Jon Meterparel is the morning update guy for the Dennis and Callahan morning show on WEEI.

The Weston native is also the radio voice of Boston College football and basketball. He went to Ithaca College, where he did the play-by-play for the football team on the campus radio station. The team won the Div III title in Meterparel’s sophomore year.

He began his radio career at WKOX in Framingham where he hosted an afternoon sports talk show. He then moved down to Charlotte, where he was the flash guy for WFNZ, as well as doing play-by-play for the AAA Charlotte Knights and analysis for the UNC Charlotte basketball team.

While at WFNZ, he was “discovered” by Gerry Callahan, who brought him onto the Dennis and Callahan show in 2000. 

He also served for a time as the voice of the New England Revolution. He has filled in on Celtics radio broadcasts a few times, and also done Red Sox exhibition baseball.


66 thoughts on “2011 Approval Ratings – Jon Meterparel

    1. You beat me to the punch, although I thought that he might be the lovechild of Eddie Munster and Matt Noyes.

  1. It always amuses me when he puts on his "yukker-voice" like he's imitating Michael Kay or something when that's what he sounds like himself. The first time I ever heard him all I could think was "why is this guy doing a bad Dennis Miller impression" and that's never left. His "Callender's IN" call for BC a couple years ago is one of the better unintentionally funny sound bytes of the last few years.

  2. Disapprove, this guy is an awful toadie sidekick to the nightmare that is D&C. He has no spine, weak opinions, and an even weaker stomach. The complete company Yes man that overhypes his own persona with take a bow and matty ice lines when in reality the show is not about him. His Meter-Minutes are dreadful 10-15 min long segments that usually become derailed by D&C after he brings his first topic.

  3. D&C yes man and lapdog. HORRIBLE play by play guy. Thinks the louder he screams the better he is. Comical how he mocks other play by play guys. as with all these guys he's nothing but an actor playing a part. Heard him a few times as a fill in host and his personality totally changes from what it is on D&C… verdict? DISAPPROVE!

  4. Wish I could give him a thumbs up for his Dracula hair style but his on air personality prevents it.

  5. I like how he's trying to back his way into a play-by-play job for one of the big four pro sports teams. That's never going to happen because he's played the D&C annoying punching bag part for too long and he gets on everyone's nerves.

    Big Time Disapprove.

  6. He doesn't add anything whatsoever to sports talk radio and is awful at his play by play gig. Not much else to say…

  7. The day he gets the Red Sox gig is the day I start rooting against them.

    Unlikeable, unlistenable, unfunny, knows very little about sports.

    Invented the "Your absolutely right (fill in the blank host)?" Genre.

    Loathe him and Boston College football and basketball because he's their voice.

    Get your house in order men of DeFillippo.

  8. Or maybe he's comfortable in his religious beliefs so he can make fun of himself and his religion…or maybe he doesn't get hung up on things or offended easily.

    (I can't believe I just defended Meter…I need a shower now…)

    1. I make self deprecating Jewish jokes often…heck I have even repeated a few my Rabbi told me…there is a difference between being self deprecating and being a caricature that allows others to perpetuate a stereotype. I am simply saying his choices suck, his delivery even worse.

  9. Saw his pic in the dictionary under "Big Time Twit".

    Give him a really big disapprove. In fact other than family and D&C who could approve???

  10. This man is an amazingly unlistenable spineless weasel. His play by play is on par with those covering high school games on the finest community access channels, yet he somehow feels positioned to critique the calls made by more accomplished veterans. He has a tough time accurately reading the Herald sports section during his sports flashes and frequently doesn't even give the scores of games. The next time he is spontaneous will be the first and the next time he is creative will signal the apocolypse.

    Why BC has foisted him upon us I will never understand, but his presence on BC broadcasts should be a source of shame for their alumni. We can only hope that with the falling ratings on the morning show, he will be the first casualty.

    1. The reason he took the BC job was so he could have something on his resume other than "Flash Boy" for the last 10 years.

  11. Smug asshole who knows nothing about anything. The position is called "Flashboy." The title implies you should eventually grow out of it, like everybody except Meter and Pete.

    The only thing Meter provides is sniveling laughter for all the bad jokes coming from Jon & Jerry.

