The Red Sox left 16 runners on base last night as they fell to the New York Yankees 5-2 at Fenway Park.

Left turn – Peter Abraham has CC Sabathia finally able to break through and beat the Red Sox, throwing 128 pitches in the process.

Yankees Finally Get What They Needed From Their Ace – Jeff Jacobs looks at a much-needed outing and result for Sabathia.  Gordon Edes has more on the Yankees ace, while Nick Cafardo says that the Red Sox still don’t fear Sabathia.

As beatings go, it wasn’t that bad – Bob Ryan has the Red Sox at least making it hard on the Yankees last night.

Sox living up to dream-team tag – Jon Couture says that the Red Sox have lived up the preseason hype. A couple nice little digs at the media, as well.

A tough time for Gonzalez – Michael Vega looks at a dreadful 0-5 night from the Red Sox slugger, who looked overmatched against Sabathia.

Drew and Youkilis hit it off in the minors – Jim Mandelaro has the Sox veterans rehabbing with the PawSox in Rochester, NY.

Fire up the rivalry – John Tomase has things getting tense between the clubs last night. Sean McAdam says that despite the fireworks, the rivalry remains uninteresting.

Salty ignores Cervelli – Scott Lauber’s notebook has the Red Sox catcher keeping his cool last night. The Globe notebook from Peter Abraham has Tim Wakefield getting his next start bumped. The Red Sox Journal has Clay Buchholz testing out his injured back. The notes from Maureen Mullen have more on Buchholz. The MetroWest notes from Eric Avidon have PGA Champ Keegan Bradley throwing out the first pitch last night.

Chad Ochocinco continues to talk openly about his struggles picking up and getting adjusted to the Patriots offense. While this may be refreshing to the print media (no less than five articles were devoted to it this morning), it could backfire on him, as the radio hosts are already running with his quotes as evidence that he just won’t cut it here.

Patriots Make Wrong Decision in Cutting James Sanders and 19 Other Patriots Thoughts – Jeff Howe doesn’t agree with the decision to part ways with James Sanders.

Belichick credits elder DeOssie with changing snapper position – Paul Kenyon has the head coach going off on a discussion about how the role of long-snapper has changed in the NFL, and how Steve DeOssie broke the mold.

Pats Pregame Points: Preseason Final Vs. Giants – On PD Chris Warner looks at what we hope to see tomorrow night, while Dan Zeigarnik says last week was a needed reality check.

Welker feels fine, but he’s awaiting orders – Monique Walker’s notebook has the Patriots receiver claiming that he feels OK, but is waiting doctor’s permission to return to practice. The Herald notebook from Ian R. Rapoport has Sergio Brown already missing his mentor, James Sanders. The Patriots Journal has more on Welker.

A major problem with bloggers is that they post irresponsible content without checking into things first. Here’s an example:

Whatever Bob Kraft wants …
I was told as of 9:13 p.m. Monday night, the Bass Pro Shops at Patriot Place had power again.

The rest of Foxboro? No such luck.

It’s not hard to see where the priorities are. National Grid is telling people they may have to wait for the weekend to have their power restored, but with a Patriots preseason game scheduled for Thursday, the repair crews had to shake a leg to do the bidding of one property owner while the needs of thousands of others went unheeded.

Go Pats.

So the blogger is saying that the Patriots got preferential treatment from the power company, in fact, suggesting that Kraft bullied them into restoring power to Gillette first. Who is this reckless blogger? What? A newspaper reporter? Yup. A newspaper reporter, whose own paper this morning reported:

Many residents expressed anger at the Kraft organization and National Grid when they learned Gillette Stadium started getting power Monday night.

However, none of that power came from the Foxboro substation that serves the rest of town, according to James Nolan, a senior vice president with the stadium and Patriots.

Monday afternoon, buildings in the Route 1 complex were powered by generators, he said. The stadium returned to outside power around 8 p.m. Monday from electricity that came through a special line to the Wrentham substation. The Patriots spent millions of dollars when they built Gillette stadium to ensure the backup power, Nolan said, after suffering a blackout during the 1996 AFC championship game in the former stadium.

