The Bruins have had the benefit of flying under the radar here in recent weeks, and it’s probably for the best, as they’ve been scuffling a bit after that impossibly hot streak earlier in the season. Last night things might’ve come to a head though, as the Bruins were beaten by the Buffalo Sabres 6-0.

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Getting past agony of defeat an historically tough task for Pats – Karen Guregian says that history dictates that next season will be a very difficult one for New England.

OK, here we go.

Pats fans, leave Steve DeOssie alone – Steve Buckley defends the honor of Steve DeOssie.

This is for youse knuckle-dragging, nose-picking, mismatched-socks-wearin’,couldn’t-win-a-battle-of-wits-with-a-Pepsi-machine fans who are spitting up your Doritos over Steve DeOssie’s over-the-top passion for the New York Giants: You’ve become the laughingstock of sporting America.

Nothing like insulting hyperbole to start off a column.

As usual, Steve Buckley has no clue.

No one is mad or upset that DeOssie feels a loyalty to the New York Giants, given that his greatest professional success came there, and his son currently plays for the franchise. It’s only natural and fitting that DeOssie would feel that loyalty.

What people have an issue with is how he talked at the pep rally, and the manner in which he talked about his colleagues and Patriots fans – as if they were all stupid. He also inferred that life is very difficult for him in Patriots country – even though he has made a nice post-playing-days career here in New England as a radio and TV personality, analyzing the Patriots, and with his restaurant and other ventures with Fred Smerlas which all depend on the loyalty of Patriots fans.

People don’t enjoy it when someone implies to others that they are stupid. People don’t like it when the appearance is that someone has put up a front to appease them for many years when in reality that person loathes them and has no affection or loyalty to them at all, and when given the chance, talks bad about them to others. His explanation of himself on WEEI was clumsy and unapologetic.

That’s what it boils down to.

If Steve Buckley really believes that people are angry at Steve DeOssie because he is simply loyal to the Giants, then he is the one who couldn’t-win-a-battle-of-wits-with-a-Pepsi-machine and deserves to be the laughingstock of America.

13 thoughts on “Back In the Spotlight, Bruins Trounced By Sabres

  1. Ah. I see that fossil Buckley ripped off Tony Mazz's "insult the fanbase" gimmick. Cool story bro, tell it again.


  2. I've been selectively boycotting the media in my mind long enough. Its time to let them know I publicly. And I start with any media outlet that employs Steve DeOssie and any advertisers to those particular shows. It starts now. Plenty of ex-athletes around these parts that offer opinions. Its time to make some room for them. Have a great life in the NYC media markets DeOssie.


  3. Bruce, Your take on Buckley is spot in an a lot in the media are (purposely?) glossing over that we get DeOssie's understandable allegiance to the NYG but didn't like his tone. However, your point would be stronger if (grammar nazi alert) you didn't make the classic infer/imply error!


  4. 100% right Bruce. Buckley (and others) are totally missing the point.

    It was all about tone, and that he felt the need to take jabs at New England, who put dinner on his table every night.

    I hope he goes away. I know he won't, but I can hope.


  5. Yay, another media controversy:

    Rodney Harrison, speaking of the franchise he used to star for, told ESPN Chicago Radio 1000 on Wednesday that New England's tight end "probably would have got his head rung" on Patriots teams of old.

    After former NBA player Jalen Rose saw the clips of Gronk waving his gangly arms all over the dance floor and toying around with women toting glowsticks, he told ESPN Radio's "Mike and Mike in the Morning" on Thursday: "Forgive this term, because I didn't make it up: He was having a good time. He was white-boy wasted."

    Within seconds of Rose dribbling these words into the ether — the suits behind the scenes likely melting into a puddle — an on-air apology was hustled into existence.


    Isn't it funny Jalen Rose is speaking about someone being wasted after his two DUIs earned him nothing more than a suspension from ESPN?


    1. Rodney can’t be serious. Its part of his act. All games were finished, so I don’t know his issue. Take issue with Michael Strahan celebrating in the parade when he hasn’t player for NY in 4 years


  6. Why does Ordway keep justifying Pink Face’s actions by saying it was a paid appearance? Is it supposed to make Pink Face look better that he was paid to say what he said?


      1. Isn't Ordway involved in a business venture with DeOssie and Smerlas too? Those "All Pro Celebrity Tailgate" parties the Patriots tried to shut down a few years ago?


      2. Still have to wonder what Smerlas thinks because he's half of their resturant that many people have planned to boycott.


  7. Reminds me of the old Master Card commercials in reverse.

    Playing and winning the Super Bowl – priceless.

    Wathcing your son play for the same team as you did and win 2 Super Bowls – priceless.

    The cost of having a sports columnist in your back pocket? A cigar and a free meal 8 to 10 times a year.


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