It wasn’t exactly breaking news, but when Bob Ryan told Bill Simmons yesterday on the B.S. Report that he will be hanging it up after the 2012 Olympic games in London, it caused quite a stir.

Ryan had hinted previously that he’d likely be scaling things back following the Olympics, and he emphasized yesterday that he won’t be going away completely. He’ll still be around for the occasional column or TV/Radio appearance, but he wants to move on, and do some other things with his life, which he deserves to do. Interestingly he cited the demands of blogging and tweeting in this modern age as things he’s not comfortable with, and part of the reason he feels he doesn’t fit in anymore.

The last link to the glory days of the Boston Globe, Ryan has had a tremendous career and his weekly voice will be missed. The podcast is exhibit “A.” Even if you’re not a huge NBA fan, it is a great listen, and you really get the sense of his passion for the game. Couple this podcast with last week’s with Larry Bird, and Simmons is on a roll here.

There will be more on Ryan as we get closer to the Olympics, I’m sure.

The Bruins continue to stumble as they were shut out by the New York Rangers last night 3-0.

Ice dam – Fluto Shinzawa reports on Henrik Lundqvist shutting out the Bruins last night.

Where did the Bruins go? – Stephen Harris says that hitting the road might be the best thing for the Bruins.Joe Haggerty says that the Bruins have work to do.

Bruins clearly have big expectations for Johnny Boychuk – DJ Bean says that the new deal for the defenseman reflects the faith they have in him.

Peter Chiarelli proceeds with caution – Joe McDonald says that the Bruins GM would like to swing a trade.

Rockland’s Josh Hennessy feels at home in Boston Bruins dressing room – Mike Loftus has a look at the callup.

Johnny Boychuk stays a Bruin – Dan Duggan’s notebook has more on the new deal. The Globe notebook from Fluto Shinzawa and the Bruins Journal both have the same lede.

Kevin Garnett’s turn to take seat – Peter May has KG as the latest injury casualty for the Celtics. Scott Souza says that the Celtics are a team of wounded. A. Sherrod Blakely says that the KG injury might mean the first career start for JaJuan Johnson.

Ivy climbers – With the success of Jeremy Lin in New York, Bob Ryan takes a look at other Ivy League players who have made an impact in the NBA.

Reuniting Brandon Lloyd With Josh McDaniels an Interesting Possibility and 19 Other Patriots Thoughts – Jeff Howe thinks the Patriots have an excellent shot of returning to the Super Bowl.

Brandon Spikes hyped-up for ’12 – Karen Guregian says that the linebacker could be a difference-maker for the Patriots defense.

Which Patriots made the grade? – Greg A Bedard knocks out the grades for the entire Patriots roster.

Bard ready to toe the starting line – Nick Cafardo has Daniel Bard ready to give it a go as a starter.

Think what you want, the Red Sox do spend – Ron Borges dispels the notion of the alleged belt-tightening at Fenway. It was amusing to hear Tony Massarotti scream that the Red Sox were cheap AND that they overpaid for David Ortiz within the span of 10 seconds yesterday.

Red Sox spring training gets a face-lift thanks to Tim Bogar, Bobby Valentine – Rob Bradford looks at how things will be different this spring.

Beckett arrives, takes mound – Peter Abraham has Josh Beckett showing up and getting some work done in Ft Myers.

Ranking the best (and worst) TV announcers in Boston sportsKirk Minihane still doesn’t like Jack Edwards.

It’s Been Target Practice for the Boston Sports Media – George Cain looks at the current targets.

12 thoughts on “Bob Ryan Bowing Out, Bruins Blanked

  1. Who's Kirk Minihane again? Oh, a guy who couldn't beat out Munansky for a full time gig.

    Vaya Con Dios Bob Ryan – gold standard for the NBA notes column back during the Bird/Magic/Sixers era.

    My favorite column of Bob's, was one he wrote about John Hannah when Hannah was either holding out or had retired due to his contract battles with the Sullivan. (Somewhere in between 82 – 84).

    Maybe Joe Sullivan turns his lonely eyes to Kirk Minihane as Bob's replacement?


    1. I find it unbelievable a guy who actually spent time over the weekend, on WEEI, on the airwaves, talking about his plans to have sex with his pregnant wife is actually grading the performance of other media members in this town.

      Can someone, again, explain to me how Minihane got to where he was? Is he related to someone? Has dirty pictures of Jason Wolfe in his cell phone?

      He's absolutely insufferable.


  2. Tony Kornheiser calls Bob Ryan 'The quintessential American sportswriter." Indeed.

    I am 40 and reading Bob Ryan in the 80's during that great era of the Celtics was just so much fun for a sports-crazed teenager. He has the objective, knowledgeable, journalistic chops, all while clearly being a fan of sports. He rarely, if ever, sounded like so many in the profession today who clearly hate their jobs and we're not sure if they even like sports at all.

    I will read every syllable of what remains of his career and regret that my son was born to late to appreciate one of the greats.


  3. Completely disagree. Ryan was a boor, from his unnecessary attack on Jason Kidd's wife to his bizarro responses to readers. He was past his prime in the 1980s and now that he actually has to work for a living, he doesn't like it. Good riddance.


  4. I've been a big fan of Ryan's for years. However, I concede he's lost a bit from his fastball in recent years, unless his column is a "retrospective". No one does them better. His column today on Ivy League NBA players being one of example of that genre. I'll never forget the lead on his game story following the Celtics – Suns epic Game 5 – "What do people who don't follow sports do for excitement?" Great stuff.


  5. Ryan is the best sportswriter of my 55 years as a Bostonian. There have been others who held my top spot for short periods – Leigh Montville, Ray Fitzgerald – but for quality over an extended period of time, nobody beats Ryan.


  6. Ryan was great in his prime. Like a lot of people in a lot of "public" professions, he probably stuck around too long (see: Paterno, Joe). I mean, how many times could he write, every September and then every January when the playoffs began, that Belichick needs to win another Super Bowl because of Spygate? It became an twice-annual thing for him over the last few years. That said, there's no one–NO ONE–I would rather read when the subject is basketball (that includes the wannabe basketball guru, the former "Boston Sports Guy" out in LA). I also have great respect for the way Ryan bounced back and kept working after the incredible tragedy his family suffered a few years back.


  7. I've always appreciated his enthusiasm for his subjects in general, a far cry from the Shaughnessy-types who mail it in and are basically there for the paycheck. One thing I've always liked that doesn't get mentioned as much as his other work is his Olympics coverage, where he'll purposely avoid the marquee events/athletes for the most part and come up with great stories on the more obscure stuff that rarely makes the TV coverage let alone the print.


  8. When I taught at Emerson and BU, and was trying to get the idea of how to structure a paper across to freshmen, I would use a Bob Ryan article as an example of how to set an argument, advance it with evidence/examples, and still make it entertaining. Conversely, I would Shaunessy as a example of drama over substance.


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