Rob Bradford is the Editor-In-Chief of and writes about the Red Sox for the website.

A native of Essex, Mass, Bradford graduated from Springfield College in 1992.

Bradford broke onto the Boston sports media scene with the Lowell Sun, followed by a stint at the Lawrence Eagle-Tribune  from 2005 to 2007. He then moved to the Boston Herald, and then onto in July of 2008.

He was a regular on WEEI’s Big Show even before joining the company. He is still a presence on the airwaves, whether it is weekend programming or filling in during the week. He has also been seen on Comcast SportsNet’s Mohegan Sun Sports Tonight. You can follow him on Twitter at @Bradfo

Bradford has written two books,  Chasing Steinbrenner as well as Deep Drive: A Long Journey to Finding the Champion Within – a book co-authored with Red Sox third baseman Mike Lowell.



22 thoughts on “2011 Approval Ratings – Rob Bradford

  1. I would have approved Rob Bradford before this past year. To me, he personifies the arrogant vibe that permeates WEEI and with his dot-commies. All the time Brad has spent on the Big Show and hearing how good the website has changed his approach on air. His tag team 2 vs 1 with Minihane against Jack Edwards was particularly disgusting. His content was always pretty good. Can be labeled a toadie for the Sox but who isn't call that these days. My issue with him is just his on-air attitude.

    1. My feeling too – when I heard that clip when he laughingly ganged up on Edwards he lost me. Whenever I hear him now I think of that. Before that I thought he was a decent writer. His voice sounds too soft-shoe for sports radio.

  2. He has the same complexion as another legendary scribe, Will McDonough, but I'm afraid that's where the similarities end. Pretty sure Rob never locked Ray Clayborn in a front facelock, then suplexed him off the trainers table and into a giant laundry bin. I don't think Rob ever predicted the NFL draft, EXACTLY AND IN ORDER, for 32 consecutive years. I don't think Rob ever advised his son Sean to tell NESN and the Sox to screw and take the Mets play by play job, only to be screwed himself a few years later when the Sox showed him the door. I'm pretty sure Will was proud of his weathered cowhide complexion and never tried to mask it by growing a beard. You are no Will McDonough Rob Bradford!!! DISAPPROVE!!!!

  3. I give Bradford an approve because he is a very good writer and is a very good site. He does a good job on radio and television. He does not get hysterical or yell. He explains a situation clearly and is always prepared. Bradford is at his worst when Kirk Minihane is on the radio with him. Minihane finds a way to make two good personalities, like Bradford and John Ryder, sound like miserable tools. WEEI still does not understand that listeners who dislike a personality like Minihane are not doing it to be haters. We actually think a show would be improved and listenable without him.

  4. Bradford has grown on me. I think his radio work is much better today than it was two years ago. I think his work on the .com shows he does his homework. If you had asked me this 2 years ago I would have argued for the "apathy" button because he really was nondescript.

    Regarding the incident with Minihan and Jack Edwards, I still blame Minihan although I don't like Edwards very much. I think Bradford was caught in an awkward situation and he handled it poorly. I don't think it is a true reflection on his work.

  5. Bradford almost sounded like he had to go after Edwards a little bit. He didn’t sound like he was enjoying it at all. He handled it poorly but he clearly was uncomfortable with it. As for Minnihiane, he at least has acknowledged that he was wrong. That’s more than what can be said of 95% of the people involved in these approval ratings.

    1. Why did Bradford "have to go after Edwards"? I don't understand your statement John. There is nothing in that interview that tells me that Bradford wasn't "enjoying" it or "uncomfortable". He ripped Jack Edwards pretty good and was equally as disgusting as Minihane in piling on Edwards. Rob's a big boy (no pun intended) and he's been around the block a few times. He knew exactly what he was saying and I guarantee you he and Minihane discussed how they'd approach that interview long before Edwards ever got on the phone. It was sickening to listen too as far as I was concerned. I lost all respect for Bradford but then again that's the EEI way. (I never had any respect for Minihane).

  6. He always sounds like he has a minor cold.

    That said, when he's around to talk a specific sport, I like him a lot. And the stuff he writes is good. Just, when he's on-radio and without a focus and/or with Minihane, he can get annoying.

  7. There's just a bit too much arrogance with Bradford for my liking. He seems to be forever trying to make a joke or a witty comment with whoever he's paired with on the radio or TV, and he's never, ever as funny as he thinks he is. Overall he comes off, as others have said above, like a typical "Boston new media personality" (or whatever you want to call these writer/broadcaster hybrids) with a huge ego who's spent too much time on the air for his own good.

    The sad part is he's actually a strong writer and makes good points…he just often seems to get sidetracked in conversations and debates. And his voice IS grating after a while. Also loses several points for participating in the Minihane-infused, all-time embarrassing combative interview with Jack Edwards, one of the worst I've ever heard in this market.

    1. "People who know"? Like who? I'd say it's exactly the opposite; Bradford is RESPECTED by the players (a term I don't toss around loosely) for all the things he's not: he's not trying to dig into people's personal lives, he's not trying to make a mountain out of a molehill, and he's not simply throwing $h!t against the wall hoping it sticks; he knows his baseball and backs up his arguments with facts as well thought-out analysis. If being "a real ass-kisser" means he has the players' respect and isn't a miserable wretch like many on his beat, then I'm sure Bradford would be proud you referred to him as such.

  8. His work on the EEI website is fine, but I really find Bradford the most annoying of all the WEEI hosts. He has an extremely ingratiating personality and unbearable sense of humor. His main form of injecting color into the show is to repeatedly hammer away at an inside joke about one of the insignificant paeons around him (Kirk Minihan, John Rich's "powedered wig"). He really is devoid of wit or an interesting personality, and renders Saturday mornings unlistenable. I HIGHLY prefer Mustard and Johnson to Bradford & Anyone.

  9. I don't like Bradford as much as I once did. He comes off as a know-it-all and can be condescending, particularly when he refers to sabremetric statistics that I'm not sure he understands as well as he thinks he does.
    His approach too often resenbles the "well, duh, I'm there inthe lockerroom and you're not" style.
    Generally, I think there's a good, solid reporter in there somewhere, but he rose in prominence in the market very quickly and seems to have forgotten what it means to be good and the hard work he put in to get where he is.
    I approve, but BARELY. Rob needs to adapt a bit of humility.

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