98.5 The SportsHub and Comcast SportsNet New England announced this afternoon that the Felger and Massarotti show would begin a daily simulcast on CSNNE beginning sometime this fall.

The exact date that this will start is not known yet, as a studio is being completely rebuilt/refurbished for this show. Felger said in the announcement that they wouldn’t just be throwing black drapes over the windows – an obvious shot at the WEEI/NESN arrangement – but that they would be “doing it right.”

This further cements the 98.5/CSNNE relationship, and Felger also said this has been in the works for some time, as during the early days of the station, they actually broadcast for a time from the CSNNE building while their studio was readied.

More and more, sides are being drawn, WEEI and NESN, 98.5 and CSNNE. It’s interesting to watch things develop and wonder where they might come to a head.

One thing I appreciated about this announcement was that they said they would have an announcement at 3:00 and they actually announced it at 3:00. Not 3:20, but actually at 3:00. Imagine that.


22 thoughts on “Felger And Massarotti To Be Simulcast on CSNNE Starting This Fall

    1. Isn't NESN already a dead horse? What happens when you pin a dead horse to a dead horse? Will we start seeing cross-promotion, like Glenn Ordway hosting a dumb fishing show or Lou Merloni participating in an idiotic college trivia show?

    1. If you didn't get the reference, it's to the fact that whenever WEEI has a "major announcement" they promote it for the top of the hour, and then make you sit there and listen until 20 minutes past the hour to actually make the announcement. It's annoying.

  1. I do hope that F&M will try and promote intelligent sports talk and debate on their show. If it's just screaming, sensationalizing and repeated ranting about Randy Moss-type stuff I'm not sure I could watch them anymore than I have a hard time listening to them except they are better than the alternative; the Big Show. The only thing worse than listening to D&C first thing in the morning is watching D&C first thing in the morning.

  2. One of the great mysteries of the world…..There must be people out there who eat this CRAP up. It's mind boggling. ….On the other hand, what else are they going to put on the air?…..Candlepin bowling?…..The Crazy fisherman?…..still, it amazes me that there is that much of an audience for their bullshit

  3. I find the similarities between NESN and WEEI fascinating. At one time, a local sports powerhouse, due to lack of competition or alternative. Then come along a younger brother type station thats a little more hip, interesting and just better. So what does NESN/WEEI do? Panic! First they lose Hazel Mae then Cole Wright and scrap Nesn Sportsdesk to replace it with the awful NESN Daily. WEEI is in similar fashion by scrapping D&H and inserting the lame M&M. Its a perfect match

  4. NESN still only does 6-9. WHY? Why truncate an hour off if you're going to waste your time broadcasting D+C at all? T+R have taken over in the morning. NESN seems to love being losers, but maybe they would have been smart to snatch up doing T+R in the morning? DP from 9-12 alone was brilliant since it's one of the only national things as an alternative to ESPN.

    Has this new show "Schooled" been any type of success? I don't get the point after wasting five minutes of it.

  5. So we have a lousy local radio program being simulcast in the morning and now we have a lousy local radio program being simulcast in the afternoon. In Vegas, they call this a push. The only difference is we all lose.

  6. Bruce, why announce this now and not have a start date locked down?

    Low expectations – I love the veiled shots at eei – but than they all play kissyface on the gary tanguay crapfest at night.

    I should have more openminded – but given the direction of that station in the 2 plus years it’s been on – I can’t be.

  7. I actually think F&M have been much better recently with this RedSox slide. Granted it coincides with their standard contrarianism (if thats a word). I still think they provide a better quality show while they do not always have the guests. I think now that Bruins season is picking up and the Sox are sliding away, expect TSH to dominate in ratings the next few months. I expect and demand a strong showing this winter. Without the celtics, we are going to need a solid sports radio showing to take up airtime with 1 less sport.

