On the heels of this morning’s post, it looks like Pete Sheppard will be back with WEEI in some capacity.

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So the question is, what is the announcement?

Back on the Big Show as Flash Guy, taking out Adams?

Weekend shows?

Patriots-related programming? (Post game show, etc)


Something major – another show shakeup/shuffle?


14 thoughts on “Pete Sheppard Returning To WEEI?

  1. While the best move for EEI would be to bring back Dale to the midday for some kind of “Arnie and Shep” or “Dale and the Meat Man” pairing with Pete, you know, with Shep spouting off and Dale getting all owly after taking his Bruins pill, kind of like a remake of the old A-Team show with Shep as a young Eddie, what will probably happen is just the addition of Meat as a new Third Man In, a typical WEEI Ballyhoo Move that turns out to be nothing.

  2. Since we are all speculating…I am wondering if WEEI is seriously considering Dale and Pete in the midday. For the life of me I can’t believe WEEI didn’t promise Dale something to get him to reup. I can’t believe he would have reupped for just some expanded weekend stuff and #1 fillin. As for bringing Pete back…we still do not have any truthful reporting as to why he was “left” in the first place. The economic reason made no sense and if they bring him back without letting anyone go will have been exposed.Its clear his voice was/is missed on the big show. Love him or hate him he brought a layer of depth to that show that it has been lacking…passion. It will be interesting to see what WEEI is planning.

  3. A post on the Boston-radio-interest mailing list )K Vahey) says rumors are flying that Adams _could_ be the “odd man out”. (But we’ll see.)

    1. It’s not like I like Pete that much, but god, if that’s true, I’d even promise to listen to Sheppard. Because Adams, I can’t /stand/.

  4. Greasing the skids for punting Ordway at the end of his contract. They can get hammered by Felger & Mazz with or without Ordway and save money.

  5. Pete’s performance on the Big Show today was underwhelming to say the least, Big O was patronizing him. So he gets the Sunday slot, 12 noon to 3. Maybe that gets him back in the game. Good luck Pete.

    1. I did not expect a major announcement. I think they committed to this lineup through August. If coming into football season they don’t see major changes in ratings then I can see them shaking things up. They will have Pete, Dale, tom Curran, Kirk Minnihan (who I hate as a radio guy), and pptentially a retired from writing Bob Ryan to perhaps build shows around. There might be some footsteps being heard.

  6. Well as long as they don’t put the Big O and Pete back together. All those two ever did talk over the callers each arguing their individual points. I had to turn the radio off when those two got started. Add in Fred and Steve and it was just a big fight. Is this radio? I am not an Ordway fan and I find that I am not a Merloni fan either. Guess D&C is my fav

  7. Pete Sheppard? Are you kidding me? So the cutting edge management over at ‘EEI that wallowed in complacency for years, trumpeting it’s ratings in the face of NO COMPETITION, now recylces one of the reasons listeners abandoned in droves in the first place once a viable competitor arrived on the scene?! SportsHub delivered us all from overblown, egotistical, self-absorbed hosts who amused themselves, subjected the listeners to painfully long commercial breaks, the likes of the absurdly misplaced Jon Meterparel and Mike Adams, FOGs (friends of Glenn) who pitched their ridiculous steak house and added nothing, fawning interviews with the likes of Brad freakin’ Faxon for mind-numbingly boring, 20 minute long interviews (no doubt John Dennis hasn’t paid for a round of golf in some time…and while we’re on the subject of overblown, egotistical hosts…I absolutely ROAR every time I hear the voice mail he left for Ryen Russillo..who is doing quite nicely, thank you. And the fact that the message would have been left by someone who actually advised professional athletes on the intricacies of public relations…well, it’s just all too delicious), and endless political pontificating by two SPORTS TALKERS…who didn’t get it that if it’s political commentary we want, we’re not tuning int to a sports station for it!!!! Astonishingly arrogant, even for Dennis and Callahan. Sooo…..the moment a well-programmed radio station that began with “radio 101” (see, it isn’t all that hard, ‘EEI), and then staffed informed, funny, focused and entirely entertaining hosts who didn’t spend their time indulging themselves…hosts almost all who had done a turn or two at ‘EEI….and you add in the Bruins and Patriots, you have an audience for whom WEEI is a faint memory rapidly fading in the rear view mirror. This first-class sports town FINALLY has a first class sports talk station. One who pays attention to content as well as elements and apparently demands the talent does the same. All you needed to hear was Felger on radio row during Super Bowl week rejecting guests and wanting to talk football. What a concept! Too bad D & C didn’t adopt the same philosophy as by all accounts these two old fart curmudgeons who only relate to each other struggled with current entertainers…if it’s not the Farrelly Brothers, Dennis and Callahan just can’t pull it off. And those interviews, I recall from back in the day, were just painful, too, but done so that the F. brothers could get some free publicity while throwing some ridiculous favor D & C’s way. When did we, the listeners, ever matter?
    Shame on ‘EEI for being caught flatfooted…what..they never, ever conceived that in a sports-obsessed city, they would forever remain the only viable sports station. EEI didn’t get that it’s really easy to be the prettiest girl in the room when you’re the ONLY girl in the room. They were too proud of their “accomplishment” (which really wasn’t as they had no actual competition) to objectively assess their own product. I will be forever grateful to SportsHub for delivering me from the drivel I had to endure while an “EEI listener. I can tell you that no one in my circle of knowledgeable, avid sports fans, not a single one listens to ‘EEI anymore. That station is a faint memory and has long been assigned to the rearview mirror. The Celts and Sox (and Dave O’Brien and Sean Grande) are the only remaining reasons to even consider ‘EEI. The publicity stunt that is Pete Sheppard (all written accounts indicate nothing has changed..his reintroduction was unfunny and awkward, much like Pete himself) wont’ do anything to right the sinking ship. And how laughable when the “big announcement” was that he would be handing the Sunday afternoon shift for three big hours! So amused when I read that….and ‘EEI’s management apparently continues to believe they can dupe the listeners when in fact they’ve mortally wounded what was once the golden goose of Boston radio.

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