  12. Meter is to D&C what Robin Quivers was to Howard Stern. Meter is there to give Gerry his "Jewish Shield". Whenever Gerry goes on one of his rants on how America is and should be a Christian nation and Meter doesn't stick up for himself or his religion but instead joins in the mocking of secular Jewish culture. No talent…no spine. He is a sellout to himself and his people.

    1. Woody Allen (and lots of other Jewish comedians) make fun of secular Jewish culture. I don't see what the big deal is.

  13. That photo alone is enough to warrant a "disapprove." But when you factor in his horrible personality and fake big-boy radio voice, it's the biggest no-brainer in the history of Earth.

  14. Ahhh, the day I have long awaited. Doesn't that picture above just exudes the smarm and douchiness of his personality? There isn't anything he does well at all, but here a few of the reasons that I loathe him with the intensity of a thousand burning suns.

    -Completely negative about all aspects of Boston sports, players, fans, etc with the exception of anything BC related. I was kind of ambivalent about BC for most of my life but I now openly root against them thanks to this dink.

    -Extremely annoying play caller. Since he includes his own calls for BC football & hoops in his Sportflash, there is no way to avoid them. His over the top calls are ridiculous and and scream, "Look at me!!" Total attention whore.

    -Adds nothing to the morning show, except negativity and a few random stats that he tosses out to make himself look like he's some kind of sports stat geek of the Bill James ilk.

  15. The bottom line here is that someone at Entercom must like the blow jobs that he gives or he has pictures of Julie Kahn's penis because he shouldn't be employed. Any advertisers that use him in their promos or commercials will never get any of my or my decendant's comsumer dollars just because I hate him that much.

    I'm going wrap this up now because I can legitimately say that thinking about this self-entitled, smarmy dickwad has elevated my blood pressure. DISAPPROVE x 10,000

    Oh, and Gerry Callahan, there is a special place in hell for you for bringing this jackoff up here from whatever hillbilly berg you found him in.

    1. Charlotte, NC? Sure, it might be in the South but it hardly qualifies as a "hillbilly berg".

  16. Punchable face. D-bag wannabe. I wish I knew more languages to write "Eff you Meter" in each of them.

  17. A d-bag's d-bag. Would rather rub my genitals against a cheese grater uninterrupted for a week than listen to a nanosecond of the tripe that comes out of this no-talent hack's mouth. Oh, and just in case it isn't too clear . . . he s**cks!!

  18. The single worst play-by-play guy I have ever heard. Anywhere. Even local cable. Bad and obviously fake voice inflection, horrible football knowledge, terrible spotter ability, wrong calls, pathetic nicknames and just a grating personality. Makes BC games virtually unlistenable and I like BC football. Don't listen to D&C anymore, but when I did his schtick was boring, unfunny and kinda sad there. What's he doing on radio or tv? Just terrible and not liked. Goes to show how the "old boy network" of a kind exists in the Boston sports media. People who annoy and aren't liked by the actual customers stick around for some unknown reason. There is no way anyone with a straight face can claim he's actually good.

  19. In addition to all the reasons stated above (which I agree with wholeheartedly), an extra-special "Disapprove!" for his shameless tongue-bathing of Larry Lucchino when Lucky shows up on the D&C smugfest. Yes, Lucchino did unleash Glen Gefner on the Sox broadcast, but even he wouldn't make the same mistake twice. Hey, Meter — when they needed a fill-in this year, they got Dale Arnold. That should give you an idea how highly they regard your insufferable personality and minimal talent.

  20. The worst play by play man ever. He soils himself after a 2 yard run up the middle which is terribly annoying. He makes me hate BC even more. He is talented, a talented a** kisser who will sell anyone out to get a main play by play job. Less of Meter would be a great thing.

  21. Man, all these SOSH posters just jumping all over 'EEI and D&C threads. What a surprise!

    J/K, this guy is absolutely horrible. I bet his parents have trouble listening to him. His smarminess is turned up to 11.

  22. Disapprove, and I can't think of a way to describe how he ruined pbp of the Eagles in two sports! WEEI has a roster of ex-pbp guys, and Meter is last of an unimpressive bunch. Dennis, Kallahan and Perel absolutely deserve each other.

