Ron Borges is a columnist for the Boston Herald.

This is actually Borges’ first time in the approval ratings, the last time we did these, in 2008, Borges was unemployed, having left the Globe after the football notes plagiarism case. Borges had been at The Boston Globe for 24 years covering the NFL and boxing beats. Before then he had worked out in the SF Bay area, covering the Raiders from 1976 to 1982, first for the Sacramento Union, and then for the Oakland Tribune, which spawned his unending admiration for all things Black and Silver.

Borges is a renowned boxing writer, having covered the sport for HBO in addition to the Globe. After leaving the Globe, he briefly wrote for his own site,, while freelancing for various boxing and football publications. He was hired by in the summer of 2008, where he lasted for a month before bolting to the Herald.

His appearances on local sports radio and television are always contentious, and his recent foray into the world of Twitter is the perfect place for him to spout his opinion on all topics. He was featured in a 2006 edition of Boston Magazine.





38 thoughts on “2011 Approval Ratings – Ron Borges

  1. Let me be clear…I think Ron Borges is duplicitous pond scum. All joking aside for such a good writer, he is lazy (see plagiarism scandal), uninformed (see anything he has written about Bill Belichick), agenda driven (go back and read his glowing manlove for Pete Carroll…argueably the worst Patriots Head Coach ever and compare that with what he writes about Belichick…not arguably as he is the best Pats Head Coach Ever), and his worst sin as I see it, his inability to admit he was…wrr…wrron….wrong. Strong disapprove. I would like to know who voted approve as Borges is the poster child for all that is wrong with the Boston "look at me Media".

    1. Pete Carroll wasn't that bad compared to Rod Rust and some of the other HC's the Pats had.

      His tenure wasn't great because he took a Super Bowl contender and did absolutely nothing with them.

      1. Another time and in another thread I can and will make a very compelling argument that Carroll was worse than Rod Rust or Dick McPhearson. Carroll did something neither of those coaches did…he lost the locker room within 4 games of being made head coach. I have been watching the Pats for over 35 years…17 sitting in section 321 of the old stadium and 1 in section 117 of the new stadium (then came the second daughter and I gave up the tickets)…pete Carroll was by far and away the worst head coach I have ever witnessed. Only Herm Edwards comes close when considering all coaches league wide.

        1. Sorry, any coach or coaches that presides over a 1-15 and 2-14 season is automatically worse than a coach that never hit those marks.

          1. But both Rust and McPhearson had less talent to start than Carroll who was handed a team coming off a superbowl and destroyed it. I get so angry thinking of Carroll I am banging my keys. He was the worst.

          2. If the team was rebuilding, why fire the coach in the off-season? Wouldn't you give him a pass until you get better players?

            If he was a good or even decent coach, they would have hung on to him in the name of stability until their young, high draft picks developed.

    2. Borges actually used to bully Pete Carroll (because Poodle Pete allowed it) I remember Borges treating Carroll like a little kid. Don't think there was any 'Man Love" there…….The following is from COLD HARD FOOTBALL FACTS column:>>>>

      Borges is a bully

      Borges is also a boxing writer who seems to fancy himself a tough guy – at least if his behavior as a reporter is any indication – and wants everyone to know he’s a tough guy.
      Former New England coach Pete Carroll often got the bully treatment from Borges, such as the time former linebacker Ted Johnson missed a tackle in a game that New England lost.

      Borges berated the coach in the postgame press conference, demanding that Carroll mete out some punishment after – gasp! – a player missed a tackle.

  2. Disapprove as he is a child in a journalist's clothing. His boxing coverage is good, and his writing skills are also good. However, any minor positive he offers, in football anyways, is negated with his behavior, personal vendettas, and refusal to apolgize or admit he was wrong, like late mentioned above. This "man" is the model for arrogant sports writer. I'm actually surprised that he did not become humbled by his plagiarism article. His personal agenda against the Pats are a joke. It would be one thing if he was attacking Al Davis, for which franchise he actually defends and loves. But he is just awful. I can't remember the last time I read something he wrote. Actually it was the plagiarism article, which turns out he didn't write.

  3. his name alone makes me twitchy, but intellectually i know he isnt as bad as i feel him to be

    but still: when i feel like i have a need to hold him down and let small children kick him in the jimmy, there's only so far up i can go intellectually.


  4. One of two writers–along w/ Dan S.—that I will not even glance at. This is a shame, since there w as a time when I though both were good writers. The sour, know-it-all content and mail-it-in format are signs of two guys that retired and didn't tell anyone.

  5. He was born round and he plans to die square. Stuff like that just doesn't happen.


  6. Extreme apathy for Borges. This is almost like voting on a has-been from the 80's and I guess you're glad he's still alive but he's as irrelevant as anyone in the market.

    It was enlightening that his explanation for his poor grade for Seymour is that he didn't know college players so relied on scout friends of his. It makes any of his draft analysis the same as any yahoo who spouts an opinion.

    1. Lance, I almost wonder if Borges has become such an obnoxious buffoon because of folks like yourself who consider him nothing more than an afterthought. Maybe he decided to become an uber-contrarian to get people's attention.

      Regardless of the reason for his repugnance, I disapprove and find it shocking that the plagarism scandal didn't finish off his career.

  7. I find it hard to believe that 22% of the voters approve of this blowhard. I don't know anyone that even remotely likes "Gorgeous Ron Borges".

  8. Ron, Ron, Ron. Pathetic, agenda-driven, has-been hack who has failed to realize that his time passed him by many years ago. Typical once-upon-a-time "star" writer/columnist type who did OK in the pre-Internet era — when his work would disappear into a landfill on a daily basis. A small, petty, souless a-hole and professional d-bag.

