Small infomercial from me today – I had Kirk Minihane from WEEI on my podcast. He dishes about WEEI’s website, kills Andy Gresh, puts the Portnoy issue to bed, and much more. Minihane gives some love to the BSMW community, and overall was a candid guest — check out the podcast here.

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7 thoughts on “Podcast: WEEI’s Kirk Minihane talks Media Crime, Boston sports, & Much More

  1. Minihane is a dbag who constantly talks down to the listeners. He is calling the pot kettle black all he does is gotcha journalism with callers and guests. His behavior with Jack Edwards was awful. He has made Rob Bradford and Jon Risch a decent duo an unlistenable threesome. This guy has some guts ripping on people when he consistently attacks people with positions not in line with his. He is basically Felger-lite and can say he has made weekends awful on EEI along with the Mustard and Johnson show. Sadly give me more Butch Sterns and less Kirk Minihane.


  2. Ryan, I feel like you have a split personality. In print, you're edgy and have no problem taking shots at established entities. During the podcasts, you're deferential and agree with whatever your guest has to say.

    I understand that you're not gonna get someone to do your podcast if you just rip them for an hour, but it strikes me as a bit disingenuous. You recently went after Grantland, but if you lined up Bill Simmons as a guest, would you tell him that? Were you critical of Minihane for his Jack Edwards column/interview? I know this website was, and your opinions usually match up those of the commenters.

    I think a consistent viewpoint would help. I disagree with Bruce plenty but I respect the fact that he stands by his opinions (and that he named all of his children Bill Belichick Allen, regardless of sex).


    1. As far as this particular podcast, I respected Minihane for having conviction. His views on Gresh I agreed with, so I was accordingly deferential. The Edwards thing I don't really have much of a 'take on'. I understand why people like him and why people find him over the top. Furthermore, in terms of Minihane's interview with Edwards — it was tough to go after someone who seemed legitimately sorry about the ordeal. He was a good sport in saying the BSMW rightfully killed him and called his performance "awful"..

      I don't know what else to really say in terms of harping on that, besides maybe, 'Yeah, I know.'

      As far as a macro view my split personality? It is probably a fair point, CBK. The podcast is something I'm working on improving, and will get better as I become more comfortable engaging in debate. I'll say this: I'm only 25, I've never made that BIG mistake where everyone kills me for saying something stupid. For the most part, I think the commentators have generally agreed/enjoyed my columns. But I know I'll bomb one day. Book it. It's going to happen. Presumably in one of my media musings columns. And because it's the Internet, I'll get skewered. I'll say this, when this eventually happens, I hope to take away a lesson from it as Minihane appears to have.


  3. Could someone please tell me whats going on with the reception at weei. The audio is terrible at night. I thought they were going to FM, Don't understand why they put AAF @97.7 rock is dead. Listening more and more to the Sportshub


  4. After Minahine's classless assassination of Jack Edwards he has the cojones to call another talking head unprofessional? Give me a break. I can no longer stand the sound of this guys voice.


  5. Ryan, pretty good podcast, I can see why you did not hold Minihane's feet to the fire. He did do a mea culpa on Jack Edwards. Here is the problem, it took Minihane forever to realize what he had done. As that was going on, he demeaned callers who, by the way are listeners, and who are potential customers of their advertisers. I disagree with Minihane when he says he only gets mad when callers say something ridiculous. He gets mad when anyone disagrees with him. He uses the tried and true WEEI tactic of bullying and shouting them down and then finishing with an insult. He does not like Gresh, great, nobody does. But as others have mentioned, it is truly the pot calling the kettle black. WEEI continues to show how completely out of touch they are by continually putting Minihane on the air not only on Sports Saturday, which is pretty good when he is not on, but also as fill-in for vacationing personalities. I will say that Minihane is a pretty decent writer. I believe that is because he has the time to think before he writes. Thinking is something that goes by the wayside when it comes to Minihane on the radio though. In fact, I would guess not only does he not think on the air, but I would not be the least bit surprised if Minihane pops a couple of stupid pills every hour on the hour when he is on the air.


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