In a game in which the loudest voices complaining about how long it was were the ones getting paid to watch it, the Red Sox defeated the New York Yankees on a Josh Reddick single in the 10th inning. The 3-2 win boosted the Red Sox back into sole possession of first place in the AL East.

There are a lot of links and so little time this morning, so here are the top 10:

  1. Five Things We Learned on a night of a rare Red Sox rally – Alex Speier says that the two clubs played a game worthy of their stature in the game.
  2. Red Sox-Yankees: Can’t get enough – Gordon Edes says that the stars seem to be aligning for an October rematch.
  3. For Reddick, father’s struggle became an inspiration – You’ve probably heard the story about Josh Reddick’s dad, but if you haven’t Christopher Smith has a nice look at the father-son relationship.
  4. Josh Reddick: The kid’s all right – Steve Buckley has the young outfielder coming up big in the field and at the plate last night.
  5. Billionaire Slim cashes in on invite – Dan Shaughnessy has the richest man in the world taking in the game last night.
  6. Lowrie coming along for the ride – Peter Abraham’s notebook has Jed Lowrie expected to the be activated today.
  7. State Loses An Essential Sports Voice With Death Of Dave Solomon – Jeff Jacobs remembers the New Haven Register columnist, who died in a car accident Saturday night, and had his final column published Sunday morning.
  8. Attention campers – Karen Guregian has some observations and impressions from the first two weeks of Patriots training camp.
  9. Patriots hoping to throw a coming-out party for Price – Glen Farley has the second-year receiver looking to make a splash this season.
  10. Ex-Jets DE Ellis comes to Foxboro – Guregian’s notebook has the Patriots scooping up former Jet Shaun Ellis.

Minor nitpick on Ellis – you’re going to hear over and over again how Ellis “was selected with the pick the Jets got from the Patriots in exchange for Bill Belichick.”

That’s not exactly true. The Jets received the Patriots first round pick in 2000, which was the 16th pick overall. The Jets then took that #16 overall pick and packaged it with a second round pick in a trade with the San Francisco 49ers for the #12 pick overall. The Jets then used the #12 pick to draft Ellis.


13 thoughts on “Sox Score Walkoff Against Yankees, Take Fenway Series

  1. Pet Peeve time…so I was listening to T&R during a Dale and TC break this am and they were discussing the fact that some sports radio personality was in trouble and might lose his job (I did not hear who they offender was) because he privately tweeted something offensive and then quickly took it down. Their argument had 2 parts:
    1) Where does a media personalities professional life end and private life start. Meaning…why can an employer hold them accountable for things they do on their own time without company resources.
    2) With all the time logged by an on air media personality, and all things that they say is it fair that one off color mistake made when they are not on the job might cost them a career.

    Here is my Pet peeve. Media people rightly or wrongly are always employees of the outlet they work for. The general public has no way to filter what is being said representative of the corporation the personality works for and what is being said privately. The media people might want to have a "private" life…but they don't…they traded it when they entered the "fame" industry. So for T&R to not understand that everything they say and do reflects on CBS, for example, is either hypocrisy, stupidity, ignorance or a flat out lie. How they were not able to see this in terms of the conversation they were having was beyond me.


    1. Late it was Tony Bruno of Fox Sports Radio. He tweeted the following, "gutless #!@%*! Giants. Bochy is a coward for having his illegal alien pitcher hit a guy since mighty Frisco boys …". Bruno is a Philadelphia native and was attacking both Bruce Bochy and former Red Sox pitcher Ramon Ramirez after Ramirez plunked Shane Victorino causing a bench clearing skirmish. The tweet was up for less than one minute when Bruno deleted it. Unfortunately, for Bruno he has 12,000 followers and many saw the tweet. Bruno has apologized somewhat but stands by calling Bochy a coward.

      I agree with you on media having to be careful what they say on social media. Jason Whitlock of Fox is notorious for walking a fine line when he tweets. He has talked about some of his visits to strip clubs in the past. He does not go into detail, but if something should slip and it makes Fox look bad, Whitlock will be firing off resumes.


      1. Thank you for more context. This is number 1 on my pet peeve list. I do not understand how people who make money being famous don't understand that everything they do is a reflection on their day job, their employer and their professional reputation. Especially media people, they get paid based on their popularity/fame. Tony Bruno gets more money than Mike Mutansky because he has a national following. How T&R could not see that everything he does or says reflects on Fox Sports is unfathomable to me. I got the feel that Rich especially thinks there is somehow a line where his professional life ends and his private life starts and as such there are things he can say and do “privately” (even though privately might include twitter or facebook, whereby his employer can't hold him accountable. Yet I have heard him argue the Pittsburgh Steelers should discipline Ben Rothlesburger for raping a woman…on his own time. The hypocrisy is just crazy.Bruno might regret making the comments. My guess is he reread them and thought…even though I believe this it was probably not the right thing to say…so I better delete it. He is probably more sorry for posting than he is for thinking. Another Pet Peeve but further down the list.


