on Saturday.

Bruins eyeing a clean Leafs sweep – Steve Conroy has the Bruins looking for a season sweep of the Maple Leafs tonight.


12 thoughts on “Busy Weekend For Patriots

  1. Thankfully BB read George Cain’s tweet and got his ass in gear! SHAMEFUL that it took this much time to start signing guys!


  2. Ever wonder what Tony Mazz would sound like as the lead guy? Tune in to 98.5 – I dare you to make the full four hours. I’ve clocked 4 sucks/sucky and 2 craps so far in 14 minutes; not counting the drunken stupor references. DA is along side and doesn’t sound too happy to be in the #2 chair.


    1. I did tune in throughout the show while at work and had a few thoughts.

      1) Mazz sounded alot like he does when he runs his Baseball Reports show. He was on point, seemed organized, and hit alot of topics.

      2) Mazz did allow his Felger-built tendencies to infiltrate the show every so often. The Sucks, Sucks, Sucks point stood out to me.

      3) I was encouraged yet saddened to learn that Mazz does have the ability to refrain from his “schtick as Mazz” and actually become Tony Masseroti the writer. I instantly remembered that when Felger returned, so would the former alter-ego.

      4)I am not calling for a show without Felger just stating what I feel exists as the show was created.

      5) Mazz did make his usual non-sensical points about the Pats not signing anyone of Note! (Of course he would take this stance). He later would state the Pats didn’t sign a big name WR (didn’t consider Lloyd a name) yet compared the Jets signing Landry a big signing. I personally would put them on par with one another but that’s me. I feel he was using this to hammer the Pats unecessarily.

      6) I actually am looking forward to the return of the Baseball Reports and what Tony once was, a pretty good baseball guy!


      1. Responses to your post:

        1.) Agree. He can host/move a show a long at a descent rate. I think he’s better when it is shorter–like an hour. I’ll still hold true that Felger, like John Dennis, are good at “hosting” a show. This has nothing to do with their opinions but that they’re good MCs when it comes to making sure you hit breaks properly, introduce guests well, keep the flow of a show going. Without this, you don’t have a show. Listen to smaller markets where the hosts are not held to a standard like this and it will drive you nuts–It’s like an orchestra without a conductor.

        2.) Heard that as well. He’s definitely paid off and him and DA joked about being in “the ahole chair”.

        3.) You just reiterated what quite a few here have said and I completely agree. I listened a bit to Skip Bayless this morning (National version of Felger on ESPN) and when he goes into writer mode, while hosting Mike and Mike, you can see this come out. I might be one of the few that holds this opinion about Bayless, but it reminds me of the situation.


        Did anyone hear Bob Ryan/Dale Arnold? I know it’s not going to capture below 30 but what a great combination. Even while fulfilling his NESN stuff, he still manages to get in and do a good job. Is it me or did he look/sound like the kid clearly trying to get picked for the next special project by the teacher? He must see some changes at WEEI on the horizon.

        Also, Matt Chatham was on with them breaking down the Manning news. Awesome combination. If SportsHub wants an intelligent player who can actually articulate views and be semi-cool, why not hire him? I know he’s more tied to WEEI/NESN, but I think he’d resonate.


  3. From Mike Lombardi via Twitter/

    The Patriots have agreed to terms with WR Donte’ Stallworth on a one-year contract, according to a league source.

    The team also agreed to terms with G Robert Gallery, according to a league source.

    This will be Stallworth’s second stint with the Patriots. In 2007, he caught 46 passes for 697 yards and three touchdowns for New England.

    The Patriots added WRs Brandon Lloyd and Anthony Gonzalez last week and TE Daniel Fells earlier Monday.


    Is there anyone we’re not signing?


    1. Next media themes:

      – They are spending like drunken sailors: it must be Belichick/Brady’s last year!

      – Signing punks like Gallery and Stallworth would never have happened under Myra’s watch!


    2. Landry (Jets) and Mario Williams (Bills).

      They’re both division rivals you know!! The Pats should have signed them! What is BB doing!! Krafty is cheap!!! The sky is falling!!!


      1. Everyone knows the only talented free agents out there were the ones the Patriots didn’t sign.

        But seriously, the nine FAs they’ve signed so far in just six days have cost them ten of millions less than Mario.

        Depth is never sexy, but with the need to fill a 53-man roster with quality players it’s still pretty attractive.


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