We’re off to a little bit of a slow start to Jets week, but that could change as soon as Rex Ryan stands before a microphone.

Cease-fire in ongoing war with Jets – Paul Kenyon notes that the silence could be because both teams have some serious issues to deal with right now.

Rex Ryan lights into Jets with Pats game looming – Karen Guregian has the Jets coach ripping into his team after their second straight road loss.

Rob Gronkowski On His Way to Becoming Best Tight End in Football and 19 Other Patriots Thoughts – Jeff Howe looks at a number of issues around the Patriots.

44 lines about 22 Patriots issues – Tom E Curran also weighs in on the team.

He was paving the way – Despite limited chances and production in the passing game, Greg A Bedard thinks that Sunday might’ve been the best game of Rob Gronkowski’s career.

Former Jet Shaun Ellis still settling in – Ian Rapoport talks to the former Jet about his first game against his old teammates.

Defense excelling in pressure situations – The Globe notebook has coach Pepper Johnson happy with the play of his defensive line. The Herald notebook from Karen Guregian has Patriots players prepping for the Jets. The Patriots Journal has more from Pepper.

Gonzalez skates around question about state of Red Sox clubhouse – Christopher Smith has the Red Sox slugger hesitant to talk about the state of the clubhouse after his first season with the team.

Cubs come calling for Epstein – Sean McAdam reports on the Cubs interest in the Sox GM.

Attempting to unlock the future of a much-maligned Red Sox pitching staff – Rob Bradford has a look at the future of the Red Sox pitching staff.

A one-sided argument for Sox infield – Brian MacPherson notes that while the right side of the Red Sox infield is all set, the same cannot be said for the left side.

Red Sox have shied from big names – Gordon Edes says that the Red Sox are likely to hire a lesser-known name.

What’s next for Brad Marchand? – DJ Bean wonders what this year holds for the second-year forward.

Bruins’ party almost over – Joe McDonald says that it is just about time to get back to work for the Bruins.

Bruins need to capitalize early on home ice – Joe Haggerty says that the Bruins need to take care of business at home early in the season.


5 thoughts on “With Jets Week Here, Sox Autopsy Continues

  1. it's out of control … I have been listening to WFAN all week instead of 98.5 or WEEI this week .. Non-Stop Red Sox talk of the same thing over and over and over and over and over .. That horse has been beaten, buried, and unearthed, beaten some more ..


  2. So let me see if I have this right… according to the Boston Sports Media…Terry Franconia had to go because he lost the club house and now we hear the respect of ownership. I have heard or read many "pundits" say these things besides Felger and Mazz who have been beating this drum since it was fed to them…those independent voices that they are.

    At the same time there seems to be some consensus that if Tito lost his job then Theo should lose his for his free agent signings. Some have also suggested he should lose his job because he did not get Franconia to to control the clubhouse.

    Other than DaveR here I have read virtually no one being critical of ownership. Instead we are now reading that the Sox are shroudly trying to get compensation for letting Theo go from the Cubs. My question is simple…why is the Boston Media so afraid of the Sox ownership? If this were the Patriots or Bruins the attacks would be vicious. The Jacobs family has been vilified for their management style over the years. They have been called names (rightfully so), scorned and denigrated for not spending money over the years and for not being interested in winning. How is that any different than current Sox owners and their drive to make Fenway into an experience for the casual fan?

    This is not a screed against pink hats, rather I want to know why the under funded owners who clearly are not championship driven, but rather they are ratings and buzz driven are getting a pass. They should be being crucified this week…instead John Henry is off boating, gets hurt and no one calls him out to be accountable. Can you imagine what would be said if Bob Kraft fired Bill Belichick and then skipped a press conference explaining it, sending out Andy W, Jonathan Kraft and Stacie James instead, while he was on a boat out in Nantucket Harbor?

    How about a little investigative journalism? Am I asking too much?


    1. Franconia – The notch where the Old Man of the Mountain used to be in NH.
      Francona – Manager of the Boston Red Sox from 2004-2011.


      1. Thanks…I won't remember that trick but every time I type either word I will think about the plan NH had to project a holographic image of Tito on the spot where the Old Man had fallen…so future generations could still see it.


  3. Did anyone think the owners weren't "championship driven" when they signed Gonzalez and Crawford a year ago? Funny I don't remember anyone at that time last December criticizing those moves, saying the team was just doing it "for the ratings" and that it was going to backfire spectacularly. Fans and the media alike were almost all unanimously thrilled that they brought both of those players here, so you are using a hindsight argument that just doesn't wash IMO.

    I'm not saying the owners shouldn't be criticized, they are PR driven and the whole "dueling" press conference thing last week was odd — but, in terms of what's on the field, they DID invest a ton of money in this team and the roster has a lot of talent…a roster that failed to fire and fell apart to a historical degree down the stretch. Whether it's Theo or Tito's primary fault, they were the ones who oversee the day to day operations and failed to get this club to play. It only makes sense they get the most amount of blame since it was their responsibility. The roster that was assembled was great for several months — so what gives?


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