Just a few links before Sports Media Musings arrive and then we head into the weekend:

Media Roundup: ESPN’s MNF Crew Weighs In On Patriots, Jets – My SB Nation Boston media column has Jon Gruden and Ron Jaworski weighing in on the Patriots and whether they can make needed adjustments following the playoff loss to the Jets.

Golf contracts are all lined up – Chad Finn’s media column in the Globe has the PGA keeping the TV contract stable for the next decade.

Weekend Viewing Picks – Ken Fang has your TV picks for this holiday weekend.

PatriotsLinks.com – Get all the coverage of last night’s preseason finale.

Red Sox Game 136 (NYY 4, @Sox 2) Reloaded – Jon Couture wraps last night’s Red Sox loss to the Yankees.


2 thoughts on “Minor Housekeeping Items

  1. During the 10-2 spot 98.5 teamed up Sean McAdam and Dave Goucher. It was great radio. There was no screaming and topics were covered thoroughly and intelligently. Both did a superb job talking about concussions even briefly bringing up the pads that some of the players in hockey and football wear. Andy Gresh who was crowing about how good he really is and how haters have no clue what they are talking about needs to understand he is incredibly replaceable. So far, every single replacement with the exception of Shaughnessy who thinks he has no bias against the Patriots were a great listen.


  2. Superb article by Jerry Thornton of WEEI.com and Barstool Sports on Jacoby Ellsbury and the media one year later. I do not agree with everything in it. Thornton blames Adrian Beltre for the injury to Ellsbury. We are not sure if Ellsbury had called off Beltre so I do not believe we can blame Beltre for the collision. Here is what I still agree with, the media coverage was outrageous. They believed that Ellsbury's injury was not that serious and did not want to get back on the field. I did not know that all of these media members had an M.D. after their names. As far as admitting they were wrong, you can forget it. We just saw with Mark Farinella the majority of media turns into Fonzie and will go, "I was wwwrrrrrr". They can't get the words out of their mouths. Thornton's takedown of Andy Gresh is epic. Here is the article.


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