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While we continue to remove stray branches from the yard, and wait for the electric company to restore power, the Patriots are looking to move on from Saturday night’s 34-10 loss to the Detroit Lions.

While certain folks will point to the game as an indicator of absolute impending doom, and while there were definitely things to be concerned about, it’s helpful to recall that the 2004 Patriots got crushed in the preseason, not once, but twice, by juggernauts Cincinnati and Jacksonville by scores of 31-3 and 31-0.

Loss may be what Belichick hoped to learn from – Ian Rapoport acknowledges that the Patriots lost far too many one-on-one battles, but that this game may have been planned as a learning experience.

Patriots need more than Tom Brady – Tedy Bruschi thinks that Bill Belichick may have been secretly smiling after this one.

Curran’s 48 lines on 24 issues after Detroit beating – Tom E Curran has plenty of thoughts on this one.

Can Patriots take the heat? – Mike Reiss says that the defensive line needs to show that it can handle pressure.

Theo saved Ellsbury from Gonzalez trade – John Tomase says that in early discussions, the Padres wanted Jacoby Ellsbury as part of the package for Adrian Gonzalez, but Theo Epstein held firm.

Lowrie’s season has been uneven, but he’s helped Sox plenty – Tim Britton looks at a weird season for Jed Lowrie.

Jason Varitek still quite a catch for Red Sox – Mike Fine notes that the veteran catcher has still been a big contibutor this season.

Light in August: Red Sox rotation takes turn for better – Alex Speier looks at the improvements in the Red Sox rotation this month.

Perfect Sox storm? – Nick Cafardo thinks that two days off may give the Red Sox an edge this week over the Yankees.

The best of both worlds – Amalie Benjamin has a profile on Boston College linebacker Luke Kuechly.


9 thoughts on “Patriots Still Licking Wounds From Lion Mauling

  1. The dolt fill in host on WEEI yesterday afternoon was absolutely about to throw himself off the Tobin concerning the Pats. At one point, he suggested to Greg Bedard that Ras-I Dowling is in danger of being cut because he "hasn't shown anything". Bedard couldn't control his laughter and said "uhhhh i don't think they're going to cut a 2nd round pick after 3 preseason games."

    Can I get a radio show?


    1. That sounds like the immortal Matt Perrault (Jade McCarthy's ex) – I also heard him Sunday going on a rant that people thought Irene was overhyped. He responded that it was better than the other option – that the forecasters misjudge the storm and predict it's less than it turned out to be. Wait…what? How about the option of forecasting the storm correctly? Oh yeah, why bother trying to be as close to 100 percent accurate as possible? According to Matt, the only possibilities were extreme overhype or underhype. Just remember that this guy was bounced from EEI's Saturday morning show after the Jack Edwards debacle…guess if you can't hold down hosting a regular show one day a week, that pretty much says it all.


    1. Whoever was filling in for T and R today was pretty much ready to throw in the towel of the Pats in the post season. It's August. And we're worried about how the Pats will run the ball in January 2012. Let's try to GET THERE first, guys…. I'd rather hear Adolfo rap for 12 minutes than spazz out about a pre-season running game. Sorry. But congrats to the Lions' second and third team. Helluva job.


      1. These guys are all drinking the Felger koolaid. All of the weekend hosts Johnston, Bertran, etc all sound like Felger Mini Me's with the sky is falling crap.

        Mike Flynn was trying to rationale withJohnston this morning and Johnston was having no part of it. 0 and 16 here we go.


    2. Felger and Mazz followed course and spent the 1st hour discussing this point. Mazz also made it a point to scold people that believed the Pats "could go undefeated" this season. A caller actually called him out on it, but Mazz said "he's heard rumblings from friends" and then Felger and him laughed and hung up. Another rumor perpetuated by the afternoon crew.


  2. You know, as soon as I saw the Pats come out in a base 3-4 to start the game, and then I saw them doing that whole "read and react" thing defensively, which was a complete 180 from what they were doing in the first two games, the first thought I had was, "Belichick is using this game to experiment with a few things." In other words, the "all-important 3rd pre-season game" may not be so "all-important" to the head coach. He used Game 3 against the Rams last August to sit back in a soft zone all night long and watched as Sam Bradford picked them apart, which also caused runaway panic among the media and fandom. Horrid effort on Saturday, all around; but really, does it mean anything in the long run? Nope. The real games start in 14 days. Get worried if they look bad then, not now.


    1. I think the only way most of us are going to keep our sanity watching the Patriots is to do so with the volume muted on both TV and radio.

      Speaking of, anyone hear Zolak join Gil & Gino on Saturday night's broadcast? With CBS national working the TV broadcast, Zolak was free from his regular sidekick gig with Criqui and Cross, but I wonder if 98.5 is considering having Zo as a third man this season as a transition to the day when G&G step down?


  3. You guys are all so sensitive, I listened to F & M all show yesterday and they said what negative? OOO that they will be a great Regular season team and probably go 14-2, OOO NO, there so negative come on and stop being so sensitive. I will say this lose to the lions in the PRESEASON did look alot like the loss to the Ravens and Jets, pressure up the middle. But they were the number 1 seed last year so it doesnt matter, People (you to Bruce) whats the goal here to go 14-2 or win the SB? My point is the only thing I want, is to see them have a good regular season and show that they can regain there postseason dominance!!!!!!

    Bruce why do you keep on saying Felger is so negative when he was the one to predict the Pats would go to the AFC Championship game last year, and he thinks they will be an excellent Reg. Season team this year and probably go 14-2 or close to it? How is that negative, please explain?


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