The Red Sox bats were held in check by Jeremy Guthrie last night, and while rookie Kyle Weiland managed not to get thrown out of his second major league start, he did pick up the first loss of his major league career as the Orioles beat the Red Sox 6-2 in Baltimore.

Swings and a miss – Peter Abraham focuses on the post-All Star break slump by Adrian Gonzalez, who is now 2-24 in the second half of the season. More game stories from Scott Lauber (also focusing on Gonzalez) | Tim Britton | Sean McAdam | Tony Lee | Baltimore Sun

Gonzalez not worried about slump – Sean McAdam has the Sox slugger refusing to blame the Home Run Derby for his batting slump.

J.D. Drew could be on borrowed time – Gordon Edes has the outfielder seemingly OK with the idea of losing his job to Josh Reddick. Jeff Goldberg notes that a roster squeeze is coming in the outfield.

Heavy hitters are able to deal with deadline – Nick Cafardo with a long, stream-of-consciousness piece on the trading deadline. Pretty sure he mentions every prospect the Red Sox have ever traded, and every player who might be available for trade this month.

Seven years later, Sox rejoin Beltran sweepstakes – Alex Speier’s trade deadline piece is focused on Carlos Beltran.

Control problems vexing Miller – Tim Britton has the Sox getting their first look at the frustrating side of Andrew Miller.

Weiland a winner in first loss – Ron Borges has Kyle Weiland feeling much more comfortable in his second start. Borges also has a piece on Clay Buchholz, who feels fine when throwing on flat ground, but still has back pain when throwing off a mound.

Reddick’s well-seasoned – Scott Lauber’s notebook in the Herald looks at the difference between the Josh Reddick of the past and the one we’ve seen in 2011. The Globe notebook from Peter Abraham has Darnell McDonald on a nice little run at the plate. The Red Sox Journal looks at the contributions of Dan Wheeler. The CSNNE notes from McAdam have more on Weiland.

NFL stays on track for new CBA – Greg A Bedard with a good summary of where things stand on the NFL labor front.

No lockout on NBA schedule – Steve Buckley mocks the NBA TV schedule release show.

In a “thoughts” column, Dan Shaughnessy stumps for Mike Barnicle, rails against Twitter, lauds Logan Mankins for standing up to the Krafts, and says Jacoby Ellsbury is gone after 2013. Makes you want to run right over and read it, no?

Toucher and Rich had an interesting segment this morning where they had people telling them of a “marketing” survey that some of their listeners took part in yesterday which certainly appeared to be coming from WEEI as a way to figure out how to change up their programming to compete with 98.5.  A sample question from the survery was along the lines of “Are Dennis and Callahan past their prime?”

I’d be curious if anyone reading here was contacted for such a survey.


14 thoughts on “Sox Quieted By Guthrie

  1. Hey Bruce, I haven't heard/seen any survey, but I'd sure be interested in seeing the questions. Kind of funny how this is so hush hush. WEEI doesn't want to taint their image and let the public know that they do in fact care of the listeners opinion.

    In other sadder news, I just heard on T&R that Myra Kraft passed away. I'm sure this will be a tough time for the Krafts! God bless!


  2. My heartfelt condolences go out to the Kraft family today with the passing of Myra Kraft after a long battle with cancer. Mike Reiss has the press release up on his ESPN Boston Blog. It will be interesting to see if and how the Boston Globe's football people (and Ron Borges although he is not a Globie any more) cover the event. Over the years they have not been kind to her, saying she was too involved…all because of Christian Peters. As an aside, we all now know the personal issue Robert Kraft has been dealing with during the CBA negotiations and why he has been in and out of them. It could not be easy for him.


  3. I know that you don't want to link to Shaugnessy's piece, but he really needs to be called out for two things (it's beating a dead horse, but whatever):

    1. He calls all Tour de France cyclists "cheaters," then praises fabulist/plagiarist Mike Barnicle's "terrific piece."

    2. By the way he credits and quotes Barnicle, I believe he had no idea that Francona's son was in the military, so was he scooped by a plagiarist/fabulist?

    Yeah, I know, who cares…it's just Dan being Dan…but it was especially ridiculous today.


  4. The twitter feeds of some former players who left is interesting. perhaps thos could be shared on the front page to show how players who were "dumped" by the Pats feel about her


  5. Shaughnessy tells us to ease up on Francona because his son is serving over seas. Meanwhile, he bashed Kraft repeatedly as Kraft's wife was battling cancer.


  6. I reposting an email that I just sent to Mike Felger in regards to Myra Kraft.

    "I remember when you were hammering Kraft for going to Israel during the labor negotiations. You were being your usual smug and obnoxious self and were hammering away at him for his seemingly lax atitude toward the labor negotiations. He went to Israel with his now deceased wife Myra. In retrospect do you now feel bad for what was obviously now a dying person's last trip to see Israel one last time? I've heard that media members were supposedly in the loop to her illness. I hope you didn't know because if you did then it was a truly digusting thing you did to make fun of Kraft in such a dire time for his family"


    1. Bully for you Dan. If you hear back or if he says something on the radio about this it could be interesting.


    2. I thought he went to Israel to broker a free-trade agreement between the State of MA and Israel?


      1. He went with Deval Patrick…it was a trade delegation from Mass. It also turns out it was a final family trip for his wife and him and in retrospect it makes much more sense as to why he did it.


  7. Dan Shaugnessy tells us to ease off of Francona because he's dealing with the stress of a son serving over seas. Dan has also had so many great things to say about the Jimmy Fund's fight against cancer.

    So, how does Dan feel about a certain curley-haired columnist consistently taking cheap shots at Bob Kraft, who has had to suffer through the ordeal of his wife battling and succumbing to cancer?


    1. Funny how the CHB is always dropping Nixon references in his articles when his "enemies list" is just as long as the 37th president's.


  8. A sample question from the survery was along the lines of “Are Dennis and Callahan past their prime?”

    I haven't been contacted by EEI for any survey but I certainly know how I would answer that question. YES! They no longer reflect and are out of touch with today's listeners. Why doesn't WEEI just read Bruce's column if they want to get the pulse of Boston sport fans and how we relate to what's going on in the media? I think most of the posters here on BSMW offer a great barometer for how most Boston sport fans feel relative to the media. It doesn't take a marketing degree to know that D&C and Meterparil are not happening and Kathyrn Tappen is well respected by listeners. C'mon man!


  9. Gary Tanguay on CSNNE Sports Tonight, "Adrian Gonzalez has the chance to be the best right handed batter since Albert Pujols." Ummm Gary, Gonzalez is left handed. Here is another person I can't wait vote on.


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