  23. Who has approved? That's all I want to know. Bruce, check those IP addresses; I'm sure they originate in Weston and the last names of those registered start in M and end in L

  24. That look into the camera and shoot my pistol "and that's the flash!" is beyond awkward.

  25. The fact that "Approve" tallies more than 90 votes yet the Comments section has not one person in the "Approve" camp leads me to suspect that there is some underlying shenanigans – most likely 'EEI/Meter balot stuffing.

    Here's the challenge: if you voted "Approve" then say why you did so. Other than that, I would assume that those votes are tainted.

    1. I approved.

      The scale is subjective. Meter makes D&C less unbearable than they would be otherwise, so he gets an approve. (While if I could vote multiple disapproves on Callahan, I would. And yes, I did finally stop listening to them.)

      I don't much care about BC anyway, so his play by play is irrelevant to me.

      1. OK, that's one. That leaves 166 left unaccounted for. C'mon 166ers – defend your precious putz!

    2. Eh, how about he and his big family votes often. You know the twit is the type to vote for himself 100 times.

  26. Diisapprove….100%…as others have said terrible play by play….phony "personality" on EEI and Comcast…and do not forget him doing Revs game and forgetting to mention to audience that he was in fact NOT at the game, he was in studio…or when he missed 1 or 2 plays of a BC football game due to "nature calling"…useless piece of what he left in toilet when he missed those plays….

  27. Jason, I'm as surprised as you. I actually thought Meter had a chance to approach Butch Stearns in the percent dislike category.

  28. Meter is not that bad. He is the little dopey sidekick who adds nothing but shouldn’t be taken seriously. He can’t hurt you that way. He is a little like the pitcher hitting ninth or the last guy off the bench in baseball which he was at Weston high.

  29. Yup, today Callahan said the Old Testament was pure fiction and the New Testament was all fact. Meter said nothing. Just took it like a beyotch. Jason Wolfe puts up with this garbage.

  30. Aside from his supposed "comedy," I at least find him more polished than Sheppard. But I certainly don't now and didn't then consider the Sheppard canning to make sense on any particular level (though obviously I don't know what his financial requests were.)

    I have to assume they didn't want to develop flash guys who would build their own following and then leave for better pastures. Which, of course, explains so well why they're now using Adams rather than generic dude #2. (Wait, no it doesn't.)

    1. Etak:If I remember correctly Pete still had 18 months left on his contract. So whatever his demands were Entercom was in no rush to “save expenses”. By the way I am not a Pete apologist. He annoyed me more often than he entertained me, I just have always felt there was more to that story than what has been reported based on the inconsistencies when looking at the Meterparel situation.

  31. Looks like he should be living under a bridge harassing all that walk above.
    He once said in a BC Suckup interview that former quarterback and drug dealer Jack Concannon was a "great actor". Check out Jack's greatness on IMDB.

  32. Jon Meterparel is a talentless hack who unintentionally sounds like a wannabe stand-up comedian's lousy impersonations of Harry Caray and Marv Albert mashed together, and looks like an extra from an episode of "Freaks and Geeks". That he's held a job at WEEI for 11 years tells you all that you need to know about the station's ability to identify and secure – ahem – "talent". The content of his "Sports Flashes" is read verbatim from the local newspapers, his attempts at humor sound as if he's lifted them from a Bazooka Joe comic strip or the side of a Dixie Cup, and his sorry excuse for play-by-play is equivalent to what you'd find on a local cable-access channel's junior high school girl's JV basketball broadcasts. In short, there is a special circle in Hell reserved for Meterparel and his ilk.

  33. Does anybody remember Ted Knight on the Mary Tyler Moore show? That guy was always on and Meter is just like him.I turn the channel off as fast as i can when I when I hear him

  34. 11 years? At 'EEi? Oh I know, he's the fat chick woman hang around with to look better by comparison. There are those who succeed because of talent and other talentless boobs who latch onto to others to suck off their success. Meter- the perfect punchline!

  35. Never really heard him do play by play but i feel he brings an excellent 3rd voice to the debate on d & c. The guy has a undeniable knowledge base when it comes to sports history and numbers. You cant have 3 loudmouths ranting and raving and he brings a classy element to the show. No, I am not his family member haha and I must be extremely bored to even respond, but I hate to see a good gut get bashed for no good reason. Everybody must be jealous because Meter gets paid more than them to cover sports and to hang with Jon and Gerry

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