The Celtics grabbed a pair Purdue teammates in the draft last night, taking 6-10 forward JaJuan Johnson, the Big Ten Player of the year, in the first round, and then taking his teammate, 6-4 guard E’Twaun Moore in the second round.

Both were seniors, a rarity for the draft these days, giving the Celtics two young, but experienced players to add to the roster.

Celtics order double shot of Boilermakers – Julian Benbow looks at draft night for the Celtics. More on the two picks from Mark Murphy | Nick Underhill | A. Sherrod Blakely | Scott Souza 

Doc Rivers comes to love Purdue – With his son Jeremiah having played in the Big Ten against Purdue, Doc Rivers wasn’t a huge fan of Johnson and Moore. Chris Forsberg say that has already changed.

Celtics build for future while adding to present – Paul Flannery says that the Celtics took the initial steps in restructuring a team they still feel can compete for a championship.

Celtics covered in a guard-happy league – Steve Bulpett says that the Celtics can feel good about their backcourt moving forward.

Brass happy with polished product – Gary Washburn has the Celtics very happy to end up with Johnson. More on Johnson from Jim Fenton | Jessica Camerato and he did a phone interview with CSNNE.

Purdue provides Moore than enough talent – Mark Murphy’s notebook hones in on the Celtics second round pick. The Celtics notebook from Fenton has the Purdue teammates looking forward to a pro reunion.

Murphy a fit for Bruins – Rick Rendell says that the Bruins need to take Ryan Murphy from the OHL’s Kitchener Rangers with the ninth overall pick tonight.

After some fun, it’s back to work – Kevin Paul Dupont has the Bruins getting back to business with the draft and free agency.

Bruins may not defend at draft – Steve Conroy says that the Bruins might not target a defenseman tonight.

Bruins draft primer: Potential first rounders – Joe Haggerty looks at the options for the B’s.

Adrian Gonzalez in right field not a bad option – Bill Ballou might be the only person in Boston who thinks this. More on the Gonzalez option from Rob Bradford | Michael Silverman | Michael Vega 

Terry Francona to do some juggling – Joe McDonald also looks at the tough choices facing the Red Sox manager on this interleague road trip. Mike Fine has more.

Wakefield returning to where it all began – Tim Britton has the knuckleballer returning to the city where he started his major league career.

Never losing sight of prize – Peter Abraham’s minor league notebook has Chris Balcom-Miller, the prospect they got from the Rockies for Manny Delcarmen rising in the Red Sox organization.

Josh Beckett’s illness creates flexibility – Silverman’s notebook says that Beckett having to miss another start might not be the worst thing in the world. The Globe Red Sox notebook has more on Beckett.

Passion is in fashion – Stan Grossfeld has a feature on Milan Lucic,  Wes Welker, Kevin Youkilis, and Kevin Garnett as the emotional leaders of their teams.

Optimism still the word for NFL – Ian Rapoport looks at the latest round of labor talks, as does Monique Walker.

Taste of ultimate victory was bittersweet for Arnold – Chad Finn talks to Dale Arnold about the Bruins Stanley Cup win, and his reduced role around it.

Media Roundup: With Bruins Parade Over, NFL Lockout Talk Heats Up – In my SB Nation Boston media column, I’m looking at progress in the labor talks starting not only when the lawyers were kicked out of the room, but when the talks were moved out of the media spotlight as well. I’m also not happy with Peter King, and have some final Bruins TV numbers from the Stanley Cup Finals.

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    1. The dudes at Kissing Suzy Kolber do but mostly because he provides them with most of their material.


  1. Michael Felger said something as callous and mean as I have ever heard a couple of nights ago on CSNNE Sports Tonight. I'm surprised we have not heard anything said about it. When talking about the ridiculous media made controversy of Adrian Gonzalez playing the outfield, Felger stated that he would rather see David Ortiz playing the outfield because he does not care if Ortiz blows out his knee. Greg Dickerson quickly stated, "I'm sure David Ortiz likes to hear that". The statement by Felger is beyond disgraceful and I thoroughly understand why David Ortiz or any athlete in Boston would become surly with the media. They deserve it.


    1. Two reasons I'm guessing there hasn't been any mention of it before now, mandb: (1) no one else who posts here watched that show; and (2) as a whole, we have sadly gotten numb to throwaway lines like that – maybe folks figured it was part of Felger's general sarcastic tone. Another key to saying stuff like that without getting slammed for it is to do it in late June or July when everyone who cares is taking a vacation from sports banter.


      1. My guess is that you are on both parts Jason, unfortunately. Felger could have simply said I do not want to see Gonzalez in the outfield and Ortiz should see the field only a couple of times. Why he had to talk about who he would rather see get injured is just foolish.


    2. Frankly, I see his point — and agree with it.

      Ortiz is a DH on the last year of his contract. Gonzalez is an elite hitter in his prime who plays elite defense at a corner infield position. If Ortiz blows his knee out, the Sox pick up a contract at the trading deadline to DH, and life goes on. If Gonzalez blows out his knee, he's likely to never be the same player ever again, blowing apart the cornerstone of the team's next 10 years. So I see exactly what he's saying, and I tend to agree: I don't care if Ortiz blows his knee out. That's a very short-term loss for the team. I care a whole hell of a lot if Gonzalez blows his knee out; that's a Len Bias-level franchise catastrophe.

      (Edit: But that doesn't mean Felger couldn't have put it, shall we say, a tad more delicately….)


      1. Dave, as I pointed out to Jason, his only point should have been to say I do not want to see Gonzalez in the outfield and leave it at that. Why he had to go into whose career he wanted to see end is disgraceful. It would be like someone saying, "If I had a choice I would rather see Felger get a disease and have his vocal chords removed because I like baseball more then hockey." It's a dumb statement. Personally, I do not want to see Gonzalez in the outfield because I think he would have a very difficult time but injury is not a reason.

        One more thing Dave, I tried to respond to your item on Barstool and Dennis from a couple of days ago but for whatever reason your response was not seen in the comment section. So here is my response, I think Dennis uses a word like penultimate because he wants the world to see he can spell a four syllable word.


  2. I think it's comical that it's become such an issue. We are talking BASEBALL we are talking about a guy playing right field and people are in a tizzy because he MIGHT get hurt? are you kidding me? Using that logic I guess football players shoud never step on the field at all. jeeze, sometimes baseball is so pathetic. Put his butt out there and play ball for God's sake.


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