Thanks to Chad Finn (on vacation this week, but he still posted this to his blog) we have the Arbitron radio numbers from January.

The trend continues.

Morning drive: Toucher and Rich: 12.0 share. Dennis and Callahan: 8.6.

Midday: Gresh and Zo, 11.8; Mut and Merloni, 6.0.

Afternoon drive: Felger and Mazz, 11.0; The Big Show, 7.3.

Chad doesn’t mention whether this includes the Providence numbers for WEEI. (But honestly, how much difference could they make here?) Is this WEEI AM and FM against 98.5? or just one? Update: Chad checked in with me to clarify that the WEEI numbers are for both 850 and 93.7, Arbitron combines them as one. The numbers do not include Providence, but as I said, it’s not going to make much difference here.

I’m just wondering so we’ll know when can we put the FM argument to rest.

Does it mean anything that Felger and Mazz is 98.5’s lowest rated daytime show?

I’d like to go back to when it was announced that 98.5 would be coming on the air, and WEEI management was asked for comment.

From Finn on July 17th, 2009:

On Tuesday, Julie Kahn, vice president and market manager of Entercom New England, told the Globe, “This is the third effort to come after us at ‘EEI. The best content will win.”

I’m not sure it’s really about the best content…

From Don Aucoin on July 15th, 2009:

Jason Wolfe, vice president of AM programming for Entercom New England, which owns WEEI, voiced confidence the station would withstand the challenge. “It doesn’t change what we’re going to do,” Wolfe said. “We’ve dealt with competitive situations before, and we’re fully prepared to deal with it again. . . . We have the largest audience, and we know what it takes to maintain that audience.”

Apparently, they didn’t know what it took…


11 thoughts on “January Numbers See 98.5 Still Riding High

    1. Seeing as they never should have had the job in the first place…let's fire the moron who put them on the air.


      1. Mutt sucks. Loud not bad. Felger is the best. He may
        have the lowest rated show but his edge is the largest
        of all 3. He’s blowing out the million dollar man Big O. O is
        One of the best in the world at what he does holly is
        Clearly bringing him down. Holly is just pathetic “


    2. I hear you on that one. As much as I love 98.5 and hate WEEI, Mutt and Merloni is actually a solid show, and Gresh and Zo absolutely SUCK. They know football and that's literally it. They have no capacity for providing quality talk on any other sport. Plus Andy Gresh's constantly sounds like he's yelling at everyone.

      T&R and F&M own ass though.


  1. You gotta think that F&M’s ratings dropped a bit since they went on CAN. They also have the most competition from ‘EEI. So I wouldn’t take too much stock in the fact that they are the lowest rated 98.5 show.


  2. Never listened to sports radio before 98.5 but was a T&R fan and now I'm hooked on Gresh & Zo and Fleger & Maz #WiggieWednesdays


  3. I think Mut and Merloni is solid and personally think there getting much better. I think by the next book they will be closer to Gresh and Zo.


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