The Red Sox dropped two of three in Seattle this weekend, losing 5-3 yesterday, which again denied Tim Wakefield the 200th win of his career.

Sox fall to M’s again, 5-3 – Joe Haggerty has the game story for, which debuts a new format for game coverage, listing out a player of the game, goat, notable quote and other items from the game.

Red Sox just above average this month – Michael Silverman has the Red Sox looking pretty average thus far in August.

Why Ryan Lavarnway became one who didn’t get away from Red Sox – Alex Speier has the Sox unwilling to part with the catching prospect at this season’s trade deadline, and with good reason.

Youkilis back with a bang – Peter Abraham’s notebook has the third baseman getting back into the lineup yesterday and responding with a home run. The Herald notebook from Scott Lauber has Seattle’s David Wright able to relate to what Clay Buchholz is going through with his back. The Red Sox Journal looks at the job done by Matt Albers this season, and why he needed a little rest. The notes from Joe Haggerty have more on the strange call at second base.

Tom Brady made his first appearance of the season on the Dennis & Callahan Show this morning, and made it clear prior to coming on the air that he would only talk football, not willing or interested in talking about the scandal last week involving Barstool Sports.

Pepper Johnson has Haynesworth’s back – Jennifer Toland has the Patriots defensive line coach speaking glowingly of Albert Haynesworth. Karen Guregian has more.

When it comes to D-line coaches, Pats’ Johnson is one of the best around – Paul Kenyon looks at what makes Johnson a great coach.

Anderson making a push – Shalise Manza Young has the former Bear making a good impression in his time thus far with the Patriots.

Tire-kicking time for Patriots, rest of NFL – Tom E Curran has the Patriots bringing in a trio of veterans for workouts today, including safety Darren Sharper.

Patriots keeping WR options open – Mike Reiss says that bringing in T.J. Houshmandzadeh is just the Patriots doing their due diligence.

Slater sticks with Patriots – Glen Farley looks at why Matthew Slater keeps sticking around.

Logan Mankins: I’ll earn every cent of deal – Guregian’s notebook has the guard talking about his new deal. The Globe notebook has more from Johnson on Haynesworth. The Patriots Journal has the players reacting to the Corwin Brown situation.

22 thoughts on “Sox Drop Two of Three In Seattle, Brady Talks “Only Football” on WEEI

  1. I find it quite troubling that Beckett struggled so mightily against the worst offense in baseball, however he did appear to settle down. Redsox need to take advantage of these easy games against junk teams down the stretch. Now I don't expect them to sweep every junk team on the road, but they should not be losing series to Seattle, KC, Oakland when they likely will be splitting or losing to good teams like Texas, Anaheim on the road. Take care of business Sox. Win the games you are supposed to win. You are not supposed to lose to a man named Charlie Furbush and a team relying on Miguel Olivo for power.


    1. Hey now — Furbush is a good pitcher. He came into the game for Detroit on May 27th after Rick Porcello spit the bit, and basically shut the Sox down completely for most of the rest of the game (5 IP, 2H, 6Ks). He's had two really terrible starts — against KC and Texas — that account for 15 of the 28 runs he's given up this year. Take away those two starts and he's got a 2.37 ERA on the year. And that's mostly with the Tigers — now that he's in The Park Where Power Goes To Die, he'll be even more effective….


      1. Being, originally from Maine, I am interested in the handful of players playing professionally from the state. A kid named Mark Rogers from Topsham was supposed to be the player to watch when he was drafted fifth overall by the Brewers in 2004, the year he graduated high school. Unfortunately, Rogers has had numerous arm issues and has only had a cup of coffee in the majors. Furbush graduated the same year with barely a blip on the screen. But locally (Maine) we should have seen the potential in Furbush. It is not everyday a kid from South Portland, Maine is recruited to go to LSU a college baseball powerhouse. If Furbush stays healthy, he could be a solid major league pitcher.


  2. Pet Peeve of the week…Dan Pompeii reporting that "an anonymous" executive he spoke to with knowledge of how the Patriots work believes both Haynesworth and Ocho will be cut.

    Tom E. Curran does a fabulous job debunking this myth:

    But my Pet Peeve is when a national reporter makes an uninformed comment about a local team/story and because of the National Reporter's reputation is what it is, the opinion spreads like it is gospel fact. Pompeii has spent very little time around the Pats this preseason. He has not seen how hard Ocho is working to get up to speed. Nor did he see Haynesworth destroy the Pats OL, albeit without Mankins and Light, and so he does not know that the Pats rather than exposing him to excess wear and tear are instead working to improve his conditioning while protecting his knee. My bet is he will participate in the closed practices in the bubble that the Press will not see, ala Randy Moss in 2007 when it was thought he sat out the whole preseason.

    National writers like Pompeii and King are a problem because they don't know their facts. They have good to great sources but they are like USA Today…they have no time to really check things and do in depth analysis. I would prefer they just keep quiet, rather than manufacture untrue stories because they think they are "in the know".


    1. I saw the post last night and could only shake my head. Felger is blabbing on about it. He is of course is treating it like gospel.


      1. Your buddy Mike Flynn is not doing himself any favors in that conversation either. For whatever reason they refuse to listen to what Rap, Reiss and Curran are saying; which is the Pats saw all they needed to see in that one practice, that Haynesworth has been in very diligent in the class room and that the Pats are slowly working with him to make sure he is in shape (Ala Randy in 2007) rather than practicing and maybe getting hurt. Who knows what they will be doing when practice is closed to the media and back in the bubble where no one can see what is happening. In 2007 it is clear Randy was practicing then. Instead Felger and anyone who is taking Pompei's word as gospel and not listening to the local guys is either lazy, trying to manufacture issues when none are there or just plain stupid.


