As polarizing a figure as there is in the Boston sports media right now, you either love Felger or hate him. (This should make it easier for those clamoring for a apathy option in the poll.)

Felger is the afternoon co-host of the Felger and Massarotti show on 98.5 The SportsHub. He is also host of CSNNE’s Mohegan Sun Sports Tonight and Sports Sunday.

Felger broke into the local sports scene with the Boston Herald in 1989. During the 90’s the worked his way up to the Revolution and Bruins beats, before becoming the Patriots beat writer. Around that time, he started to become a presence on local radio and television shows, his battles with Nick Cafardo and Ron Boges on WBZ’s Sports Final during the early part of the decade are legendary.

As the decade went on, Felger phased out his writing, dropping to a smaller and smaller role at the Herald while increasing his on-air gigs. He became a night host on CSNNE, and hosted his radio own show on the old ESPN 890, and then hopped over to for a short time before becoming the biggest name hire at 98.5 when it launched in the summer of 2009.

Felger’s Mohegan Sun bio reads:

As a self described impartial observer of the Boston sports scene, Mike Felger revels in his ability to play devil’s advocate and singe local sports fans for their unabashed homerism. Felger has been bringing that attitude to Mohegan Sun Sports Tonight and Sports Sunday. He pens weekly Patriots summaries, Patriots’ Report Cards and a weekly mailbag.

Interestingly, when we did this series the last time, the first reader comment on Felger’s post read “Secretly works for Patriots PR dept.”

My, how things have changed.

Felger is originally from Milwaukee and a graduate of Boston University. He is married to FOX25 reporter/anchor Sara Underwood.


98 thoughts on “2011 Approval Ratings – Michael Felger

  1. So this just about sums up the state and attitudes of the local sports radio stations.
    So the Bruins are playing their biggest game in years tonight and it's the same old thing over on WEEI… Ordway and Holley on vacation (Dale is filling in, which isn't bad, but still….wouldn't Ordway WANT to work today to discuss this huge day in recent Bruins history??) … while over at 98.5 Felger's been taking calls all afternoon discussing the Bruins and all the different possibilities and angles with the game tonight. So typical of WEEI…


  2. I approved of Felger for one reason – half the time I hate what he says, half the time I agree with what he says. And I find myself always tuning in to hear his comments. So I guess that means I respect what he has to say.


  3. Felger is entertaining. Yeah, he beats a dead horse every now and again, but overall he brings up obscure topics that are relevant and not often discussed in other mediums. Has decent knowledge of hockey and projects a hardcore hockey fan image. Not afraid to criticize popular players and coaches of the home team. Shows humbleness when he's wrong and has a decent style of self deprecating humor when wrong or talking about "the Wood". Put aside your prejudices and really listen what the guy has to say…


  4. Felger and Masorati should be ashamed of themselves. They are not journalists they are sideshow freaks appealing to a small group of sideshow freaks for listeners. Have your ever counted how many people call in? Its a statistically irrelevant number of unemployable halfwits that can't afford to waste an hour on hold just to say love your show, but do as compared to real fans, yet they present it as the pulse of the city. Their only claim to fame is to be more negative than anyone else on the air which is a hard thing to do. They find negatives in the negative and pat each other on the back like a couple of geeks. Can you imagine these two in Chicago years from now after Theo Epstein puts together two World Series wins there and then decides to leave? They would find fault in the way Theo won two World Series in Boston and then two World Series in Chicago. They have not credibility and the only reason they're on is because Ordway is worse. Michael Holley should have his own show on a different station and loose these losers.


  5. All I know is the guys comments about the Celtics are beyond stupid. I don't mind the occasional jab or joke and god knows I've had plenty of moments where I'm extremely pissed at Danny Ainge, but to carry on constantly the way he does about the play of Rajon is just stupid. I don't like hockey at all, I think its the 2nd worst sport next to soccer, a low scoring snoozefest beloved by few people other then Italian boys who aren't tall enough to make the basketball and football teams. But cuz I know people who like it, and I like those people enough to be polite and be happy their team won a(for example I like how Hockey is excessively violent and as a Russian I respect that its a popular sport amongst my fellow Ruskies), but if you can't even a single positive thing to say about the Celtics, then shut ya ignorant mouth Felgah.

    He just reeks of insecurity as many (not all but many) Bruins fans do, and I guess I guess its understandable when you go to the Gahden and see all those Green and white Banners and know the B's will never be as good as the Celtics and will never be as beloved by the city of Boston as the Celtics are even with the Stanley Cup. Yah I guess it must stick in the craw of some butthurt Bruins fans that most people from Boston prefer basketball and baseball to hockey (the Pats and Pats fans used to be total fahking goobahs, but 3 supahbowls have changed that), too fricken bad.

    Also I feel the need to point out how Felgah said "durr Rondo can't shoot, he can't make free throws durr I blow Tim Thomas during commercial breaks" Really? Cuz the season is early, but seems to me like far from "turtling" as Felgah predicted he would and shying from contact Rondo is making shots taking shots drawing fouls. Seems to me like the guy was completely and utterly wrong about Mr Rondo. Whatever d- bag, Rondo can shoot he can rebound he can make plays (which if you had even the faintest understanding of the game you'd know is the primary function of the point you moron) and hes even knocking down threes. Smug ignorant d-bag should be rode outta town


  6. He portarys himself as an athlete, but he’s far from it. He also likes to portray himself as a tough guy, but, once again, he’s far from it. His hand and arm movements in addition to his body language make him look effeminate. We call him Poopsie-Poo. Anyone notice he doesn’t allow anyone to call him Felgie any longer? He finally realized it didn’t sound manly. We consider him to be nerdish, dweebish, and all woman! Anyone recall him “tossing” a football to Mike Vrabel? His masculinity came into question that day! Vrabel made him look like a dweeb.


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