Tuukka Rask was solid in net, but his teammates in front on him let him down, playing an uninspired brand of hockey which resulted in a 1-0 loss to the Colorado Avalanche yesterday afternoon.

Bruins need to wake from Cup dream – Joe Haggerty says that it is time for the Bruins to lay off the snooze button. Kevin Paul Dupont says that it is tough to give the Bruins a pass for this performance. Mick Colageo has the Stanley Cup hangover still lingering for the Bruins.

Tuukka Rask gets back in swing – Joe McDonald looks at a solid afternoon for the Bruins backup.

Team’s passion takes a holiday – Stephen Harris has the Bruins playing without edge or punch yesterday.

Both the Globe notebook from Fluto Shinzawa and the Herald notebook from Steve Conroy look at a quiet afternoon from the Bruins top line.

Making The Grades – Jets at Patriots – Jeremy Gottlieb on Patriots Daily leads off our list of Patriots/Jets Report cards. More grades from Ron Borges | Kirk Minihane | Jeff Howe | Hector Longo | Derek Havens | ESPNBoston | Boston.com

Pats going back-to-back with Ryan defenses – Tom E Curran has the Patriots getting set to go against another Ryan-led defense. Shalise Manza Young has more on this theme.

With Dallas looming, Patriots offense looks to sharpen things up – Christopher Price has the offense with some work to do heading into this week.

Pats hold ground, get off field – Ian Rapoport has the Patriots able to get the Jets off the field on Sunday. Kevin McNamara says that this performance was one that the team can build on.

Ihedigbo rises to occasion vs. former team – The Globe notebook has the former Jet making an impact for the Patriots. The Herald notebook from Ian R. Rapoport has a good week of practice paying off for the Patriots. The Patriots Journal has Aaron Hernandez and Albert Haynesworth making an impact in their returns. The Enterprise notebook from Glen Farley has more on the Patriots facing another Ryan defense.

Writing on wall for Red Sox to sack Chicago-bound Epstein – Gerry Callahan thinks that Theo Epstein will not be with the Red Sox for much longer.

Red Sox have an heir apparent at GM – If Epstein does go, Mike Fine thinks that his replacement is already in the system.

Farm system went dry for most of the season – Brian MacPherson looks at an unproductive season from the farm system.

Jonathan Papelbon bracing himself for the brave new world of free agency – Rob Bradford has the Red Sox closer pondering his future.


12 thoughts on “Bruins Sleepwalk Through Matinee, Patriots Grades In

  1. I never even attempt to draw any conclusions from the first month of an NHL season. The preseason is just too short to truly get players into both physical shape and game-level concentration shape.

    I remember going to see the Wings play the Devils in NJ's home opener back in 1996. It was like watching two JV high school teams on the ice. Terrible, terrible, godawful play on both ends of the puck for both teams. And all those guys went on to achieve was 104 points (for NJ) and 94 points plus a Cup (for the Red Wings).

    Give the Bruins a little time — if they're playing without passion and energy in December, then we should start to worry. But Cup or no Cup, they're going to look bad in October, because everyone looks bad in October.


  2. Over the last few weeks, I have had little to gripe about with F&M. That was until yesterday. They were both displaying joy and admiration that the Pats played a real football game finally, against the Jets. So Felger makes a point about not trying to discredit the win along with YARM puppet. But no sooner do I hear the "Yeah but…" followed by a few contradictions. Felger started off by saying that the Jets are a "good team" and the Pats beat a real good team and should be proud. Yet 15-20 minutes later, he's telling us to hold our horses because "The Jets are just really playing poorly." No matter what the situation, he always seems to discredit an otherwise great win. So the Jets went from being a Really Good Team, to a team that is stuggling and playing poorly. I'm not a scientist but when a team plays poorly 3 straight weeks (along with week 1 if not for Romo) I just don't think theyre that good of a team. He should make up his mind on what the Jets are.


  3. Several Sports Media thoughts for this bright Tuesday afternoon.

    1) Great point by Dave R above about the first week of hockey season. The point I would add is hockey is not football. You can't look at every game as do or die. Its a lot more like baseball in that there are a ton of games and over time the good teams will rise. I don't think you have to pay any attention to hockey season until January.

    2) The NBA cancelled the first two weeks of its season yesterday and there is zero talk about it in the local talk media. There is mention, but no fans calling up screaming "they are missing the Celtics" or that "fans are the victims…how could the owners and players do this to the fans". This tells me several things. The hoops season is too long and no one really pays attention until after Christmas. More importantly, the obscene salaries, coupled with the individual marketing rather than team marketing which the NBA has preferred for the last 20 years has left the NBA with virtually no loyal or rabid fans. Do some players have followings…sure…but the teams have been gutted. If the NBA wants to fix this I suggest the following:
    – Salary Cap with non guaranteed contracts so a team does not have to suck for 10 years while it overcomes Pervis Ellisons contract. Nothing gets fans disinterested more than hearing a team can't make a move because it is stuck with a contract for a player who is not playing.
    – Start calling 3 seconds, traveling and palming. Make the game about passing, plays and defense. Get rid of the isolation 1 on 1 junk.
    – Shorten the playoffs to make the regular season meaningful.

