It all comes down to tonight. Can the Bruins break through in Vancouver and bring the Stanley Cup home to Boston for the first time since 1972?

We’ll find out tonight as the Bruins and Canucks face off in game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals. (NBC, 8:00pm ET)

Time for grand finale – Steve Conroy has the Bruins with one shot at glory tonight. Fluto Shinzawa has the Bruins practicing in Vancouver last night rather than resting, knowing they’ll have all summer to rest after tonight. Joe McDonald says that it could be another banner season for Boston. Amanda Bruno says that the Bruins need some TD magic to follow them West. Rich Garven says that winning the Cup is this Bruins team’s destiny. Former Bruin Bob Sweeney says that this is the Bruins’ time.

Thomas, Chara must play their best tonight – Kevin Paul Dupont says that the Bruins need their best two players at the top of their games tonight. Joe Haggerty says that Thomas and Chara have their legacies on the line tonight.  Stephen Harris says that a “a big B’s effort — is far more probable than another lucky bounce for the Canucks.” Jackie MacMullan says that the Bruins must embrace the game seven pressure.

Home or away, a series like no other – Bob Ryan looks at the most bizarre series in Stanley Cup series play. Ian Clark says that no matter the outcome, this series will be remembered for years.

Pressure on LeBrongo – Gerry Callahan says that something is not right with Roberto Luongo. James Murphy  has a piece on Brad Marchand, the agitator that gets the Bruins going – as long as he doesn’t go too far. Jesse Connolly has Mark Recchi one win away from ending his career on top.

Horton set up to provide inspiration – The Globe notebook has Nathan Horton making the trip West with his teammates. The Herald notebook from Stephen Harris has Thomas talking about the character of his teammates. The CSNNE notes from Joe Haggerty have more on Horton making the trip.

I’ll be interested to see the local ratings for this game. Monday night’s game six on NBC drew a 33.3/48 share in Boston. Last year’s Celtics/Lakers game seven drew a 33.9 in Boston for ABC. I think it is a safe bet that tonight’s game will eclipse that. Some Patriots records may be approached, the regular season finale in 2007 against the Giants drew a 50.1, but that game was also shown on multiple outlets. For the Giants/Pats Superbowl on FOX a little over a month later, Boston averaged 55.6% of households – and 81% of households watching TV at the time.

Any predictions for the rating tonight?

98.5 The Sports Hub Now Beats WEEI In Overall May Ratings – Fang’s Bites with an update on the Sports radio wars.

18 thoughts on “Bruins Look To Bring Home The Cup Tonight

  1. I have 3 comments/questions today.

    1) Are the 98.5 ratings a product of the Bruins success, WEEI's idiotic programming changes and or the fact that WEEI is an AM station which is not doing it any favors. I guess July's book where there will be no football or hockey and just the Red Sox will tell us more about how far WEEI has actually fallen.

    2)I wonder how many people in the 18-45 demo flip between WTKS, 98.5, WGBH and some music channel without ever switching back over to AM?

    3) Did you see where Boston was the top market for the Stanley Cup on NBC in the USA and Providence was second. Hartford was 4th.


    1. 1) I listened to T&R in the morning, dale and holley midday, then Felger and Mazz in afternoon. Once D&H was cancelled, I switched to 98.5 streaming online all day while at work. Often between 10-2 I will listen to Bill Simmons BS Reports but thats it. Only time I check in at WEEI is when I'm in the car and 98.5 is on commercial.

      2) Don't do much flipping other than during commercial breaks.

      3) Not surprising, this city has craved a CUP for 40 years and Boston always represents well in the ratings


  2. Any predictions for the rating tonight?

    I wish I knew how to read the ratings never mind predict them.


    1. Public Note to NESN Promotions Dept.

      Please remove all references to "Boston's #1 morning show" from those promos for your riveting morning simulcast of Dennis & Callahan. Fix the copy you give Orsillo to read during Sox games as well.

      Thank you


    2. Let me see if I explain this right (if not, I'm sure someone will correct me.)

      The rating (in the case of game six, 33.3) is the percentage of households in the market that had the game tuned in. This is based on all households, whether or not they even had their TV turned on. So 33.3% of all households were watching the game.

      The second number (in the case of game six, 48) takes the number of households in the market that had their TV's on, and this is the percentage of those who were watching the game. So 48% of people who were watching TV in the Boston market that night were watching the game.

      Someone please correct me if I explained it wrong.


  3. Is anyone really surprised about 98.5 crushing WEEI? My friends and I are pushing 40 and we all switched over to 98.5 when they started. Jason Wolfe has no answer for 98.5


  4. If the Bruins win tonight what's the over/under on when a mediot will ask Tim Thomas about silencing his critics? I'll going to go with "third question."


