A few quick links this morning as we get ready for Sports Media Musings, coming in around noon today…

Media Roundup – Last night’s NFL Network’s “A Football Life” on Tom Landry got me thinking about Bill Belichick, and how we’re going to view this era 20 years from now.

Anik gets shot calling MMA – In the Globe media column, Chad Finn talks to former “Diehards” co-host Jon Anik about his new gig covering MMA with Fuel TV and FX.

Tommy Heinsohn weighs in on NBA lockout – Bill Doyle has the 77-year-old Celtics legend and CSNNE analyst giving his thoughts on the NBA labor fight.

Remain Calm, or at Least Try to Panic a Little More Quietly – Michael Gee looks at overreaction in opposite directions from each of the Patriots last two games.

Sunday’s Patriots/Giants game will be shown on FOX, and the network pregame show will feature a sitdown between Jimmy Johnson and Bill Belichick.


One thought on “Reflections on Tom Landry and Other Media Links

  1. A few sportsmedia related thoughts.

    – I need to knock Bill Doyle for his Tommy Heinsohn piece. Its not news that Tommy has no idea what is going on with the NBA negotiations. No one does. Well that is not true…we know the issues…dollars versus guaranteed contracts. But to write an entire article that can be boiled down to.."Tommy doesn't know either"….kind of shows Doyle as being lazy.

    – The more I think about it and after hearing it several times…the dumber I think Jonathan Hall is. He had to know BB was not going to directly answer the question about Edelman. But instead of asking about Patriots team policy or what he expects of players he tried to confront the coach…which in turn made Hall look like an idiot. In so doing he was unable to get us (the fans) any useable info.

    – I want some brave member of the media to ask Larry Lucchino why the defending World Series Champion Cardinals might want to hire a drug addicted, distracted, personal mess to run their franchise.

    – I would love to see the Red Sox hire Dale Sveum. The Boston media will eat him for lunch.


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