Sean McAdam covers MLB and the Red Sox for Comcast SportsNet New England.

A graduate of Providence college, McAdam spent 23 years with the Providence Journal, mainly on the Red Sox beat. He then moved to the Boston Herald in 2008 before joining CSNNE in 2009. He has also written nationally for and He is a is a member of the Baseball Writers Association of America.

McAdam has also been a fixture on the local radio and television airwaves, starting back with WEAN in Providence (great picture here), and then for many years on WEEI, where he was a go-to guy for baseball, and frequent co-host on The Big Show. He also co-hosted The Baseball Show on the weekends. When the Big Show changed formats earlier this year, McAdam found a regular role on 98.5 The SportsHub, where he is a frequent guest.

Prior to coming to CSNNE, McAdam had also been a regular on NESN pregame shows.


28 thoughts on “2011 Approval Ratings – Sean McAdam

  1. The best. No ego/agenda, just the most straightforward and well-informed analysis of the Red Sox.

  2. can come across as a pompous ass at times but he does know his baseball….luke warm approve

  3. I think McAdam is the best Baseball writer in town now that Gammons is quasi retired/doing more TV work than actual writing. As for a media person…I think he is awesome on the radio. Part of that could be that he produced for Chuck Wilson back in the Calling All Sports Days on WEAN. Part of that can be attributed to the fact that he always is prepared and he always knows more about the days topic than whoever else he is with. But most importantly he is excellent at making conversation as opposed to stating facts. As good as he is at baseball he might be equally good at hockey. He hates basketball (forgiven because he is so good at baseball and hockey) and he is adequate on football. As for the perceived condescension… he is smarter and more prepared than most callers…I am not sure how he doesn't sound condescending.

    For the life of me I do not understand why WEEI did not go with Dale & McAdam from 10-2. If I were 98.5 when Dale's contract finishes next year that is the move I would make and then lose Gresh and Zo. I have also opined here that I think a McAdam and Tom E. Curran show would be great. They worked together for years at the Projo, they have done shows on EEI which were very entertaining. He needs a full time gig on the airwaves.

    1. latetodinner, I agree with almost all of this. A Dale/McAdam show would be awesome, but on paper it would leave a little gap when it comes to the Celtics (although Felger has stated on a number of times his dislike of the NBA/Celtics, and his show is doing just fine).

      My only issue with Tom E. is that after a while, he starts to think he's the funniest guy in the room, which can be a slippery slope to annoyance. See: Adams, Mikey

      1. I couldn't take Curran on a daily basis. When he isn't goofing around, he's smart and on point and just a bit behind Reiss in terms of analysis. I think his problem is he's too off-the-wall "I'm craaaaaaaaaaazy!" on TV and radio and a little bit goes a long way. Like him, but he's got his shortcomings. (I'll save the rest for the approve/disapproval day!).

  4. Little known McAdam fact: Hates wearing socks Check it out next time you see him on Comcast.

  5. How many times can I approve legally?

    Not only does he like the Penalty Box and Hockey – he's not a shiite stirring story line chaser when he's on the air on in print.

    Plus, he tapdanced all over Felger's head one day when he called him Mr. Baseball.

    1. One of the great moments in Boston Sports Talk Show history, in my opinion. Felger sounded stunned at first and then went all prissy. Must have taken Sara all night to calm him down.

  6. Strong approve. Definitely knows his baseball and doesn't spew hypothetical rumors for the sake of getting a rise out of people. Loved his work at the ProJo and arguably the best and most knowledgeable baseball writer in town. (Just wish he'd wear socks when he's on TV).

  7. The fact that Dino hates him so much earns him points in my book as well. Big approve.

  8. I enjoy McAdam. His writing is clear and concise, and provides enough information to stun a horse. On radio, he comes across as authoritative but willing to be argued with. (Though I can see where the people who perceive him as condescending are coming from.)

    I really enjoyed him on the Big Show, where he and Buckley combined to provide interesting conversation about (mostly) baseball that was a big cut above the usual puff discussion about manufactured controversies. He and Buck also have complementary senses of humor.

    I completely agree with LTD that he and Dale would have been great. (Or hell, even Buckley and McAdam, but that would really leave both hockey and basketball both as areas lacking expertise, and while I think they'd prepare OK, it would still be too much.) I don’t like Curran as much, but I’d have no issue with him as a McAdam co-host.

    As it is, I can’t stand Gresh and Zo and I wish he hung out with Felger & Maz instead. (WEEI, why are you so dumb?)

  9. Strong approval. My favorite radio figure AND writer, along w/ Bob Ryan. No obvious agenda which gives him the credibility to cut someone off at the knees when it is required. Which is often.

  10. Baseball guy that sometimes tried to talk hockey before being shouted down by Ordway. Drinks at Penalty Box. "Approve!"

  11. he was borderline weepy.

    of course, these were the days before mike was afraid to take a stand.

  12. Someone who actually knows what he is talking about. Mazz knows baseball but has decided to sell his soul by playing the buffoon. Listening to McAdam on either baseball or hockey is a pleasure. I'd listen him and Dale Arnold every day. (You think 98.5 can boot the insufferable Gresh and the clueless Zo? Probably not.)

  13. To those disapproving, don't hate him because he's beautiful.

    What? Watney was yesterday?

    Well, McAdam is good too. Approve.

  14. McAdam does a great job on the Baseball Show on CSNNE. For a couple of fleeting hours makes Gresh and Zo's level of intelligence above chimpanzee. As others have mentioned, he is a great writer.

    Solid Approve

  15. Approve without a doubt. True switch-hitting talent, both as a writer and broadcaster. Could easily host his own four-hour radio show. Extremely knowledgeable on baseball, and who knew he was a hockey expert too? Shame on EEI for not tapping into his passion for pucks. With each appearance, adds some much-needed decorum to 98.5's midday show. McAdam is a class act all the way.

  16. Bald dud has higher % approval than the smoking hot babe. That says something.

    Solid approve, knowledgable, insightful, and not a jerk like Felger.

    1. Well, McAdam actually knows what he's talking about even though he shares that flat delivery with Watney. Hotness doesn't trump knowledge and intelligence.

  17. When I think of pure sports talk I think no produced chunks, planned controversies, or celebrity callers, I am thinking of something that is beyond the level of conversation I have with my friends, when I think of it in that sense there are only a few media people in Boston on that list. McAdam is, and he stands out. Maybe because he hasn't had to fill a big slot and be his own brand or maybe because he's just that way. I'd enjoy him in a regular slot, teamed with anyone on 98.5 on midday and the dial would be set.

  18. As much as I love my man Felger, I also really like McAdam. He is very knowledgeable & back when I listened to EEI, he & Buck made the Big Show tolerable. Gresh & Zo is pretty bad, I would welcome McAdam to the full time radio table. Question is if he would take it? Curran is pretty good and he's funny. Strong approve.

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