Just a couple pieces of cheap self-promotional junk from me today. (Don’t tell Bruce) I’ll be back for Sports Media Musings on Friday…

First, I made an appearence on TSN’s ESPN affiliate to talk about an array of Boston sports topics. Check out the 10 minute spot here.

Secondly, yesterday marked the debut of the revamped podcast on Sports of Boston named, Point Taken. I’ll be doing the show every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with co-host Brian Moller (send him some hate on Twitter). We’ll be launching a website to go along with the show that I’ll be writing columns on.

Part 1 of the podcast is what the show will (mostly) consist of each Monday and Friday edition. It is basically a fun banter of sports topics which, right now, we’re calling “The Rundown” (I know, wicked original). Keep in mind, this was the first time Brian and I have ever worked together, and it shows. There’s sloopiness and even some technical issues you guys can harass me about.

With more reps, maybe it won’t be terrible.


Wednesdays we are going to have a guest interview. When that guest is prominent in the local media scene, I’ll give a quick heads up here.

This week (in Part 2) we talked with WEEI’s Michael Holley about the Chris Herren doc, his new book War Room, the state of the Patriots, working at the Boston Globe, Joe Paterno, THE SPORTS LODGE, and my criticisms of NESN.

Holley generally comes across as an affable dude who is down to earth. The talk – both on and off the air – reminded me of when I had Rich Shertenlieb on the podcast. It was a good talk with a guy I’ve generally enjoyed since the early aughts (did I say that right, aughts?)..

I’m presuming most of the BSMW readership will know his thoughts on the state of the Patriots section and are fed up with the Paterno stuff. Consequently, I provided a timeline for those who wish to skip around.

Below is a breakdown of the conversation…

0:00 – 6:00 – Breaking down the “Unguarded” doc

6:00 – 16:00 – Talking about the premise of War Room and also the subordinates that have come & gone around The Hoodie. (And, gasp, some Spy-Gate references)

16:00 – 21:30 – The state of the Patriots now. Is the dynasty over?

21:30 – 30:30 – Why Michael left the Globe & some fun stories from his days in the newspaper industry..

30:30 – 39:00 – The Penn State scandal

39:00 – END – Diving into local media topics. We talk about the Sports Lodge, WEEI vs 98.5, NESN and more.


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  1. Keep up the good work Ryan. I'm a big Michael Holley fan and I was happy to hear that he respected the Sports Hub (and loved the "Sports Lodge" joke) and that it kept him on his game.


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