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I got a quick confirmation from Rapoport on this one, who said that while he “hates leaving the Herald,” he “couldn’t pass this opportunity up, and moving to Dallas will be awesome.”

Rapoport has made many appearances on the NFL Network, so they’ve had their eye on him for a while now.

This is the second Boston newspapers writer snatched up by the network. (Albert Breer being the other.) In the somewhat-interesting coincidence department, Rapoport will be based in Dallas, where Breer had worked after leaving the MetroWest Daily News and is a place that Breer often speaks of wistfully. I’m sure Breer will have plenty of Dallas advice to pass along.

It stinks for the Herald though.  Rapoport their best hire in a long time, and it will be tough for them to fill his shoes.

For Rapoport though, this is indeed an incredible opportunity, and one well-deserved.

Rapoport joined the Herald in July of 2009, and had covered the Alabama Crimson football team for three years for The Birmingham News before that. He is a 32-year-old graduate of Columbia University.


9 thoughts on “The Herald’s @Rapsheet Is Heading To The NFL Network (Confirmed)

  1. Good for him. He is a must read and must follow on twitter. The Herald’s remaining football people are extremely weak. For now, there’s no reason to read their NFL section.


  2. In a scary trend, this market is consistently losing premier writes to national syndicates even though they may still cover the teams in this area. It’s not fair that we are stuck with the Shanks, Borges, and SMY’s of the world while Reiss, Rapp, and Ryan (retiring) go elsewhere. Can we package Shank and SMY to Alaska to cover curling for cash considerations and a 1 week stay in an igloo?


    1. But, seriously, do you think someone as good as him would remain at such a paper that employs Borges and has to put up with the stuff he does? Reiss moved on to ESPN and why would you ever look back?


    1. Funny guy! If you don’t find Rap informative then you must not appreciate anyone’s writing. Keep up the great posts Big Jim!


  3. Ron Borges, “Wow, how did that little schmuck make it over me?” Must drive some locals nuts that Rap can make an awesome promotion to NFL Network by not screaming, writing angry articles or leveling “Felgerian” opinions constantly. Who would have thought?


  4. It appears that Rap tweeting at Myra Kraft’s funeral did not hurt his chances at career advancement. Did it help that he apologized?


  5. So, Wiggens was on today with F&M. I didn’t catch the show but was flipping through channels and saw the “Best Of” on CSNNE.

    Of course, BountyGate was being brought up and Wiggens finally admitted he is part of some lawsuit with “hundreds of players”. Felger asked the greatest question, “Jermaine, how come you were never for these rules during the year?”, implying that he never really spoke up about the hits (I recall he was against the fines being levied) nor really made a stink…. until some ambulance chaser found him and clearly knew that his media attention only works to increase his % when there is a settlement. I don’t think he did at any point in time, but don’t have access to what he has said much on it. Now, he’s Mr. Safety and clearly has read a cheat sheet from his lawyer with talking points.

    This reminds me of the person who calls their lawyer before 911 after a car accident. They’re fine and dandy up till a police officer comes and can witness “their back pain” or “their neck is hurting”.

    I am not his doctor nor can I say if he’s “light sensitive” and “getting headaches”. I can’t say if he is suffering but man is that convenient that all of this came up now and he’s basically getting paid to help his cause. SportsHub/WBZ have nothing to gain out of this but I’d imagine that the NFL or someone working on their behalf is monitoring the media for any duplicitous statements from former players who were criticizing Goodell before and now are all about sitting folks out.


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