The Celtics pulled out a second win on their West coast road swing, beating the Golden State Warriors 105-103 on a Kevin Garnett jumper with 5.1 seconds remaining.

Talk about trading one of the Celtics four stars has changed into talk about what the Celtic can do to add a big body to help out Garnett and Brandon Bass. Danny Ainge was on WEEI with Dale Arnold and Kirk Minihane (A pretty good pairing) this morning and put the chances of a deal at 50-50.

Celtics hold off Warriors, now await trade deadline – Gary Washburn has a look at the win, and what today might be like for the Celtics.

Kevin Garnett delivers on deadline – Chris Forsberg has Doc Rivers hoping to keep his team intact.

Celtics hope to stick around through deadline – Paul Flannery has the team hoping to stay together.

Celtics dealing with uncertainty – Steve Bulpett looks at whether Ainge will be able to get anything done today.

Heart surgery for Wilcox – Washburn’s notebook has the bad news that Chris Wilcox is done for the season.

Pats line up Jonathan Fanene deal – Ian Rapoport looks at the Patriots first free agent signing of the offseason, a tough, versatile defensive lineman from the Bengals.

Welker deserves his own big haul – With all the crazy money being given out to wide receivers over the last couple of days, Greg A Bedard thinks that it might actually bring the Patriots and Wes Welker closer to making a deal. Karen Guregian doesn’t seem so sure.

Bobby Valentine, Ben Cherington in good spot – John Tomase says that the two seem to be getting along just fine.

Melancon’s makeup seems like a good fit – Brian MacPherson thinks that Mark Melancon’s days in the Yankees’ organization will suit him well in Boston.

Bruins have lost trademark defense – Mike Loftus says that defense is where most of the Bruins problems are at the moment.


13 thoughts on “With NBA Trade Deadline Today, Do The Celtics Make A Move?

  1. The news out of New York, with what a train wreck any Dolan operation is, has become hilarious. It also seems that Otis Smith and the Orlando folks are not much better. I can’t see how Danny one-ups these folks for “silly decisions”.


    1. But they did sign one. I don’t care if they wait until the day before their first game to sign a quality defensive lineman…so long as they sign one.


    2. Way to rub salt in that open and exposed wound, Dave 🙂 I wonder if we will get panic posts because the Bills have now signed Mario Williams. How will the Patriots beat a Buffalo team with Mario Williams when they lost to them once last year without him? If only team building required you to sign one impact free agent or draft the guy Mel Kiper thinks is good.


  2. So, everyone is going nuts and putting stuff like this out (H/T to Bruce for the tweet and link to the ESPN chat with Mike Reiss):

    “Steve (Boston)

    Who is Jonathan Fanene?Mike, I am 15 yr season ticket holder and and extremely frustrated and I am seriously considering giving up my tickets. I am tired of paying top dollar for the tickets only for the Pats to go shopping for free agents at Wal-Mart.”

    Beyond the Brady hate, I have friends who are Jets, Bills and Dolphin fans that are beyond jealous at the entire Pats organization, and have been for some time.

    Would you rather we become the Raiders and have to start cutting everyone? Restructuring deals? I’ll take being a descent franchise with a good shot each year versus spending a ton on overpriced free agents, maybe having 2-3 years of a window, then being screwed for the next 5 because of that.

    Yeah, call it drinking the cool-aid, if that’s what it is.


  3. re: the season ticketholder – If he has gone to every game in the past 3 years, he has seen the Pats win 25 times and lose 3 times. But he wants his money back? If free agency is so important to him, why have tickets in the first place because he can watch free agency from his couch just like anyone else?


    1. If the guy’s been a season ticket holder for that long, then he surely remembers Parcells overspending for many of his ex-Giants players (all of whom underperformed their contracts), and Bobby Grier spending a ton of money in both free agency and, especially, re-signing players like Todd Rucci (!) to oversized contracts. How did that workout for the Pats?

      When the Pats hired Belichick in January 2000, they were way over the salary cap and coming off an 8-8 season, and had very little room to maneuver. Thus, the 2000 season was basically a “lost year” for the team….that’s what often happens when you mismanage the cap and overspend in free agency (either to re-sign your own guys who may not be worth it, or to sign “big name” players from other teams who may not be worth it). Not all the time, but far too often than some people care to think about.

      I can’t believe this season ticket holder is complaining about how a team that just went to the Super Bowl (and were one Gronk ankle injury away from winning it), with basically a young roster, conducts its offseason business.

      Their method is far from sexy, but it’s very, very effective.

      Besides, as Mike Reiss has reminded us all many times in the past, free agency is just Part 1 of a three-part offseason trilogy: free agency, trades, draft. The Patriots have, in fact, often surprised us with draft-day trades for veterans (or right-before-the-draft trades like the one for Corey Dillon) that seemingly have come out of left field.

      A little patience goes a long way in the modern NFL. Too bad that far too many fans and media types don’t have any patience.


  4. CSNNE will spend 90 minutes tonight covering the “lack of trades” at the “trade deadline”. Will it be Green Teamers vs. those who want Ainge gone?


  5. Dale Arnold and Chris Mannix this morning on D&C.. love it. Wish they would do it more. Perfect day for Mannix, as well, who was doing the DP show the last 2 days. I guess Mannix is busy with the SI/NBCSports stuff, but I wonder if he’d ever get a show.


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