It was certainly a very good weekend for fans of the local teams, with the Bruins finishing off a four-game sweep of the Philadelphia Flyers to advance to the Eastern conference finals, the Celtics got in the win column against the Miami Heat with a performance from Rajon Rondo that will be talked about long into the future, and the Los Angeles Lakers were swept out of the playoffs in the West.

The question on the Celtics now, is whether they can continue the momentum that game three on Saturday night brought them. A loss tonight still puts the season in peril for the Celtics. Did they expend all their energy on Saturday night? In some ways, it had the feel of a “last stand” – but here’s hoping there is still plenty of basketball to be played for the Celtics this season.

Rondo set to give it a try for Celtics – Gary Washburn has the point guard determined to get on the court for the Celtics tonight, despite the dislocated elbow suffered Saturday night. Chris Forsberg is skeptical about how effective Rondo can be tonight.

Rajon Rondo a different-maker – Steve Bulpett says that Rondo’s mindset as a contrarian works to his benefit.

Celtics showed the fight that made them champions – Tim Weisberg has the Celtics not looking like Shane Mosley on Saturday night.

Rivers praises Green for key effort – The CSNNE notes from A. Sherrod Blakely have the Celtics coach praising the work done by his reserve forward. The Herald notebook from Mark Murphy has River’s expecting Shaquille O’Neal to play again tonight. The Globe notebook from Monique Walker has Rivers sticking by a struggling Glen Davis.

Why Jose Iglesias figures to make the most of his promotion to the big leagues – Rob Bradford with a look at the rookie shortstop who made his debut this weekend.

Iglesias gives Sox fans a glimpse of what’s to come – Tim Britton has more on the Cuban phenom.

Ellsbury on top of things as hit streak at 17 – Michael Vega has the centerfielder cementing his spot atop the batting order.

Resting B’s can’t lose their edge – Stephen Harris has the Bruins looking to remain sharp.

Many reasons why Lightning aren’t lightly regarded – Fluto Shinzawa looks at why Tampa will be a tough opponent.

Media Roundup: On The Patriots’ Draft, And Michael Felger’s Constant Criticism Of It – If you missed my SBNation Boston Media column from last week, here it is.

 Patriots Daily Q&A With Malcolm Williams – Chris Warner has an interview with the Patriots seventh-round pick, who was watching Netflix when Bill Belichick called him during the draft.


23 thoughts on “Great Weekend For Boston Fans

  1. I agree with the Last Stand comment. I felt the same way. It just makes me crazy seeing how the Celtics play at home, then remembering how they mailed in the final 2 months of the season to lose homecourt.


  2. Good article on Felger, Bruce. I think, however that he has a couple of challengers for the title of biggest A**hole in Boston. And amazingly enough, they're both on the same show. The Big Show crapped all over them so much last week that I had to listen to the Saturday AM show instead of watching the Baseball Show. I guess that they're not really serious challengers, because they're a couple of nobodies from nowhere who are on once a week. Minihane and Perrault are absolutely awful. And they sound a lot alike so I can't tell which is worse most of the time. I feel sorry for Rob Bradford. He must be trying to figure a way out of this.

    When I heard Mustard and Johnson was no longer on Saturdays, I thought it would be a good thig. WRONG! Midget Wolfie keeps making it worse over there.


  3. Dave, M&J are still on Saturday afternoons when the Sox aren’t playing, but obviously they’ve lost that coveted Saturday morning slot (when I say coveted, I mean that it’s probably the most listened-to timeslot of the weekend not counting game broadcasts).

    With regards to trying to tell Minihane and Perrault apart, the latter sounds too much like a Dick Robinson wannabe. If you’ve ever heard those CSB commercials, Perrault’s voice has the exact same inflections.

    I was almost tempted to call their show this past week if only to tell them to keep on denigrating guests during interviews, because there are obviously no consequences for their on-air staff behaving in that manner. I’m still a bit shocked that Minihane wasn’t given the week off as sort of an in-house suspension for how he told off Jack Edwards the previous week.


    1. Telling them apart won't be a problem any more because I'll be watching the Baseball Show on Saturdays once again. The Big Show piqued my curiosity last week.. I agree with your opinion on the Jack Edwards situation. I'm not a hockey fan, but based on what I've heard and read they really cheap-shotted him. I'm surprised that Edwards even acknowledged the existence of this nobody.

      In my humble opinion Jason Wolfe's youth movement is an abject failure. I was a mid-day listener going back to the A-Team days. I no longer listen. I'll throw Muttnansky into the same pool as the two Saturday losers. He is a nerd trying to act like one of the "cool kids", and it's not working.


  4. Bruce, timely article on Felger since he reproduced yet another "layup question" from a Pats "fan" last night on his Comcast show–something about how the fan is "sick and tired of hearing about what great 'value' picks the Pats made in what is an UNCAPPED LEAGUE!" Clearly, the guy just wants BB and Kraft to spend whatever it takes to win a Super Bowl NOW, before Brady gets too old (a common refrain among the spoiled, impatient and largely impractical message board masses and their media enablers). Felger, of course, lapped this up and agreed with it 100%. Never mind the fact that 95% of the teams in the NFL–not just the Pats–still proceeded during the 2010 season as if a cap were in place (including the two Super Bowl participants), and that EVERYONE knows that when the new CBA is finally done, the salary cap will be back. But any "feedback" from "fans" that will help Felger push the agenda is always going to see the light of day on that show, apparently.