  5. 98.5 might be winning the ratings but Felger & Mazz's big Game 7 pre-game show is comprised of — get ready — special guest Jerome Wiggins. At least EEI has Jack Edwards live from Vancouver.

    IMO it's pretty embarrassing for a station that's been all hockey that they couldn't do better than to get "Wiggy" in studio hours before what could be a historic moment in Boston sports history.


      1. I am sure they do. That said, it's Game 7 — do something different and relevant to the game. Wiggins knows absolutely nothing about hockey or anything other than football. Felger and Amonte did a great job on CSNNE and it would have been better to bring him in than the idiotic banter Wiggins brings to the table.


  6. A few items:

    1) Last night on CSNNE Sports Tonight, Michael Felger said the following, "Boston has always been a Red Sox and Bruins town." Two months earlier on 98.5 Felger said the following, "Boston has totally become a Patriots town." Way to stick to your opinion Mike.

    2) Speaking of Felger, his bashing of the Celtics has grown oh so tiresome. He and the equally dreadful Taylor Twellman were blathering on that Celtics fans are half-hearted and do not have nearly the passion of Bruins fans. They both said that the noise from the garden was not nearly as loud for the 2007-2008 finals as it has been for the Bruins. Really? The Garden sounded pretty loud for the Celtics. Did you guys have decibel readers to confirm your statement? Look I know Felger is a Bucks fan whose last title was when he was two but he needs to stop making statements about the Celtics and their fans like they're facts when they are opinion.

    That being said:

    3) If you want to know why 98.5 is burying WEEI in the ratings, then all you needed to do was listen during the 2-3:00pm hour on Wednesday, the day of Game 6. Felger and Maz, of course, were talking Bruins. The Big Show spent the entire opening hour talking about LeBron James and the NBA Finals. They did not even talk about the Bruins until Jack Edwards joined them for the 3:00pm hour. What station do you think won the ratings during that time period?

    4) Gerry Callahan made a good point about the injury to Mason Raymond and the crowd's reaction. The crowd should have been able to tell Raymond was injured and the flopping chant should have stopped. Of course, Callahan could not contain himself and started suffering from diarrhea of the mouth. He first uses his snide voice to lump a majority of Bruins fans like those who were chastising Raymond. He claims that the Bruins have a bunch of floppers like the Canucks. Really Gerry? Prove it. How many embellishment penalties have the Bruins received this season? Vancouver has received three in this series alone. He puts Brad Marchand in the same category as Alex Burrows and Maxime LaPierre. That's right Gerry, Marchand bites opponents, acts like he is being taken out by Seal Team Six when touched and always cowers when challenged. Upper management at Entercom must still be banging their heads against their desks wondering why they signed D&C and Ordway.


    1. Also banging their heads are Merloni and Holley for passing up potential offers from 98.5 to take the money at EEI. Call them the Jayson Werths of sports radio.


  7. How much longer can Wolfe and Kahn keep their jobs? Or, is it that higher-ups won't allow a move to FM, and they are doing what they think they can to keep up? Either way, this is an unreal fall in a few years? Also, is Jason_Coyote correct about Holley deciding to stay (I know it's accurate in Merloni's case)? This implosion is practically surreal — so far, so quickly.


  8. What happened at EEI? Was it Ordway's ego who couldn't stand being challenged by Felger & "Evil Tony?" Did they think everyone would stick with them once the competition was able to produce a signal that carried beyond 128?

    A radio talk show host does not have to be loved/liked to get ratings. (See Callahan, Limbaugh, Stern, Mancow, etc.) Felger will always get ratings because he knows to put stuff out there, and inspire the callers to call (and listen!)

    I feel so sorry for Holley…and Arnold…who had a very good mid-day show. I don't feel sorry for EEI management that let Newmie get away from that time slot in the first place. That show was just superb for post-game analysis and mid-day chit chat.

    Then EEI either wouldn't pay Felger, Mazz, and it seemed like McAdam to appear very often, opting instead for the marble-mouthed Smerlas, and obnoxious DeOssie way too often. (Were they really that much cheaper?)

    Now the Hub gets Shank (love him or hate him, he'll get ratings), McAdam (still the best baseball and alt-hockey guy in the Boston media) to shore up their weak mid-day show. Great moves by their management.

    EEI is done. It's just a matter of time. Unless they can get out of what I imagine are some bad contracts to people whose time has passed.


    1. Felger and Mazz left WEEI long before they dropped the rotating co-host format so WEEI would never have been able to pay them full time money for showing up once a week. McAdam left when WEEI dropped the rotating co-host format. There never was a time that it was a choice between Felger, Mazz, McAdam and Fred /Steve.


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