  9. Disapprove but if Borges just wrote about the sport of boxing as a ghost-writer many of us might enjoy his work. I hate to compliment him but he does have a decent knowledge of boxing. It's all the other crap that Borges has written and said that makes him a fool in most fans eyes. Ironically, Borges was pretty well liked when he was in the SF Bay Area; especially by Raider fans. He should have stayed there. Bruce should have a least liked Boston scribe poll – Shank, Borgese, Tomase or ______ fill in the blank.

  10. Lazy, agenda driven, plagiarizing jerkwad who thinks he’s more superior than thou. Disapprove, with fervor.

  11. Whenever I think of Borges I imagine that scene from "Red Dawn" where Powers Boothe's character sees C. Thomas Howell icily carving another notch (representing a dead Russian that he'd just killed) into his rifle, when Boothe says, "All that hate is gonna burn you up inside kid." Howell responds with a wry smile on his face: "It keeps me warm."

    That's Borges….all that hate he has for Belichick, for upper management/ownership figures of all stripes, and anyone else who doesn't see things his way probably keeps him warm at night; too bad he doesn't realize it's going to burn him up inside eventually.

    His hysterical rants on TV in the days immediately following the Randy Moss trade last fall were the acts, in my opnion, of an unstable guy so filled with hate for Bill Belichick that he didn't even realize how much of a hypocrite he was being, given that he was one of the harshest critics (naturally) of the original Moss trade back in 2007.

    Disapprove–as much as humanly possible.

  12. I'm not even going to get into the jumping carnival monkey stuff that makes up his newspaper career. Let's see,. In addition to be outed as a thief, there's also the small professional inconveninece of reporting on Don King for the Boston Globe at the same time that he was being paid by King to work on Showtime telcasts of events promoted by Don King. There's the boxing writer he attacked at a press conference that Bob Arum put together. Ron's opponent that day was walking with a cane and wearing a neck brace. While breaking up the scuffle, Arum tore his rotator cuff and had to have surgery. Ruined his first marriage. On his way to ruining his second. The man has no personal integrity once you get past the contrived radio and newspaper faux tough guy. Subhuman almost. Destined to die alone because no one likes him no one can stand to be near him. He destroys everything he touches personally and professionally.

    1. This might be one of the most accurate paragraphs ever – well done here. "his opponent that day…" brilliant – thank you

  13. A crazy person who is very good at convincing people he's only playing at being crazy. But he's not. A certifiable lunatic who will someday be arrested for something really creepy – I'm not talking Dick Williams or Rich Gale creepy, I'm talking being pulled out from the bottom of a port-a-potty creepy.

  14. He spends his time trying to imply what a lousy person this guy or that is "if you knew what he knew", when in fact his body of work (writing, twitter, etc.) makes it painfully obvious the most lousy person involved in the equation is in fact him.

  15. I agree with all previous comments except one: Somebody said that his writing skills are good. I don't buy it.

  16. How can anyone approve of this bottom feeder?His act when it comes to BB and the Pat's is laughable and the fact he continues to deny he has an agenda is proof of his mental instability.

  17. Split decision. Borges is still a great boxing writer, so approve on that front. On pretty much everything else, though, he's turned into a grumpy old coot whose grinding axe is never far out of sight., so disapprove on those fronts. I guess it's a net disapprove.

  18. Baghdad Bob was more objective in his version of the American invasion of Iraq than Borges is with his coverage of the Patriots.

    Every time Borges appears on TV I give my kids a 64-pack of Crayola Crayons and the one closest to matching Borges' butchered dye job of the week gets a dollar.

  19. Only in LIEbral MAssachusetts would a University hire a known plagiarist to teach classes. Get your house in order, UMASS-Lowell.

  20. Boggles the mind how this scumbag (and I don't use that term a lot) is employed. You want to enter the mind of the deranged? Follow @RonBorges on Twitter. Plagiarist, agenda-driven hack.

  21. This is a very easy disapprove.

    1) He was caught plagiarizing. He never took responsibility or apologized.

    2) Borges loved Pete Carroll because he could actually bully him and Carroll actually let him get away with it.

    3) Bill Belichick benched his binky and more importantly info giver Drew Bledsoe so that means Belichick is an awful human being.

    4) He has a personal vendetta against the Patriots because they will not feed him information and he actually has to work for it. Oh the horror.

    5) As others have mentioned and I will mention as well because it really needs to sink in. He punched and elderly man who needed a cane to get around.

    Ginormous disapprove

  22. The worst of the worst. The ultimate hypocrite and contrarian. Hates the Patriots due to his personal vendetta against Belichick which clouds all reason he has. The ultimate disapprove vote from me! Ramone!

  23. Latetodinner has it exactly right. Never forget the duplicitous pond scum comment and Borges' waffling when his agenda-driven opinions turned out to be dead wrong. He has little credibility and none when writing/commenting about the Patriots.

    1. Linnie I agree with your statement, the only correction is I believe Kevin Mannix of the Herald was the hack who called Belichick duplicitous pond scum. I can see how you can make that mistake, because minus the plagiarism Mannix and Borges were one in the same.

      1. It was Mannix who made the comment. Borges however went on the Big Show and repeated it. I used it because it is an inside joke between some media people who thought for a while borges made the comment because it sounds like something would say.

  24. Scumbag, and likely insane at the very least deluded, will eventually be screaming at street corners while wearing a cardboard box sign around his neck

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