Note – please read George Kimball: An appreciation by Michael Gee, now posted on the Boston Herald’s website.

George Kimball, who served as a sports columnist at the Boston Herald from 1980 to 2005, has died.

Kimball was 67, and had been diagnosed with inoperable esophegeal cancer in 2005.

Known most for his boxing writing, Kimball was especially prolific in the final years of his life, as he wrote the books Four Kings and Manly Art. At the Herald, he had been the main NFL columnist for the paper.

On the website, Thomas Hauser remembers Kimball, and posts a profile he wrote of Kimball back in 2004.

The man led a fascinating life.

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5 thoughts on “Former Boston Herald Columnst George Kimball Has Died

  1. 7/7/2011 – The day the writing stopped.

    See, because he has the last name of the main character from The Fugitive.


  2. Michael Gee's tribute is tremendous and heartfelt. Didn't know George, but you can feel their friendship. From a writing standpoint, this is a benchmark tribute. My sympathies to George's family and friends.


  3. I did know Kimball slightly. But what only Pierce and Gee have been able to somehow communicate was the presence of the man. He could walk into a room and dominate it. At the Eliot, when a sports debate question was being tossed around, there was always a sense of waiting to Kimball to weigh in. His knowledge and passion commanded respect, and that emanated from him, not his title or byline or the prestige (or not) of the publication he wrote for.



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