    1. So you're impractical to want to see probably the best QB to ever put on a Pats uniform win another Super Bowl before he retires? That's news.


      1. No, you're impractical if you think that Brady is anywhere near retirement or that his production is about to suffer a sharp decline anytime soon. He's coming off his best season ever (he didn't have the weapons in 2010 that he had in 2007) and shows no signs of slowing down. You're also impractical if you think "going for it now" at the expense of having salary cap problems later is a rational approach. I submit the 2002 Oakland Raiders as Exhibit A. They "went for it" that year, got to the Super Bowl, lost it badly (how would that have gone over here?), and then had to release half the roster to get under the cap that spring. They haven't been heard from since. BB's approach works, and he's not going to deviate from it, no matter how much the message board howlers and his media enemies clamor for it.


        1. He's 33. Do the math. He's got 4 years (that'll make him 37) of elite-level play and then swiftly diminishing returns after that. That's not an unreasonable opinion.

          "You're also impractical if you think 'going for it now' at the expense of having salary cap problems later is a rational approach."

          Name me the last team that was in salary cap trouble. RE: Your Oakland Raiders example. That was way back in 2002. The cap has gone up dramatically since then.


          1. Well, I'd say that if Brady only has 4 years left, and the team is coming off a 14-2 season while playing with one of the youngest rosters in the NFL, then they're in pretty good shape, wouldn't you? There have been lots of teams in salary cap trouble since 2002. The Titans the following year, in fact, after they lost that "frigid weather" playoff game to the Pats, had to blow up most of their roster and start over. They've only been to the playoffs twice since then. There are other examples (the Redskins seemingly every year, in fact). My argument boils down to that "going for it all" without keeping an eye on the future is not a smart way to do things, because what if you "go for it all" and you still don't win it? Then where are you? I just think that too many fans around here became very spoiled by the 3 Super Bowl wins and now they view each season as a "win it all or the year is a failure" proposition; and that's where much of this angst and constant pounding of BB for his draft philosophy comes from.


          2. One other thing I should mention about this topic, since it started with the comment about Felger putting that "fans" letter on the air Sunday night. Felger didn't even bother to state in his response what everyone knows is likely to be true: that after the lockout is over and a new CBA is signed, there WILL be a salary cap again. So the screaming quote about the Pats not being aggressive enough in an "uncapped league" is completely irrelevant, especially when you consider the fact that trading veterans and signing free agents is not currently allowed, and wasn't allowed on draft weekend either. Felger didn't mention those facts because they didn't fit his desired narrative. That's pretty bad IMO.


  5. Great article on Felger Bruce. I'm writing this post as I listen to TSH and am officially sick of Michael Felger's act. I know many posters stated this long ago but today it has truly come to a head. His pure hatred for the Boston Celtics, and his co-workers (Tanguay/Dickerson) who rub their bellies with Green Jelly has molded him into a complete non-sensical Boob. His logic is once again poor. He states that while Rondo's injury looked bad, he can't be that hurt because he played. So if you play, you can't be hurt. There have been numerous stories over the years of players playing through ACL or MCL tears, then needing surgery after the game/series. So what Felger, does that mean their ligament tear isn't that bad? He is a total jackass. I wish we could lock him in a room with Celtics highlights blasting in his face and ears like those hypnotizing/brainwashing experiments on "Lost." Tony Spazz doesn't help either. "You know what Mike, you're right"


  6. I could really see this Felger backlash coming. As soon as he got an afternoon drive show on a station that could be heard by more than 100 people, his polarizing personality was going to wear thin to even those who could once tolerate him. Listening to Felger these days, I seriously wonder if he has some advanced version of adult ADHD. That’s why I only take him in small doses, even less when he’s talking about hoops or baseball.


    1. I'm surprised the backlash has taken this long. He's been running with this same shtick for a decade. He's the most predicable guy on the radio. You know that in every instance he's going to be against the Boston team. He's like Steve from Fall River with a radio show.

      I have noticed that on this and other boards the praise for Felger, even from the WEEI haters, is turning into criticism.


  7. Ever notice how different Tony Mazz is on his Baseball Reporters Show? I actually enjoy listening to him. He has been just as effected by Felger's mind washing, as evident by his well-informed opinions on The Baseball Reporters, and his childish agreeing ways on F&M. I lose credibility for a guy who feels like he has to act one way, then 180 the other. He doesn't have enough spine to really stand up to Felger.


    1. I always liked Tony when he was on WEEI. I must confess that I've never listened to the Felger and Mazz show, because of my extreme distaste for Felger. Tony was far from a yes man on 'EEI. Remember "Evil Tony"'. Too bad to hear that Felger's ruining him.

      I saw Felger on the Baseball show, Saturday morning (as was posted earlier, that mess on WEEI is unlistenable) and the contempt that McAdam and Shaughnessy had for him was blatant. I'm surprised that people will even go on the air with him.


