Kevin Paul Dupont is the national hockey writer for The Boston Globe.

Dupont enjoys using nicknames for players and cities, and has been picking up steam on his Twitter account, which for awhile there seemed exclusively devoted to complaining about having to sit near small children and clueless parents on airplanes.

He  started his writing career with the Boston Herald-American back in 1977. He covered the Red Sox to start out with, and did more Bruins coverage as time went by. In 1983 he joined The New York Times and stayed there for a couple of years before coming on board with the Globe in 1985.

He was honored by the Hockey Hall of Fame as a recipient of the 2002 Elmer Ferguson & Foster Hewitt Award. He has also covered 10 Olympic games for the Globe during his career at the paper.

In recent years there had been several rumors about Dupont leaving the Globe, either as part of one of the buyouts, or to join another site. I had people swear to me that he was leaving the Globe to join when that site expanded. Through it all, Dupont is still at the Globe, and with the Bruins in the Stanley Cup Finals, it’s good to have a reporter with his experience here locally.


19 thoughts on “2011 Approval Ratings – Kevin Paul Dupont

  1. Strong disapprove. Extremely arrogant. Can’t have a Sunday notes column without mentioning Joe Thornton or Phil Kessel. Also leans on the irrelevant Paul Kelly whenever he needs filler for the Sunday notes. A shining example of the low standards for the Hockey Hall of Fame.

    Other than that, I’m sure he’s a decent guy.

    1. Totally agree about the Paul Kelly references. It's the first thing I check for every Sunday AM. Horrible nicknames. Not one of them has caught on. Criticizes fans that criticize coaches and then hammers the coaches that question fan scrutiny. Just a horrible columnist.

  2. I can't grade him, at times I like him and other times I don't. I had to question his sanity when he suggested and thought it was a good idea to start Tukka Rask in game 4 vs. the Flyers and rest Tim Thomas this playoff run. After the collapse last year with rask in net and the fact it was 3-0 Bruins with a chance to close it out and he even suggested that makes me think his driveway mentally may not reach the road.

  3. DISAPPROVE, agree with Peter. ARROGANT is the word. Talks down to fans. Acts like he invented Hockey. When wrong never admits it, just ignores or "forgets" what he wrote. 2 thumbs down 1 middle finger up is what Kevin Paul gets from me.

  4. He has become a media whore during this Bruins run. He has logged more TV time lately than Buckley. Hey Dupes, lose the goatee. It looks lame.

  5. Hawgie Hockey, Jumbo Joe, the Forever 500s, Technicolor 5-Hole, the Hub of Hockey…that's just off the top of my head and I'm not really a hockey fan. More of a Bud Collins than a Shaughnessy. Approve.

  6. The only possible excuse for this weasel enjoying a favorable lead in the polling is because the area is in SUCH a state of hockey euphoria that anyone even remotely referenced with the Bruins is getting good PR.

    He is a hacks hack. Wed to the use of nicknames that NO ONE else does or will ever use, writes like he thinks he's the cool kid whose Daddy got him a pass to the locker room, is at all times condescending and arrogant. In the Bruins current run, he REVELED in the wake-like media shows that followed the 2 – 0 deficit to the Canadiens. Now that the B's are in the Finals, he is racing to try to prove to everyone that he's always known this could happen (if only they had listened to him, of course). Has an unnatural obsession with Joe Thornton that borders on the need of a restraiing order. Couldn't wait to tell everyone that Tyler Seguin didn't have it, but now will rush to say that Seguin is good because he's finally playing the way KPD said he should.

  7. Back at the Herald, he was Kevin Dupont, no pretentious middle name. At the Globe, he's Kevin PAUL Dupont, because he's really important. If there is a down side to the Bruins' current run, it's seeing this cockroach climb out from under the refrigerator again.

    He should stay the hell away from the Bruins Blog as it goes from interesting to irrelevant the minute he signs on.

    Truly deserving of the name Lord Douchepont.

  8. I'll admit I'm a bit conflicted on this one. One one hand, he can be the typical Boston media attention-grabbing whore and a major league DB. On the other, he doesn't annoy me anywhere near as much as Shank, Borges (is he still around?), Ordway, Breer, et al.

    OK. Conflcit over. Disapprove.

  9. it's too bad, been reading him for years, he does have some good insights into the game but too many personal agendas and his own arrogance get into this columns

    NESN let go of his wife Brenda Brenon, so they are on the permanant hit list 'fanboys' or 'not allowing a discouraging word'. Bruins fans seem to be oddly the point for most of his disdain, particularly if you enioy Seguin. As someone mentioned Thornton made the hit list for blowing off an interview time slot after the MTL loss in the playoffs a few years ago. Will never admit to any wrong – either a prediction, draft pick, ect. Re-printed some odd defense of Matthew Barnaby this past weekend as well from the Buffalo news.

    Seems like a man who is hanging onto a job he doesn't particulary enjoy anymore, and I think the hockey fans in this town and his employers deserve better.

  10. KPD column, in a nutshell:

    Joe Thorton is a crybaby! Phil Kessel sucks! Joe Thorton also sucks!

  11. I'm with JR. Dupont doesn't annoy me nearly as much as Shank, Borges, Felger, Mazz and some of the other insufferable hacks in this town. His apparent disdain for fans who wanted to see Tyler Seguin get a shot to play in the post-season is a tad disturbing, but then again, Dupont came out of journalism school in the 70s, which was right around the time that most J schools started requiring "Condescension, Arrogance and Elitism 101" as a core requirement in the major. (I kid, of course. I have a J-school degree myself and that class was not required–it was an elective.) Anyway, I can't be too harsh on Dupont because he's a fellow Malden High grad.— a half a thumb up for him then.

  12. Strong disapprove, though for a reason that I think only bothers me, which is that KPD is a great example of a columnist whose writing "voice" in no way matches how he presents himself on the air. When on TV/radio, he's still opinionated, but he listens, has reasonable responses & is generally palatable. But when he writes, it's goofy & embarrassing nicknames, suggestions of rule changes to hockey that are laughable & a bunch of weird grudges towards the usual suspects (Kessel, "Jumbo Joe," etc.).

    Having a consistent voice should be worth something, good (see: Bob Ryan) or bad (Shank).

  13. I have liked his column well enough over the years, but recently he has come down with "Ron Borges" disease, where you are required to take a negative slant whenever possible. I was really turned off when, after Seguin had his breakout game, Dupont's first question to him in the post game news conference was (and I am paraphrasing) "Tyler, how come you sucked all season? Can you explain why you made me look bad when I ridiculed people who wanted you put into the lineup?". That was classless Kevin PAUL. You should keep your personal biases out of the news reporting, unless you want to just be an opinion journalist. I find it hard to take his writing seriously after that news conference.

  14. There is no reason to read this guy. He's only relevant because the Bruins bandwagon is overflowing. His writing is antiquated and he's part of the arrogant, old boy network that is Boston media.

  15. Disapprove. Only because he's taking up a day that we could be rating Meterparel. Bruce, are you going to include Pete Sheppard now that he's broadcasting on his tin can internet radio station?

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