The Bruins blew a 3-1 third period lead, but survived overtime, and got a goal from Tyler Seguin in the shootout to beat the Canadiens 4-3 in Montreal last night.

The Celtics, meanwhile, got a big game from Rajon Rondo, but didn’t get Ray Allen and Paul Pierce involved in the game hardly at all, and dropped a home game to the lowly Detroit Pistons, 98-88.

Point taken by Bruins – Kevin Paul Dupont says that the Bruins will take this one as they began a six-game road trip.

Bruins’ Victory Proves Costly As Rich Peverley Suffers Knee Injury, Zdeno Chara Takes Puck to Face – Douglas Flynn says that the Bruins paid a price for this one.

Will Brad Marchand be suspended again, and will Rich Peverley miss time? – DJ Bean notes that a possible suspension for Marchand could make this win even costlier.

B’s may be finding their focus – Joe Haggerty thinks that the Bruins might be getting their act together.

Fans cheer Zdeno Chara injury – The Herald notebook has the Montreal fans cheering loudly when the Bruins captain took a puck off the chin. The Globe notebook from Kevin Paul Dupont has Johnny Boychuk happy to have found a home.

C’s lost at home – Steve Bulpett has the Celtics unable to take advantage of a favorable home-heavy schedule to being the season and will now spend much of the rest of the season on the road. Chris Forsberg says that there have already been a lot of squandered opportunities for this team. Paul Flannery says that an uncertain road awaits the Celtics.

Celts out of sync offensively – A. Sherrod Blakely has the Celtics struggling to score again last night.

Wilcox contributes energy, points – Diana C. Nearhos has the free agent signee a bright spot last night with 17 points.

Source: Celtics wanted to grab Jeremy Lin – The Herald notebook says that the Celtics tried to claim the Knicks new sensation twice – only to have teams ahead of them grab the guard. The Globe notebook from Frank Dell’Apa has Kevin Garnett sitting out last night.

Buchholz feeling strong – Peter Abraham has the Red Sox righty feeling strong heading into camp.

Why the future is not now for Jose Iglesias – Alex Speier says that even though the Red Sox traded Marco Scutaro this offseason, don’t expect Iglesias to fill the hole at shortstop.

Painting a picture by numbers – Greg A Bedard completes his season-wrap of the Patriots with a look at some relevant statistics and numbers.

Brandon Lloyd’s agent puts Pats on call – Ron Borges talks with Tom Condon, the agent for Lloyd, who has had a famously poor (or nonexistent) relationship with the Patriots since the ugly rookie contract negotiations for Benjamin Watson.


7 thoughts on “Bruins Come Through in Shootout, Celtics Lose To Lowly Pistons

  1. Not that we need another example of why Ron Borges is hated by all but there is today's column which I read because Bruce linked to it. He writes this article that says Tom Condon is open for business with the Patriots. Clearly his only source is the agent. Clearly he was fed the story because the agent is trying to get his player a contract with the Patriots. And clearly the agent knows the Patriots have not liked him or done business with him since the Ben Watson contract acrimony. Borges being the willing mouth piece to anyone who wants to paint the Patriots as the bad guy laps up the story gleefully.

    Here is my problem. Did Borges call the Patriots for comment? Did he attempt to explain why the Patriots have issues with Condon to this day? Did he attempt to objectively look at the agents manipulation of Borges himself think it might be better not to inject himself into the story? Did he try and talk to the player and see what his rationale was in hiring Condon, yet expressing a desire to play in NE, all while knowing the relationship issues? The answer to all of these questions is OF COURSE NOT. To get those answers would require work, relationships he does not have, and a willingness to confront answers he might not want to hear. Instead he prints the agents PR piece as if it is original writing and we the reader are left with nothing by propaganda. You would think someone on the Herald's editorial staff would demand better…of course you would be WRONG.


    1. Unsurprising, of course. This is the same "reporter" who interviewed an unemployed coach who was then managing a bed & breakfast in 2007–to get the "inside scoop" about how Randy Moss was all washed up when the Raiders traded him to the Pats on draft weekend. I mean, he didn't even bother to interview a CURRENT Oakland coach (at the time); you know, the men who actually coached Moss during the 2006 season and would have been in a better position to comment on how much gas he had left in the tank than the guy who hadn't worked in the NFL for at least a year. But like you said, if he'd interviewed a coach on the Raiders' 2006 staff about Moss, he may have gotten an answer that he didn't want to hear.


    2. Borges LIED on TV during Super Bowl week when he said Goodell thinks the Patriots taped the Rams walkthrough. He's an absolute disgrace.


    3. I re-read the article and NOWHERE in it was there any indication at all he called the Patriots. Usually, you get the boiler plate, "A call was placed into Foxboro but not returned for comment."

      Going on what LTD said, doesn't some editor above him or a person there specificly say, "Did you call them for a comment? We can't run the story without it." I know it's not a law or something you're going to get fired over but isn't that unfair?

      Even if they don't return the call, you place the comment there to let readers that the Patriots had a chance to address/comment upon (probably would not).


      1. bsmfan…to me the issues of editorial control of talent are by far and away the most controversial in town. under the guise of freedom of the press editors and station managers in this town have willingly and gleefully allowed their employees to unfairly savage business partners/advertisers without any recourse. I am not suggesting that negatives not be printed or discussed. I am suggesting that if you are going to press with one then you should have an obligation to at least consider the other side of the story. When the Globe or Herald editors or the WEEI or 98.5 station managers allow straight out bias to replace investigation or facts there is a problem. The fact that there is no accountability tells me they are at best lazy or at worst driving the agenda. If it is the latter then what does that say about their respect for Boston Sports Fans?

        I made the argument before the SB that if I were Bob Kraft I would be furious with 98.5 that their flagship show was flogging my brand day in and day out leading up to the SB. That, as the grantor of radio broadcast rights and significant advertiser with the station, I, at least, deserved fair coverage from the station during a successful run. I would ask management to talk to Felger and Mazz and ask them to be more objective or at least open minded. I have no idea what actually happened but about 2 weeks before the SB the tone and tenor on the F&M show changed. I doubt it was because of a comment in a blog but I don't doubt that someone somewhere said something and some self scouting happened. My point is in the end the editors and program managers are responsible for content…not the writers and talkers. Bruce's whole raison d'etre for this site is to discuss the motives, agendas and competency of the writers. I wonder if more space should be devoted to the editorial boards and station managers.


        1. Latefordinner good stuff, right on point. However, I think the change in tone was all success related. You can't go negative when the team is in the Super Bowl, one of my very few media contacts revealed to me the biggest challenge facing WEEI is MONEY. They are on the rocks, 98.5 has CBS behind them and therefore they can get away with the crap. The Krafts can shop the rights, for years they were on a Rock station, but its always better with games on a sports station. Felger would tell you we're trying to sensor his opinion, but to me as I say almost everyday he's gone from contrarian to propagandist. And shame on the listeners and callers on 98.5 who fall for the glitz of a guy because he has a TV show. Its bothersome. Yesterday WEEI was great, they talked Celts problems, 98.5 wanted the Red Sox to apologize to them. This is a guy who says daily he hates his callers. They had callers yesterday according to them waiting 100 mins.


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