        1. Felger will just say the local guys are Pats homers lol. He forgets the fact that they might be closer to the source.


    2. Gotta disagree with you. An executive told him that; he reported it. He reported it as speculation, not as fact. Isn't that precisely what he's supposed to do?

      If this were a second author writing a slam piece on the Patriots for signing Haynesworth/85 only to "plan to release them" based on Pompeii's article, I'd agree with you 100%. But here he's just doing his job, which includes reporting on rumor and speculation. It's not an "uninformed comment" — he's not saying that HE'S sure that the Pats are going to release the players. He's just reporting what an executive told him (apparently). That's no different than Gammons, or Mike Reiss, or anyone else who traffics in whole or in part "what if"s and "what might be"s.

      Curran is dead-on on why the source shouldn't be trusted in this case — but that doesn't mean that Pompeii shouldn't be reporting whatever rumors he hears.


      1. Dave:I guess it all depends on what you think a journalist's job is. I don't think it is to pass along unsupported innuendo. I know it was a long time ago but when I was editor of my college newspaper we had a pretty simple rule when it came to publishing anything…two sources. So if an unnamed NFL executive who has insight into the Patriots says “Haynesworth and Ocho” will be cut, Pompei should store that away until a second independent source says he has the same information. Or he should call the Pats for comment (where he will be told that's ridiculous). To pass along something as irresponsible as this puts him on firm footing with TMZ, John Tomasse or Ken Powers. I don't believe he should be reporting speculative rumors. He should be reporting either facts or substantiated rumors.


      2. After the Ram's Walkthrough/Tomasse debacle, people reporting on them should be very careful about printing rumors concerning the team.


  3. "They have good to great sources but they are like USA"

    Is that a backhanded shot at your country? Wow, that's not very patriotic coming from a Patriots fan.


  4. A few items:

    1) I caught the Dan Patrick show this morning on CSNNE. I was never a big fan of the show because it was a true snoozefest. That has now changed. The show is more lively and flows very well. A big thumbs up.

    2) More on babygate. Dave Portnoy tweeted that he will be on the Howard Stern show tomorrow. Portnoy needs to realize that he may not have an ally in Stern. Stern is good friends with Bob Kraft and may not be waving the Barstool pom-poms when he is on.

    3) I completely agree with Jeff Schools at the Maine Sports Network and Ken Fang of Fang's Bites who believe it was a big mistake of WEEI to prescreen questions for Tom Brady before his interview with John Dennis and Dale Arnold. It makes it seem Brady is being protected and WEEI is afraid of offending the Patriots. Dennis and Arnold could have asked Brady about the situation and Brady could say no comment and that would end it.

    4) A gloomy day deserves having two gloomy hosts back on the air. First Michael Felger was back at 98.5 saying the same old, same old. The Patriots put Logan Mankins up against the wall. Dan Pompei's article is gospel. Felger is acting the same way when the Patriots traded for Moss. The Patriots will release Haynesworth because he is not on the field. wash,rinse,repeat. Glen Ordway was, of course, even worse. Guess what he was talking about? Barstool, what a surprise. The Big Show then put on another idiot caller and in less than sixty seconds I realized commercials were more entertaining.

    5) Hopkinton High alum Keegan Bradley won the PGA yesterday and has shown a great personality during interviews and is a proud New Englander. But I have to share what the great Dan Jenkins tweeted as leader Jason Dufner went to the back nine:

    "Jason Dufner now has a two-shot shot lead going into the back nine. All he's got to do now is not remember he's Jason Dufner."

    Jason Dufner unfortunately remembered he was Jason Dufner.


    1. mandb…great stuff as always.

      Regarding WEEI prescreening questions…I am at a complete loss as to what is going on there and who is making decisions. They have for several years defended their interview with Bill Belichick by saying the questions are NOT prescreened and they can ask him anything they want. Now they admit to accepting demands from Brady not to ask certain questions. How did that conversation go? Who was in on it? WHo agreed? It was like listening to the Gil and Gino pregame talk with Belichick or the joe Castiglione pregame chat with Terry Franconia. No one pays attention to those because we know they are scripted.

      Regarding Keegan Bradley…I did not have him in my PGA pool…oh wait…no one in my office did. Heck of a run for the kid.


      1. "It makes it seem Brady is being protected and WEEI is afraid of offending the Patriots."

        As they should. I mean, the Pats games are broadcast on their rival station. EEI has to cater and, yes, suck up to the Pats so the team won't move the high-profile interviews (TB, BB VW) exclusively to TSH.


        1. I go back and forth on this. I completely see your point and I think you are right…Patriots Monday will eventually end up at TSH…the Pats will quicken the move if they are offended. At the same time WEEI has to keep some journalistic integrity. As such they need to ask tough questions just so the public does not lose faith. Catch -22?


        2. First of all, money will be the reason WEEI will either keep or lose Patriots Monday and Friday. Secondly, when you admit to prescreening questions WEEI continues to show what frauds they are.


      1. Obviously you and Glen Ordway must have gone to the same school because you both have the same level of comprehension, which is about zero. The post is about the media now carry on.


  5. Had to love it when John Dennis said, "Brady will be on at 7:00am and said he ONLY wants to talk about football…..then Dale chimes in with sarcastic voice. "Like we want him to talk about the economy or something?? Dale must really think the listening audience is stupid

    Barstool is lapping up the publicity, so obviously Brady didn't want to give him anymore. As far as how WEEI is handling it I really don't know. They kicked the guy off as guest. I guess Ordway still is talking about it. I haven't been listening to D&C enough to know if they are still talking about it or not…..whateva…..shelf life ready to expire


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