    I wish there was a way to have BSMW submit a "Fantasy" type radio station with their suggested show combinations and see what the consensus shows. I feel it would be an intriguing exercise and we all could play station manager. Just a thought

    1. I'll bite… 🙂

      6 – 10 am — Toucher & Rich (why mess with success)
      10 am – 2 pm — Dale & Neumy (I don't see Bob Ryan ever taking a full time radio gig)
      2 – 6 pm — Felger & Holley (they would be dynamite together)
      6 – 11 pm — DA (tremendous rapping skills)
      11 pm – 2 am — Gresh (why am I writing his name down?)
      2 am – 5 am — Pete Sheppard (see Gresh)
      5 – 6 am — Replay interviews from the previous day

  8. Now I get to see what Felger is wearing!!! Yay!!!!!

    And now we get to see that Mazz is really not a woman, but just has the voice of a woman… and.. he gets to rip fans to our face… sort of.


  9. Who here on this board actually sits and watches talk radio on TV? Unless your 65 or older, if you do, you got social problems.

    1. I am over 65 and have no social problems. I spent over twenty years on the radio as a rock jock mostly in San Francisco though I was born and raised in the Boston area and educated at B.U. Unlike TV programs radio is not scripted. It is fly by the seat of your pants. I watch several radio simulcasts, D&C from WEEI, Mike Francesca from WFAN, Gary Radnich from KNBR in San Francisco on CS Bay area, and Dan Patrick. I find the give and take entertaining. I can not listen/watch Boomer and Carton. Boomer is OK but Carton is an ego driven know it all. I am looking forward to Felger and Maz. Now that I live in Florida, Boston based programs give me back home feeling without the cold weather. I wish Howie Carr's program was a TV simulcast.

  10. Does anything think this side-taking will affect Bruins and Celtics radio broadcasts? Might they switch stations — Bruins move to their radio partner (Delware North owns the B's and 20% of NESN) and Celtics move to their TV partner's radio partner?

  11. Yeah, I agree with Classless. Felger pointed out that they'll now be seen all over New England, and good for them, but as a current listener this does zero for me. I would guess that it's the same for most of us. These announcements (WEEI's too) are always a letdown… certainly not worthy of the hype, although I get why they do it. I wish I was more excited about F&M in general, but they've been tough to listen to for the last week. Especially Maz, the "baseball expert". Obviously the Sox aren't playing well as a team, but it's the starting pitching (look up the numbers) that's just killing them. The whole "fanbase apathy/team losing focus" argument sounds like something the yahoos and shut-ins who call these show everyday would say. Sometimes I think that ever since Maz made an idiot out of himself defending Grady Little, he's been overcompensating by trying to sound tough. Anyway, it's still better radio than EEI, but I would have much preferred Felger & Lou or even better, Felger & Holley.

  12. My only question is that since Felger is a Celtics/NBA hater, is having him on the station that shows Celtics/NBA games really want you want as a company ? I know he's already on CSN but in small does and now its 4 hours a day. He can trash the Celtcs/NBA during 2-6 and with the game on at 7-7:30 why would you want that as your lead in ???

  13. Here’s the weird thing about this announcement, I get why you would simulcast a morning show people are waking up at 6 or 7 am and turning the tv on as they get ready for work/school/whatever. Why do an afternoon drive-time show when 80% of people are working or on their way home from work? At the end of the day I guess it doesn’t matter because it’s still Felger and Mazz so I’m not interested.

    1. Perhaps I'm just too stupid to figure out how to record internet streams (and not always satisfied with the short clips the stations put online), but there are times when I enjoy DVRing a simulcast show and listening to it later as I work at the computer. Usually just the Saturday Baseball Show or D&C when D&C aren't there. The more options I have, the happier I'll be. Though until the overall media improves, the happiness has a limit.

  14. WEEI shot itself in the foot when they took Dale off his daily shift. Dale was the most respectful and intelligent host on the WEEI air. If M&M were that important they should have gone to three hour shifts with M&M at 9 and Dale and company at noon. As for the "Big Show" I have never been able to listen to a bunch of guys yelling. I do watch D&C on NESN and will watch Felger and Maz if they ever get on TV. I could build a house in the time they are taking to construct a studio.

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