    2. I think there’s a couple of factors at play there, Winning.

      First, the BR show features Tony for one hour discussing baseball, a sport that he is fairly knowledgeable about given all the years he covered the Sox as a beat reporter.

      Second, I don’t think it’s a case of Mazz not having enough spine to stand up to Felger, as much as it is that 98.5 management designed the 2-6 timeslot with MF at the forefront, as he probably gets paid considerably more to host than Tony does. So I think that after spending a couple of weeks on the air together, Tony got so exasperated dealing with MF that he decided it was easier not to care and just go along for the YARM ride, so to speak.


      1. Yeah you make some good points. Felger was clearly hired to forward his contrarian perspective on the public. It was very popular early, as it was completely opposite from everything WEEI represents. However, Felger, not being very smart, has taken his contrarian point of view to an extreme, now turning off most listeners who enjoyed an alternative point of view. His disdain for the Celtics, and the Pats, has become completely annoying. While this market does benefit from different point of views, I feel I speak for most listeners when I say we don't want to hear a BOSTON radio station that revolves around bashing 50% of the home stations without some balanced praise. The way Felger mocks the C's and Pats, you would think they finish in last place every year and never have a wiff of success. He recent comments is about how whiny the Celtics fans are about not getting calls. For him, I present a simple stat. Free throw Attempts through 4 games 86 attempts for the Celtics, 116 attempts for the Heat. While I admit a large portion is relevant to how to drive to the basket, these numbers are telling. All I wonder is what wouldve happened if the number were exactly the same, let alone the Celtics ever having that kind of advantage. Food for thought FELGAHHHH!!!!


        1. With regards to Felger and Celtics. Felger has been hammering Wyc Grousbeck calling him insufferable. What did Wyc take his lunch money from him when he was a kid?


  8. I actually can understand all of the criticism of the Patriots draft. After all they were 6-10 last sea…. Wait, they were 14-2? Well the way Felger, Maz and Bertrand were talking the Patriots were a disaster last season. All kidding aside, the Patriots loss in the playoffs last season was a complete team effort. Tom Brady was terrible. Devin McCourty played like a rookie. There was a botched and ill-advised fake punt. The coaching staff, especially Bill O'Brien, looked completely confused. Do you honestly believe that a pass rushing defensive player would have made that much of a difference in that game? People forget that with exception of the Green Bay, New England did not just beat their opposition, they pummeled them during the second half of the season. I was more surprised by the Patriots playoff exit against the Jets this past season then I was their loss to the Giants in the Super Bowl.

    Speaking of Felger, there has actually been two people on his own show who have actually been worse talking about the draft. Mark Bertrand and Maz were screaming all this week about how the Patriots screwed up by picking an offensive lineman and trading the 28th pick. Of course neither one thinks about the fact the Patriots may be losing three linemen. (Light, Mankins and Neal). Maz and Bertrand feel the Pats should have gone with Mark Ingram because, "He won a Heisman." (impersonating Maz's wise-ass Boston accent.) What Maz and Bertrand do not know is that Ingram might not have been the best back on his own team in 2010. Trent Richardson averaged 6.3 YPC during the season while Ingram averaged 5.7.
    Maz's reasoning for the Patriots taking the 28th pick was, "They should". With reasoning like that is there any reason why Tony Massaroti is one of the least knowledgeable people in the BSM?

    One more item with regards to Felger and Maz, do you think that when they go to bed at night, F&M say a prayer that Jason Wolfe continues to believe that Glenn Ordway is an "amazing" talent? The only reason F&M is not getting beaten badly is because of Ordway, whose show is worse than ever. The last time I listened to The Big Show, Ordway was trying to us that Rondo fell on his own in game three of the playoffs. Bruce mentioned this on his twitter feed. I think Glenn needs to sue the doctor who did his lasik surgery that he is always promoting. The doctor is obviously a quack.


    1. "Do you honestly believe that a pass rushing defensive player would have made that much of a difference in that game?"

      Yes. Sanchez had way too much time to throw. You know how many times he was sacked, hurried or knocked down? ZERO!

      "People forget that with exception of the Green Bay, New England did not just beat their opposition, they pummeled them during the second half of the season."

      YAY! We're the New England Colts!


      1. Sorry, I think Tom Brady having his second straight terrible performance in a playoff game had far more to do with that loss then a pass rusher. If New England had scored a minimum of ten points in their first two drives instead of a whopping three, I feel the Jets may have come out of their zone that they went with the whole game. It would have played into the Patriots hands.


  9. Bob Neumeier had the biggest moment during NBC's and Versus' coverage of the Kentucky Derby. Neumeier immediately interviewed Barry Irwin, the managing partner of winner Animal Kingdom. Neumeier asked why he recently hired trainer Graham Motion to train the derby winner. Irwin, in one of those rare moments of extreme honesty, said, "I was sick and tired of having other trainers lie to me," Neumeier was slightly caught off guard, but followed up by asking what trainers have been dishonest. Irwin smirked and said, 'plenty of 'em" and maybe realizing he had said too much, Irwin said, "gotta go"


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