At 5:30 a.m. Tuesday, Patriot Place began receiving power, along with some other businesses on Route 1, through that dedicated line from Wrentham.


But selectmen Chairman Larry Harrington and Fire Chief Roger Hatfield said the stadium and Patriot organization did not jump the line to get power, and were taking extraordinary steps to help the town. “From everything we can find, the Patriots and the Kraft organization did nothing wrong,” Hatfield said. “In fact they’ve done everything right as a good neighbor in getting resources that we could not get. This has been a huge asset to the community.”

The Kraft Group has offered to provide the town with two large generators, which will be installed at the Carl Annon Court and possibly Centennial Court senior housing complexes.

 Meanwhile, the reporter continues to grumble about his condition: Fearless Held Hostage, Day 4.

Reckless bloggers! 

Look, all of us who have had to endure power outages have been inconvienced, and some, such as the elderly are in a potentially life-threatening situation without power. But hopefully most could refrain from suggesting that Bob Kraft bullied National Grid to restore power to Gillette Stadium ahead of others.

23 thoughts on “Sox Had Their Chances, Couldn’t Break Through Against Yankees

  1. And if you continued to follow my blog instead of arbitrarily quoting parts of it to suit your agenda, you would have seen that at 8:24 Tuesday night, I had the explanation for the restoration of Gillette Stadium power before the rest of the town of Foxboro (found here:…. Still, that doesn't change the fact that all but about 30 residential customers in the town continue to be inconvenienced while the needs of a large business concern were met first, and the questions anout priorities that I posed at the time I posed them were also being asked by selectmen and the town's public safety officials … and that you, Bruce, once again, will go out of your way to make a writer who isn't in your good graces look bad by selectively choosing your links.


    1. I saw those, Mark. But nothing can change the accusations you made that Bob Kraft bullied National Grid into taking care of the stadium first. You never acknowledge that you know, maybe you spoke a little out of turn there. If you had acknowledged it, none of this would've been posted. In fact, the one post I quoted above was not your only one hinting that the Patriots were getting preferential treatment, you posted one on Tuesday morning as well, before posting the one you link last night, where you only say that the "rumors" of the power being diverted from the Foxboro pumping station were not true. Nothing about your original post.

      The selectmen's comments from your paper are pretty strong, and seem aimed directly at sentiments like the ones you expressed above.

      Also, I post plenty of your good articles here as well. You can't make the cry that you're not in my "good graces", you messed up here, and won't take responsibility for your own words.


    2. a reporter desperately trying to be first turns out that he wasn't right and then whining when it was noted – maybe he'll try to be right next time.


    3. He linked to your blog so everyone could read the full docket of idiocy. You should thank him for increasing the clickthroughs on your site by about 2000% today.


    4. You lied Farinella. Why should anyone ever believe anything else you throw out there.
      L I E D Lied about Kraft pressuring National Grid, and you're still attempting to give people that impression right here.

      But here is some good news! I called the "Life is Good" store at Patriot Place, they have power by the way, and I told them you can pick out a tshirt on me. I figured without power you're running low on laundry.

      You're welcome pal!


    5. Your implications on your blog were more than clear: you were clearly trying to get people to believe that the Pats were getting special treatment at the expense of other residents, a claim that's 100% false.

      You were wrong. Wrong. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. A real man would admit it and move on. Not you, Mark. Your claim that the Pats were getting special treatment was about as believable as sketchy witness reports saying you actually skipped seconds on the postgame buffet once last year. Mighty doubtful.

      You're best off sticking to what you do best: destroying defenseless wicker furniture.


      1. "You're best off sticking to what you do best: destroying defenseless wicker furniture."

        I think this is one of the best smackdown lines I have ever read. A+


    6. Mark, Bruce doesn't need any help making you look bad.

      You started the evening by insinuating Robert Kraft received favoritism by getting power ahead of the rest of Foxboro ("Whatever Bob Kraft Wants" and "It's not hard to see where the priorities are"). When that proved incorrect, you changed your tune ("the rumor… is unfounded."). Not you were wrong; "the rumor" was wrong.I suppose ou must have been just a poor victim caught in the rumor's wake. Might the fact that even you called it a "rumor" give you a hint that you never should have run with it in the first place?

