Sort of a weird Friday here in May on the Boston sports scene, the Celtics having been eliminated two nights ago, the Bruins with a week off prior to resuming play tomorrow night in the NHL Eastern Conference finals, and the Red Sox with an off night last night before heading into Yankee Stadium for a weekend series.

Going off-format today, and bouncing around a few topics, and passing along a few links and thoughts.

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Remy’s words are reassuring – Chad Finn’s media column this morning has NESN analyst Jerry Remy talking about his absence from the booth due to a bout of pneumonia, but that he hopes to be back in the booth on Monday.

The Remy portion of Finn’s column is based on an interview Remy did with channel 5 reporter Bianca de la Garza:

Exclusive: Remy Ready To Get Back To Work

Finn also mentions whispers that the NHL Network is courting NESN’s Kathryn Tappen to anchor studio programming.

The Bruins Are In The Conference Finals, And They Have All Of Boston’s Attention – My SB Nation Boston media column looks at all the Bruins coverage coming at you this week, be it from NESN, CSNNE, VERSUS, NBC or NHL Network.

Sports Media Musings: Jack Edwards Inks Deal, NESN vs CSN, Gus Johnson, & Bill Simmons – Ryan Hadfield of Sports of Boston has been writing occasional media columns, and he looks a variety of topics today, including his admiration for Bill Simmons.

Pulled from the BSMW messageboard, poster 02062 outlines the things  hockey expert Michael Felger has been wrong about thus far in the playoffs:

1. The Peverly-Kelly acquisitions are meaningless.
2. The Bruins “Core” has never gotten out of the 2nd round.
3. Thomas has never “stolen” a playoff game.
4. Playoff goaltending is overrated.
5. Joe Thornton chokes in the playoffs.

Rivers extension ‘basically done’ – The Globe notebook and the Herald notebook both report on a multi-year extension for Doc Rivers to keep coaching the Celtics.

I was actually a little emotional in the final minute of the game Wednesday night as I saw Rivers call his team together, and remain calm while instructing them, even as everything was falling apart so badly. The thought that these were perhaps his final moments on the sideline for the Celtics did not sit well with me. The guy is the best coach the Celtics have had since…who? KC Jones? Bill Fitch? Tommy Heinsohn? Red Auerbach?

Update: Greg Dickerson tweeted at 11:35 this morning that Danny Ainge told him that Rivers and the Celtics have agreed on a new five-year contract.

I refuse to listen to any sports radio talk, be it from fan or host about the Kendrick Perkins trade and its implications on how the season ended. It is impossible for people to rationally look at this trade from either side. Attempts to defend or criticize it come off as hopelessly clumsy by all parties. I was in support of the trade when it was made, I understood why it was made – Ainge had the right idea in mind – he saw that the likes of Dwight Howard, Tim Duncan, Andrew Bynun and Paul Gasol were not the biggest threat to the Celtics. It was perimeter players like LeBron James, Luol Deng, Dirk Nowitzki or even Kevin Durant that would give the Celtics the biggest problems in the postseason.

He was proved correct, as Orlando, San Antonio and the Lakers made early exits from the playoffs. The problem was the Jeff Green was not the answer. At least not this season. I saw some encouraging signs in the Miami series, which were mostly mitigated by some horrific turnovers. Green was challenging LeBron, and had decent moments on the offensive end. It wasn’t nearly enough. A lockout could be both good and bad for the Celtics, good, in that if the season is shortened, they may not be as gassed when the postseason arrives, and bad in that if they are going to invest in Green, they need to work with him all summer long.

Age-old problem – Gary Washburn says that you cannot just discard Green this offseason. He looks at what the Celtics will attempt to do to get younger and more athletic. Tim Weisberg discouragingly thinks that the Celtics will simply “compile a collection of bargain-basement filler and once again hope they can keep it all together long enough to make the it to the Finals one last time.” Ugh.

Red Sox’ Gonzalez just an amazing hitter – Dave D’Onofrio looks at the encouraging performace at the plate from the Red Sox new first baseman.

I’m glad Gonzalez has cranked things up, as I was getting a little tired of the “When is Gonzalez going to start hitting home runs?” type of remarks from the likes of Dan Shaughnessy.

Outfield shift working – I’m a sucker for the weekly minor-league notebook that the Globe does. Peter Abraham this week looks at converted pitcher Alex Hassan.

Three off-day thoughts on the Red Sox – Sean McAdam says that Bengie Molina isn’t the answer for the Red Sox, and wonders what they can do with John Lackey.

‘It’ happens: Cal coach says Patriots will love running back Shane Vereen – Christopher Price has Cal assistant head coach Ron Gould comparing the Patriots draftee to Faulk.

Not Kevin Faulk, Marshall Faulk.

From the page of Albert Breer:

Albert Breer has covered the NFL since 2005, including two stints in the New England area as the Patriots beat writer for the Boston Herald and the national NFL writer for the Boston Globe. He also was the Cowboys beat writer for the Dallas Morning News and an NFL writer for Sporting News,. In addition to writing for, Breer is a reporter on NFL Network’s Total Access and other shows.