    3) There is nothing better than talkradio hosts who mock a "celebrity" caller. *eye roll *. So I am listening to Zolak and Gresh and they were mocking Monty the truck driver…a hold over caller from their days at 790 the score. Someone who's opinion is banal at best. He also happens to be a Cowboys fan. This is Cowboys week…therefore the hosts have to mock him and beg for him to call in. Thanks guys…that was great radio. I am sure nothing else could have filled that minute of air time.

    4) I don't know what is worse…the hand wringing over Theo's potential exit or the act that one in the media has any insight into the story. It has gotten so bad a potential unconfirmable sighting in Chicago has become accepted news fact.


    1. I think you hit the nail on the head with your point about player associations to their teams. Think 80's and 90" and I can say a certain team and almost 99% will think of a player: Celtics (Bird), Lakers (Magic), 76ers (Dr.J), Knicks (Ewing) Bulls (Jordan) Pacers (Miller), Rocket (Olajuwan). Other than Kobe and Dwight Howard, what superstar players identify with a city/location? It's hard to say Wade since half the people will mention Heat/Lebron before Heat/Wade, even though I'm not one of them. Duncan is too old IMO and is no longer the centerpiece.


      1. Did you hear Gary Washburn on T&R this am talking about how the negotiations are going from the player's perspective. How they are standing up to David Stern, threatening to form their own league etc and then one player I forget who shows up at the bargaining session in a Tupac shirt while the players are trying to figure out why the owners think they are just dumb jocks collecting gold and platinum. The NBA should be making money hand over fist. The move to make it all about individuals killed the team brands. Then when the individuals became exposed as pampered little children, embodying all that is wrong with what most white America perceives of as "gangstah" culture, the interest in the NBA fell off a cliff. We will see if the players can somehow walk themselves back off the plank and again partner with the owners so they all can make a ton of money. As long as the players think this is about individuals…there will not be any basketball.


        1. The sad thing is that some "journalists" label what you just said as racism…

          [insert your favorite ESPN journalists here]

          However, I think that your point resonates with many casual fans. The economy here does not help and I think that Stern/NBA consider it like the NFL–which is wrong.

          In other news, which I assume Bruce is writing an article for as we speak, were the articles in the Globe about the clubhouse today:

          And, the news of Theo's departure.


        2. Excellent point which leads me to reference Jackie Mac's book which I am currently reading. In the early chapters, it talks about Stern becoming the commish and how he had not only two superstars in Bird and Magic, but stars that were team oriented, and mostly pass first stars. This allowed Stern to market the Team Image, rivalries, and mechandise which led to the explosion of the NBA. Somewhere between the last lockout and 2005, "Donald" Sterns decided to market players rather than teams. He lucked out in a return of the Celtics/Lakers rivalry for one year, but most other finals has been Star vs Star and most of the ratings have been dismal. Stern is responsible for creating the monster of player egos and salaries and should/is trying to go back to his team-centric friendly concept, which I agree is what needs to be done. Unfortunately, I feel it is too late to get those days back, as now both parties are at fault.


          1. Stern basically gave the players an XBOX 360, then asked that they give it back and settle for using a Atari. They don't want to make enough concessions to make onwership happy. The sad part about this is that even if they reach an agreement, stupid GM's like David Kahn will end up giving 5 years, 50 million to guys like Mikki Moore, which end up crippling any salary cap system.


  4. Apparently you can film from the sideline now in the NFL if you give the guy a lime-green jacket and say he’s working for your “local TV show” like the Jets did this past Sunday.


    1. yeah, I don't get the difference between this and what the Patriots did. They have full field view with video and unlimited editing tools. Just proves my point that Spygate was a non story.


      1. Bill Belichick = Devil's spawn
        Roger Goddell = Ex jet employee

        Its not that complicated to figure out what happened. The issue I have always had with Spygate is why Bob Kraft accepted the commissioner's findings.


        1. What's more annoying is that Pats fans constantly get ripped for bringing up stuff like this whenever it occurs in other NFL games. We get called crybabies or excuse-makers and what not, and we're told that whatever some other team is doing "was not as bad as what the Pats were doing." No one ever explains WHY, of course, what the Pats were doing was so bad and what these other teams are doing is minor. I mean, it's very, very clear that whatever that guy on the Jets' sideline was doing, even if there was no film in his camera, he was still in violation of having a "camera on the sidelines" part of that rule. Of course, the media will dismiss this, as will the Commissioner. I just hope that BB pens his tell-all book one day, tells about all of the "cheating" he witnessed during his career, and that he names names.


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