      And even after discovering you were wrong, the next morning you still had to take your shot ("Still, it looks really bad for the stadium and its commercial development to be brightly lit while the rest of town remains in the dark."). Why does it look bad? The explanation showed there was no favoritism, yet you still wanted to cling to your "fat cats get special treatment" meme.

      My favorite part was citing the "less fortunate" in making your argument ("Some people like myself are merely inconvenienced, but there are plenty of others far less fortunate (seniors, people with medical concerns) who deserved to have their power restored long before Victoria's Secret."). That's crap. You didn't give a damn about the seniors when you first posted. You first took your baseless shot because YOU were inconvenienced, not some seniors.

      Bruce's agenda is against incompetency. Unfortunately, that would always put you in his crosshairs.


    7. If he didn't choose your link, many wouldn't read it. Agree or disagree with Bruce, he does a great job of providing access to pertinent Boston sports articles.
      Living on the West coast, this is THE Website for keeping up with the New England teams.
      And if it wasn't for Bruce I'd have no idea who Mark Farinella is. Or was.


    8. Here is a perfect example of why Bruce's website has flourished. Clearly Farinella has an agenda against the Patriots. Clearly he knew what happened to allow Gillette and Patriots Place and the other Kraft owned properties on Route 1 power. Yet there is absolutely no contrition in his writing. He honestly thinks Bruce's posting is personal, as if he is the center of Bruce's, anyone's or everyone's universe. Apologizing for screwing up is not something he can consider because all he did was pose the same questions town selectmen were asking.

      Farinella continues to link the public safety issue of residents without power to an arbitrary event that has nothing to do with the issue. The fact that he continues to beat the drum in a snarky fashion does a disservice to Nat Grid, the town selectmen he purports to being the same as, and the people without power. I guess not needing two sources, not having to issue an apology and not having any accountability to a boss is the new norm for journalism…good job Mark, you are a Journalist!


  2. I wish Farinella was the only idiot in Boston media. 96.9 Wtks morning host Jim Brodie was making a similar argument…with Margie Egan the voice of reason. It took a phone call from the president of National Grid NE…who I am sure had more important things to do…to explain about the secondary line that the Patriots had paid for themselves. For 20 minutes she explained how the utility company prioritized and how Gillette had power because of the expense they undertook to build in a redundant system/line. Both cases are clear examples of irresponsible journalism. Nerves are already frayed in the Foxboro area…without electricity I doubt most residents are getting good information to begin with…its not like power line repair is an exact science with an exact time table…so to fan those fears/flames because you have an agenda AND bad information should be enough to get you fired…in both cases.


  3. Poor, fearless blogger who blocks people from commenting on his twitter feed. Feckless would be a more appropriate nom de plume for the bloated, bearded one.


  4. Farinella is just another inexplicable example of cynical, acerbic New England media hating on the Patriots for completely made up reasons. Why people continue to target a rare sports franchise that actually does things right is beyond me…

    As for Ochocinco: he hasn't been very good the last couple of years and his open struggles are further reinforcement that he may be done. I'll reserve judgement until the regular season, but he looks no better than Joey Galloway right now.


    1. "Why people continue to target a rare sports franchise that actually does things right is beyond me… "

      Because there's no story in a franchise that does things right.


  5. Mark Farinella is not fearless, but rather a whiny bytch.

    If I find any evidence to the contrary, I will post another comment later. Until then, let's just let this one hang out there.


  6. He manages to slap the Patriots, and at the same time, defend them. And then get defensive about what he wrote.
    Plus the "I'm stuck in the dark with no power" gimmicky-article…wow, what a writer! Never heard THAT take before!


  7. Hey hey, now now. Don't pick on the guy who's been the longest running beat reporter covering the Patriots in the history of covering the Patriots and the NFL–and oh did I mention he's from the smallest paper in the history of newspapers covering the Patriots?
    Hang thy hat wherever you must Fearless.


  8. fearless has met his match. finally a website that will allow the people to discuss his stories without his moderating. there is no doubt he got his Kraft angle from the Foxboro Patch online, which of course he has ridiculed all "Patch" stories before in his blog. i've lived in town my whole life and not one person i know has EVER talked to him


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