Perhaps a minor point here, but this bio is not accurate. Breer was never the beat writer for the Boston Herald. He worked for the Metrowest Daily News, which had a content-sharing agreement with the Herald, which included the Patriots blog (“The Point After’ at the time) after Mike Reiss left the MWDN. While Breer’s work appeared on the Herald website, the actual newspaper had its own Patriots beat reporters. Here is Breer’s own farewell on the blog as the content-sharing agreement was set to expire.


12 thoughts on “Free Flowing Friday

  1. Imagine that, Felger wrong about sports. The guy has become a one-trick pony – always take the contrarian view, or the most outlandish view and scream it. Felger devolved into this because of his failure at 890. At 890, he was still the reasoned, intelligent-speaking radio guy. We all know how the show and the station tanked. Then Felger looks at the bombast of people like Ordway, D&C, Howard Stern, Opie and Anthony, and decides that if you're loud and outrageous, the ratings will come. See TSH. I haven't listened to him since the first week on the air and am only aware of his rantings from BSMW. Ignore the village idiot, and hopefully he'll go away.


    1. Felger's 890 show didn't 'tank'. really, It never had a chance. The signal was terrible and there was no promotion whatsoever.


  2. Bruce — wasn't Community Newspapers (parent of the MWDN) still owned by the Herald when Breer was there? If so, the bio may be technically correct but nonetheless misleading…


    1. Dave….if I work for the Boston Globe can I put on my resume that I worked for the New York Times because the Times Company owns both companies? If I remember correctly they were separate entities, run separately, with common ownership and a content sharing agreement, like the Boston Globe and the NY Times.


      1. If that's the case then you're correct. My understanding was that Community Newspapers was not a brother-sister company, but a direct subsidiary of the Herald.

        edit: And either way, it's still misleading at best.


  3. Has Felger ever gotten noticed for being RIGHT about anything? I don't understand why people make note of anything he says. This guy's career is an enigma. He is host of a drive time sports talk show in a major market and knows absolutely nothing about baseball or basketball. And now apparently the same holds true for hockey. Isn't he personna non grata with the Patriots? How is he on the air?


    1. I believe he was given ample credit, at the time, for being one of the few approving voices in the media back when BB decided to stick with Brady in 2001 after Bledsoe was medically cleared to play. Felger, ironically enough, also used to defend the BB approach to team-building and the salary cap. That is, have a well-paid "middle class" and spread the monies throughout the roster as evenly as possible, while "maxing" your really core guys like Brady and a couple others, rather than taking the "let's max our 6 All Pros and leave very little for the other 48 guys on the roster" approach that a lot of other teams used back then (particularly the one located in Indianapolis). Of course, Felger, in his desire to be the despised contrarian, has completely flip-flopped on the Pats' way of doing things. I don't know, however, if his anti-BB/anti-Kraft schtick stems from some personal conflicts he's had with the organization since the early 2000s, or if it's just part of his "I must be contrarian all the time" act that he's adopted over the past several years.


    2. "Has Felger ever gotten noticed for being RIGHT about anything?"

      He said the team would be better without Randy Moss and he was right.


  4. Hey Bruce

    Excellent work on today's column by you. It triggered some thoughts:

    – The issue with the Perkins trade was not in the making of and trading away Perkins…as far as I can tell the Celtics knew they had to do something because they were really thin behind Pierce and Allen…rather it was how poorly they (being Ainge and Doc) evaluated Green's ability to fit into the Celtics offense (I think he just lost another ball in the open court…nope…it was taken from him as he was fumbling a pass) and they really thought he was a better defender than he turned out to be. The problem is once you stake out a position be it "Perkins was the heart and soul of the this teams defense" or "We can surely replace his 3 rebounds, 6 points and butter hands around the hoop" there is not much room for accurate evaluation or even meaningful discussion.

    – Who was Rodney Harrison talking about that he specifically knows was violating the lockout and as a member of the 4th estate shouldn't he be naming names so his employer can get huge scoops?

    – Nice pick up on Bert Breer…never liked him.

    – Regarding Gonzales and his power numbers…me thinks the shoulder is taking longer to heal than anticipated.

    – I am excited Doc Rivers will stick around for 5 years. But honestly by about 3:30 this afternoon I will not give a poo about the NBA until the CBA is settled…and then I will go back to actively hating it.

    – Why the gratuitous shot at Felgie. I know he is an easy target but it just kind of came out of left field in the column. Not saying we don't need to catalog Felgie's stupidity…I am just saying it felt kind of random.


  5. On Perkins: I hate to harp on this, but virtually everyone analyzing that trade omits the fact that Perkins was almost certainly gone at the end of this season. He had been offered the maximum extension that the Celts could offer, and turned it down to become a free agent. Since under the cap rules the Celtics could actually offer him LESS money as a free agent than they could under a current-player extension, that meant he (a) wanted more money and (b) was definitely signing elsewhere.


  6. Felger said that the Bruins core never got out of the second round, Thomas never stole a playoff game, and Joe Thornton was a choker. Those are all past tense. What part of what he said was wrong?

    Of course, he was completely wrong about Peverly/Kelly (not to mention Marchand), and Thomas has been pretty damn impressive so the goaltending part is wrong too…

    But he was stating facts about three of those points, since they all actually happened.

    Thumbs down in the top right corner.


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