The amazing comeback season of Jacoby Ellsbury continued last night as the Red Sox centerfielder knocked in pinch-runner Jarrod Saltalamacchia(!) in the bottom of the ninth to lift Boston to a 3-2 win over the pesky Cleveland Indians.

Over at Patriots training camp, Albert Haynesworth met with the media for the first time, and I’m reminded that I’ve been on vacation for all of the Patriots recent blockbuster trades. I was in California for the Richard Seymour trade, the trade of Randy Moss to the Vikings and for Deion Branch coming back, as well as for the recent deals for Haynesworth and Chad Ochocinco. Just keep that in mind for the next time I tell you I’m going away for a little while…

Albert Haynesworth’s all smiles from start – Karen Guregian notes that massive defensive lineman has been a closet Patriots fan over the years, attending playoff games at Gillette. More on Haynesworth from Shalise Manza Young | a skeptical Bob Ryan | Paul Kenyon | Christopher Price | Danny Picard | Tim Whelan Jr. | Glen Farley | Mark Farinella | Mike Reiss | Paul Perillo | Ian R. Rapoport.

I think I got everyone.

Albert Haynesworth Could Rejuvenate Reputation Like Rodney Harrison and 19 Other Patriots Thoughts – Jeff Howe thinks that Haynesworth could have a Rodney Harrison-like resurrection to his career in Foxborough.

Sympathy for the bedeviled: On Moss – I’ve seen a lot of nasty columns and statements about Randy Moss since the receiver announced his retirement. Mary Paoletti goes the other way.

Top pick Solder is final unsigned rookie – Greg Bedard and Amalie Benjamin have the Globe notebook, which looks at the Patriots getting their second-round picks under contract. The Patriots Notebook in the Herald has first-rounder Nate Solder the only remaining unsigned rookie. The Patriots Journal has more on the rookie signings, and Matt Light officially coming back. The Sun Chronicle notebook has Tom Brady happy to have Light back.

Haynesworth wasn’t the only new athlete in Boston meeting with the media yesterday. New Red Sox starter Erik Bedard, who has a reputation of reticence, if not open hostility towards the media, got his first taste of the Boston press yesterday as well.

Bedard glad to be moving up – Julian Benbow has Bedard happy for the chance to pitch for a contender. Michael Silverman says that expectations need to be tempered on Bedard. Brian MacPherson has Bedard appearing generally at ease in his media session. Alex Speier says that getting Bedard was a win-now move for the Sox. Sean McAdam has Bedard doing an excellent job hiding his misgivings over pitching in a big market.

It’s been interesting following things from afar the last couple of weeks. From checking in on email, comments and message board posts, I’ve gotten a pretty clear picture of how things have been in the media with the moral judgements on the Patriots moves, and with the retirement of Randy Moss and the Red Sox trade for Bedard, which had some media members on Twitter hardly able to contain their excitement at the prospect of seeing him fail in Boston.

In other words, it seems like the last two weeks were pretty much business as usual.


7 thoughts on “Jacoby Ellsbury’s Single Wins It In Ninth For Sox

  1. Slightly off topic but I'm glad since EEI did their little questionnaire, D&C have dropped that really crappy opening "rap" (I guess) song…the one that goes in part "Another river of blood running under my feet".


    1. They seem to have dropped the annoying 7:45 headlines segment as well…Of course yesterday they spent an hour discussing the Osama raid/killing as it was rehashed in the New Yorker by Nicholas Schmidle. Guess it was a slow sports news day in New England…what with the Pats moves, the Sox's play, the NBA sides finally talking, and the NHL set to open camps in a few weeks.


      1. I also enjoyed the 30 minutes they spent on Chotch's dining habits at that Maine restaurant. No wonder T&R are killing them. When each show chooses not to talk sports, T&R focus on drunken recaps/ adolpho passing conditioning tests for the NFL. D&C choose to interview Chotch for 20-30 minutes about how they received bad service. Hmmmmmm……


      2. I'm posting this again, so sorry, if it shows up twice.

        I love how D&C spend 20-30 minutes on Chotchs dining experience in Maine. This is why T&R are killing them. When T&R diverge from sports, they create funny bits, interviews, music montages, etc. D&C conduct an interview of their producer and how he received poor service. Reflection of their audience, or lack thereof.


        1. Holy carp batman you are so right it is not even funny. I heard the bad service story and I was thinking…”Why on earth would this be on the air in the 8:00 hour”. I can't listen to T&R…I am probably at 44 just a tad old for their schtick…but D&C have gone out of their way to pick lousy topics to discuss…Lindsey Lohan's rehab, Amy Winehouse's death, Chotch's bad service story, the Osama raid 6 months after the fact, Whitey Bulger ad nausem, the Tiger Woods/Steve Williams story, Women's Soccer. Its like they are going out of their way to find things to over discuss that their audience will not care about.


    2. And the NESN commercial spots have gone "goofy", with the "&" falling down and other signs that "wackiness" will probably "ensue" on their "show".

      It's not a whiff of desperation — it's an overpowering stench.


  2. It is absolutely comical to hear the Boston media get all over Haynesworth, Ocho, and Bedard. I knew Haynesworth was a knucklehead before the Pats traded for him. I knew Ocho was a character. I knew Bedard has never pitched for a contender. I don't need Bedard "Just answer the question and we won't ask again"; Callahan "He can't pitch in this market", or Tangay "I think Ocho is going to have problems with BB b/o his social media" to act like they are the final line of defense against the hordes. Time will tell if these trades work out. They were all low risk, high reward moves. Thank god for the likes of Mike Reiss, Pete Abraham and others that provide thoughtful commentary.


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