The Patriots Red Sox scored two touchdowns and made a two-point conversion to edge the Baltimore Ravens Orioles 15-10 last night in Baltimore.

Red Sox 15, Orioles 10: Boston’s bats leave no doubt – Tim Britton notes that it was logical that the Red Sox would follow up their lowest scoring game of the year by playing in their highest scoring game of the year. More game stories from Peter Abraham | Scott Lauber | Tony Lee | Sean McAdam

Tip your hat to Dustin Pedroia – Lenny Megliola says that the Red Sox second baseman is very special, “the little sonuvagun.”  More on Pedroia from Nick Cafardo. McAdam has Pedroia coming up big on Sunday night.

Reddick the right choice – Gerry Callahan says that it is time for Josh Reddick to play right field fulltime, and for J.D. Drew to go home.

Perfectly happy to manage incredible 16-inning game – Bob Ryan stayed up right to the end of Sunday night’s 16-inning marathon, and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Hits must keep coming – Ron Borges astutely observes that with the starting rotation banged up, the offense has to keep scoring runs. He also has Kyle Weiland hoping not to get tossed out of his second major league game.

Crawford’s return a boost to Sox – Britton has a look at the return of Carl Crawford to the lineup.

Red Sox in comfortable position as trade deadline looms – Alex Speier looks at some areas of the roster that the Red Sox may tinker with in the coming weeks.

Dan Wheeler a hidden contributor – Gordon Edes says that the efforts of the Red Sox middleman last night should not be overlooked.

Jonathan Papelbon is bracing himself for a whole new world – Rob Bradford has the Sox closer very excited to test free agency at the end of the season.

Beckett’s start went long way – Abraham’s notebook has Josh Beckett setting the pace in the marathon game Sunday night. The Herald notebook from Lauber has David Ortiz starting his three-game suspension last night. The Red Sox Journal has more on Ortiz. The notes have Tim Wakefield disappointed in his start last night.

Milan Lucic Enjoyed Offensive Breakthrough Last Season, But Must Maintain Physical Presence in Upcoming Campaign – Douglas Flynn has a look at the Bruins power forward.

One writer’s review of the Bruins’ Stanley Cup DVD – DJ Bean reviews the Bruins Stanley Cup DVD.

Brad Marchand knows deal will get done – Dan Duggan has the Bruins rookie confident that he’ll be back with the Bruins next season.

Leigh Bodden not seeing red – Karen Guregian has the Patriots cornerback ready for full contact as soon as training camp begins.

Light at the end of the tunnel – Jonathan Comey looks at the New England future of Matt Light once the lockout is lifted.

Jackson, Mankins push for compensation – Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports has Logan Mankins threatening to hold up the entire NFL by demanding to be either a free agent or given a $10 million payout.

Celtics-CSNNE deal includes an equity stake – Chad Finn with a short report on the possible deal between the Celtics and Comcast.

A couple other notes:

WEEI announced today that it will maintain and extend its agreement with Westwood One to carry Sunday and Monday night football which includes the playoffs and the Super Bowl. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

A bit of a change with the deal though is this – if the Patriots make it to the AFC Championship and Super Bowl, WEEI will be allowed to air the national feed of those games. The NFL broadcast blackout restriction has been lifted in home markets for the conference championship games and the Super Bowl for the first time. This means that the AFC Championship and Super Bowl could potentially be aired both on 98.5 FM (with Gil and Gino) and WEEI (with Boomer Esiason and Kevin Harlan.)

Jason Wolfe says that it will be “a real thrill for Patriot fans to be able to hear Boomer Esiason on the call of the Super Bowl, should the team get there. He’s the best analyst in the business.

The NBA will announce the 2011-12 season schedule today, which is an absolute joke. I have yet to talk to one person who believes that the NBA will play at all this season, let alone the full schedule. It’s a little insulting to have a schedule release show and analysis for games that won’t be played, such as Celtics-Knicks on Christmas Day.


4 thoughts on “Sox Win Slugfest With Orioles

  1. Josh Beckett has got to be asking 'what am I doing wrong' when he sees a tired Sox team put up 15 runs the following night after his gem when only one run would have given him a win. Crazy game.


  2. A couple of sports media thoughts this day:

    1) To reiterate what Bruce said about the NBA…I spoke to a friend who is in an NBA teams front office on the business side. He was causally telling me that there are only 11 teams that are profitable under the current CBA. He thinks the owners would rather close the league than continue with the soft cap and guaranteed contracts. I have read similar whisperings on the sports business pages of the WSJ and other sports business outlets. It seems to me that David Stern, although he made certain parties (superstars, large market franchises with good local TV contracts) a lot of money has in fact really been a disaster for the league. The last CBA was clearly a blue print for bankruptcy. The players share some of the blame…they had no foresight when it came to a reverse in the economics and international expansion slowed down. With the retiring of Yao Ming the China numbers are not going to be growing exponentially any more. So unless the players are willing to radically change how they are compensated, my suggestion would be some sort of footballlike hard cap/2 year guarantee contract with anything beyond 2 years no longer being guaranteed. It gives teams a way out of Perkins contracts and it gives players some protection and guaranteed money. The players believe the owners are crying wolf…The sides are so far apart they would not consider something like this until next June.

    2) If someone can explain to me why WEEI thinks discussing the Camp Jon Metaperil went to, how expensive it is today, or why "the tribe sends their kids away to camp" in the 8:00 hour I would love to hear it. It was the dumbest piece of programming i have heard in a while. Were there no sports stories they could discuss….let me check…hmmm…NFL on the verge of settling its labor dispute….Sox win 15-10…Wakefield looked tired…Dustin Pedroia 16 game hit streak….NBA lockout…Dan Wheeler seemingly turning it around…nope no sports stories that look more intelligent than Jewish boys going to camp for 7 week talk.

    3) I think the Celtics deal with CSSNE is interesting because CSSNE gave up 20% ownership in the deal when they really did not have to. Where else were the Celtics going to go? NESN already has the Bruins and Sox…there is no room for the Celtics broadcasts. I guess the Celtics could have started their own channel but what would they have done for content. The Sox are locked up forever in the NESN deal. The Patriots rights are covered nationally. A local celtics only channel would be bankrupt in a year. In any event…I think CSSNE has been doing a good job with all of their sports coverage. They give good analysis and well as objective reporting. Their Website has made great progress and hired good writers. The partnership with NBC is only helping them. Good for them and good for the Celtics…assuming there is ever Basketball again.


  3. Peyton Manning is still without a deal from the Colts. Have they made him go "to the wall" or has he gone through it?


    1. The national media's treatment of the Manning Contract negotiations has been horrendous. Tom Brady and the Patriots got a very fair deal done. Robert Irsay comes out and says he will make Manning the highest paid player and they will use the Brady contract as a starting point. The national media says nothing. No investigation into Irsay's finances. No discussion of the fact that Irsay has a bad stadium deal and not enough money to pay Manning $30 mill + up front as a bonus which is what the contract will be as Brady got $28 mill. Irsay has always robbed Peter to Pay paul yet he is beloved by the national media. Kraft pays all of his bills, makes a ton of money and took good care of Brady and he is Evil and Cheap. I don't get it.


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