        1. Yeah. I mean, I'd /like/ it if famous people (including sports figures and media figures) had more privacy and weren't in the spotlight 24/7, but the fact is, they are, and to behave otherwise is unrealistic and unreasonable.

          At one point I was thinking things like Official Twitter Accounts and private Twitter accounts would be workable, but I realized that in this 24/7 news cycle world, well, no.


  2. "they were discussing the fact that some sports radio personality was in trouble and might lose his job (I did not hear who they offender was)"

    It's no one from around here. It was an SF Giants broadcaster.


    1. Tony Bruno. You might hear him sometimes on WEEI or TSH when regular shows are off air. He made some comment about ex Sox pitcher Ramon Ramirez being an "illegal alien" and called the Giants Manager Bruce Bochy a "coward." This was in review of the Giants/Phillies bean ball.

      I believe T&R's criticism is why does everything they do have to be filtered. Once upon a time, media personalities, probably had more freedoms. I think their gripe is when and why did it change. Who decided it? Why do "we" have to be offended when someone doesn't say God Bless You after a sneeze? You would probably have to ask them to get their main point though, I'm just speculating.


      1. I don't think their point was a question of when or who. It was definitely a question of why. I listened for 15 minutes as they went back and forth about private lives versus public lives. They made the analogy to a school teacher being fired for posting a risque photo on facebook. They missed the point on that one as well. Whether we like it or not often we represent our employers…if it is a media company, sport franchise, or government body 24/7. This really was not a difficult concept to grasp and they completely missed it.


  3. Why white dudes continue to say anything that can be construed as racist or prejudice on the radio is beyond me.


  4. A couple of items:

    1) There is no question Yankees vs. Red Sox games take a long time to play. Last night's game reached the four hour mark by the ninth inning. What I do not want to hear are media members who get paid, in some cases, handsomely, complain about how long a game takes and how hard their job is made because of this. Michael Felger on CSNNE last night was the loudest whiner (I know, what a surprise) of them all. I have an idea for those whiners, maybe there are some car washes that might be hiring. Maybe some construction companies could use some help building bridges.

    2) Kudos to Bruce on Twitter and Winning for calling out Tony Massarotti for his mind boggling statement that if you take away the head-to-head match-up the Yankees are a better team. Let's forget for a moment just how stupid this statement is. It's a given. It is also incredibly hypocritical by Maz. Just about two weeks ago Maz stood up on his squeaky soapbox and chastised the media (Sean McAdam in particular) for saying if you take away the first twelve games of the season the Red Sox are the best team in baseball. Maz squeaked that you can't do that because those games count as well. I guess the head-to-head games between the Red Sox and Yankees do not count according to Maz. A caller called Maz out for this. Maz conveniently ignored what was said and then threw out this beauty of a line, "All I am saying is that when Red Sox fans get cocky they wind up getting their asses kicked." Umm Maz, fans do not play the game. Fans can be cocky or have no expectations for a team. It has no bearing on what happens on the field. Hell, lets just go ahead and have Maz join Gary Tanguay, Gerry Callahan, and Andy Gresh in the Boston Sports Media Moron Hall of Fame.


    1. He's doing it again today! He's poo poo-ing (Yes I just said it) the fact that the Sox took 2 out of 3. Then admitted if the Yankees had won 2 out of 3 he wouldn't be saying this.

      I really do not understand what he wants fans, or teams to do. The Sox have beaten the Yankees 10-2 so far. I guarantee if the Yankees win the rest of the game H2H against the Sox, Tony will discount the early season games, saying it only matters how you play late. But isn't Tony the same guy that won't let McAdam or fans discount those first few games this season, saying they all count? How hypocritical of him?


      1. He is such a WEASEL! He's beating the drum that Sox fans were discounting the Yankees and looking down on them. Where is he getting this from? I think RedSox fans looked at the Yankees the same way we looked at our Team:
        Yankees Strengths: Batting (Avg, Power, and speed) and Bullpen (Soriano,Robertson, Rivera).
        Weaknesses: Starting Pitching

        Sox: Strengths (Lineup)
        Weaknesses: Going into the season, we were unsure of Bullpen guys like Albers, Aceves, etc as well as starting pitcher Beckett, Lackey, DiceK, and if Wake would be effective.

        If anything we had more questions about our own team.


      2. Winning, that is exactly what I said. He hammers those in the media who play the if game then about two weeks later does the exact same thing. Maz is completely insufferable. He then makes up a belief that fans thought the Yankees would not be factor this year. What fans are these? I know a lot of media members who believed this. Who are the fans? I have said it time and time again, Maz has incredible disdain for fans so he will create a belief that fans have and will run with it.


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