Scott Zolak is the co-host of the Gresh and Zo show on 98.5 The SportsHub.

Drafted in the fourth round of the 1991 draft by the New England Patriots, Scott Zolak remained with the team as the backup quarterback through the 1998 season. He then spent one year with the Miami Dolphins. He began his media career in 2000, joining Bob Lobel on WBZ’s Patriots Gameday.

He teamed up with Andy Gresh as co-host of a daily show on Providence sports radio station “The Score,” and the two remained together until the station pulled the plug on the sports format in 2008. The duo was reunited on 98.5 The SportsHub when the station dumped Tanguay and replaced him with Gresh in April of 2010. Zolak, Gresh and Tanguay all work together on the Patriots pre and post-game shows on 98.5.

Zolak has also been a part of the WBZ-TV Patriots broadcasts as well, and is a contributor to Patriots All Access, where he does the “Bellistrator” segment with head coach Bill Belichick and the “T.U.R.F.” segment with former Patriots tight end Christian Fauria. He also worked a a couple of UFL telecasts for NESN last season.


20 thoughts on “2011 Approval Ratings – Scott Zolak

  1. I approve but have a feeling not many will. I judge Zolak not by what he doesn't know, but by what he does know. His expertise is football, and I think he does a great job. We cannot fault the guy for getting hired for this job and not knowing baseball or bball. Should he turn down the job because of this? I feel that he is better than merloni because he has some personality. Unfortunately he is paired with Gresh, which brings anything Zo has to offer off of the table.

    Does Zo (in the 2nd Chair) know 1 sport better than most? Yes
    Does Zo have competent knowledge of other sports, other than his niche? I believe so
    Does Zo entertain me? Yes, I go back to the Score days, unfortunately Gresh was there too!

    Does the fact that Zolak being paired with Gresh limit my listening of their show to maybe 1 time per week? yes

  2. Pros:

    Is only the second most annoying personality on his show.
    Drunk tweets like a champion.
    Has lockerroom experience that is slightly more useful than Lou Merloni’s.

    Dumber than a box of rocks (or Gresh).
    Knows next to nothing about sports, even football.
    Easily distracted by shiny objects.

  3. If I wanted to hear/read about getting drunk and naked, I'd listen to Mike Adams. Scratch that, no I wouldn't.

    Heidi Watney, yes.


  4. Pros:
    Is only the second most annoying personality on his show.
    Drunk tweets like a champion.
    Has lockerroom experience that is slightly more useful than Lou Merloni’s

    Dumber than a box of rocks (or Gresh).
    Knows next to nothing about sports, even football.
    Easily distracted by shiny objects.

  5. I dread the day he becomes the anlayst for your New England Patriots.

    He's dreadful on every level.

    Him and his partner are the kings of tossing around nonmenclature – "will linebacker", "snot bubbles", "hand in the dirt".

  6. I go back to the old WSKO days as well…I never liked Zolak…he always sounded to me to be like a high school yahoo/bully…you know the kid who had a beer in his locker, would yell in a smaller kids ear, get average grades and get by because he was a star football player. My major complaint with Zolak is I don't think he does his homework. I am willing to accept less knowledge if I see the person working at getting better and smarter (John Ryder for example). Zolak seems to me to coast. He knows football but he is just as likely to say "that guy is fast" as he is to say "that guy explodes off the line, sets up a defender and is quick out of his break". He's inconsistent even with football because I don't think he has ever worked hard for anything. I used to hate him as a football player because he was willing to hold Drew Bledsoe's clipboard. He had no drive to be a starter, instead he was content to coast. I feel he has the same work ethic/drive when it comes to radio. Ignore the Gresh problem for a second…he did nothing when he was teamed with Tanguay either. All that and he is a lousy interviewer.

    1. I'm not saying he is the best. That's why he is on between 10-2. I get the high school bully impression from Fred and Steve, and they display the lack of knowledge along with the entitlement of being on with Glen.

      1. Zolak used to drive me nuts (when I listened) with his talk about beer, hitting that, and then he would just randomly yell. Fred and Steve to me were always the guy who stuffed you in the locker and took the lunch money…they both sucked…but they were subtly different types of torture.In the end I just think he is unmotivated and lazy. He was in his pro career and appears that way to me in his radio one also.

  7. Voted "approve" as he is not even remotely in the same time zone for me with regards to others who I genuinely despise and hope fall into an open sewer (e.g., Fraudway, Borges, Metergerbil). If that sounds like damning with faint praise, so be it.

  8. I generally approve any sports media hack who used to actually play a sport. The rest, I want to bludgeon with a blunt object until they are no more. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

  9. He's not Gresh, which means he's an Approve. (Again, my subjective rules of approve/disapprove.)

    In general, he's too sophomoric for me, but it's a kind of harmless stupidity, so it's OK.

  10. I like Gresh and Zo. They are good personalities on the radio. Even Gresh…he is bombastic but in radio that is a good thing. The worst thing you can be in radio is for listeners to not care about you in anyway.

  11. I 'approve' of Zolak within a football context because of his onfield experience & therefore his 'insider' insight, but he is definitely a 2nd chair personality. I also find him easy of the ear, unlike his cohost (of whom I strongly disapprove for multiple reasons – don't get me started!) I actually feel that Zo could 'elevate his game' as an on air personality if he were paired with a better 1st chair.

  12. I, like many others here, approve Zolak when he is without Gresh. With Gresh, I can't listen to them due to Gresh being a well paid moron. When the management at 98.5 get the fact that Gresh and his sorry attempt at even sophomoric humor, is a wste of time andpair Zolak with someone decent. I will listen again.

  13. Agree completely with those that say being paired with Gresh hurts Zo. Zo paired with almost anyone else is infinitely better. Gresh is a blowhard, loud mouth, full of himself wannabe. Thought that from his time on Patriots Game Day and was disappointed when the SportsHub hired him….thought it was the only hire there that didn't really work. Gresh fits at EEI, not the SportsHub.

  14. I left this one alone… I feel that without Gresh, Zolak would have at least a chance to be mediocre. As it is, his show is unlistenable (as would any show featuring Gresh, regardless of co-host). While he will never light the world on fire, if given a strong co-host to carry him Zolak could potentially be a servicable second bannana. Perhaps even decent?

    So, in short, the stench of Gresh is too strong for me to be able to render an unbiased opinion of Zolak independently.

  15. LIke them both…..they talk sports and are not rude to their listeners…..GREAT RADIO SHOW and I for one am glad to have an option to the other show!!! They are all vulgar and would rather bash Democrats than talk sports!!~

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