With the Bruins season over, and the NBA over and getting ready for a lockout and the NFL in the middle of a lockout, the Red Sox will now have the lion’s share of the focus of the Boston sports media and fans.

Offense is at full blast as Red Sox rout Brewers – Michael Vega’s game story has the Red Sox honoring the Bruins pregame and during the game with foghorn blasts – and plenty of them in a 12-3 victory. More game stories from: Scott Lauber | Brian MacPherson | Maureen Mullen | Mike Fine | Tony Lee | Nick Underhill | Bill Ballou | Dave D’Onofrio

Even Adrian Gonzalez’s speed (or lack thereof) can’t slow him down – Rob Bradford has the Sox slugger overcoming his lack of speed on the basepaths. Gonzalez picked up his 1000th career hit yesterday, oddly enough on a triple. Nicole Auerbach and Adam Kurkjian have more on the milestone.

After fast start in ’06, then falling back to minors, Sox hope Miller’s time is now – Tim Britton with a look at tonight’s starter for the Sox, lefty Andrew Miller. Maureen Mullen has more on Miller.

Tim Wakefield keeps making memories – Gordon Edes has the knuckleballer with another strong outing. Jessica Camerato also has a look at Wakefield.

Peace treaty? Fielder wants to talk hitting with his dad – Christopher Smith looks at the strained relationship between Price Fielder, and his dad, Cecil.

Clay Buchholz hopes to cure stiffness on DL – Lauber’s notebook has Buchholz hitting the 15-day DL. The Globe notebook from Michael Vega has more on Buchholz. The topic continued in the Red Sox Journal and on the Gatehouse notebook from Mike Fine. Ballou’s notebook has more on Gonzalez’s milestone. The CSNNE notes from Camerato look at the prolific Red Sox offense.

Claude Julien has won over team, fans – Joe McDonald has the Bruins coach enjoying his new status as championship coach. Fluto Shinzawa also has a piece on the new life for Julien.

Recchi leaves lasting impression – Kevin Paul Dupont has the retiring winger leaving behind a big impression on his teammates.

Keep that attitude, B’s – Stephen Harris says that the Bruins will need more of the same for next season.

B’s adaptability carried them to Cup – Joe Haggerty says that doing things the hard way eventually paid off for the Bruins.

Labor uncertainty clouds Celtics future – Paul Flannery looks at the immediate future for the Celtics.

Delay caused by lockout could mean fewer holdouts this year – Christopher Price thinks that once a new labor deal is done, rookies will start signing right away.


6 thoughts on “After Bruins Parade, Hub’s Attention Turns To Sox

  1. Tuned in to D&C this morning because Dale was on instead of Dennis. Callahan was claiming that the reason they never talked Hockey was because the callers didn't want to talk Hockey. Dale was trying to point out he was wrong and Callahan basically ignored him. Congrats EEI on taking away time from your best Hockey host right before the playoffs.


    1. They also said there was no more good media criticism in Boston anymore…and I thought to myself, "Obviously, they don't know about BSMW".


      1. D&C may not read BSMW because just like Jack says, They can't handle the truth!
        (but I'd bet my mortgage that they read BSMW – just won't admit)


    2. I heard that exchange as well. Dale was pointing out that people on the radio station said no one was interested in Hockey…not just callers. He was talking directly about one of his expartners who he did not name. However we all know he was specifically talking about Eddie Andelman who hates Jeromy Jacobs (bad business deal I think) and Harry Sinden (I forget why they hate each other). Eddie coined the phrase "hockeykrishna" and he just refused to talk hockey. Dale was also referring to Glen Ordway who also mocked Hockeytalk for a number of years but for a different reason…he did not see the interest/money for the station in it when the station was the flagship of the Celtics and Sox. I think for a long time Ordway was correct.

      Dale was being a bit disingenuous about the topic if you ask me. He sat at the microphone form 10-2 for 20 years. He could have discussed anything he wanted. He chose, even when he was employed by the Bruins broadcast partner, to not promote/discuss the Bruins. I have always wondered if that was a prime reason he was dropped. He may have wanted to talk hockey but he did nothing to actually do it…not at the level Mike Felger and Tony mazz did.

      Lastly, during the afternoon show Mike Holley took offense at Dale saying an ex-partner used to actively not want to discuss hockey…suggesting that Dale was referring to him. This is why I utterly hate Holley. No one, who knew anything about Andelman, would have ever thought Dale was referring to Mike Holley. Holley in turn took a cheap shot at Dale during the discussion. It was both disrespectful and disloyal…almost as if Holley had to earn his Ordway stripes (Glenn and Dale have an interesting professional relationship which is not all that close).


  2. I think the Dave Portnoy on D&C experiment is going to end ugly. Portnoy put this blog out today.

    He puts all of his new posts on Twitter as well. John Dennis did not seem to like it and was scolding Portnoy. He put the following, "@stoolpresidente U don't display Congressional Medal of Honor to "get laid.". It's a symbol of the penultimate sacrifice 4 ur country." After investigating it some more, it looks like a guy by the name of Richie Gee a follower of Dennis saw the post and has gone after Portnoy's wife Renee. He told Dennis about it and he is also sending an editorial piece to the Herald wanting the post to be removed. This is going to be interesting.


    1. "Penultimate sacrifice" pretty much sums up John Dennis. It's a nonsense statement — as there is no set sequence of sacrifices for your country, there can be no "penultimate" sacrifice prior to the ultimate final sacrifice. "Ultimate sacrifice" is a metaphor, not a nominative endpoint of a sequence of sacrifices. But saying "penultimate sacrifice" makes Dennis appear smart, doesn't it? Which is what he desperately wants you to think: that he's intelligent, and more intelligent than you.

      He isn't.


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