The Montreal Canadiens stuck early last night, and it stood up the rest of the way as they blanked the Bruins 2-0 to take game one at the Garden of the opening round playoff series between the two clubs. Get all the coverage at

Nice to see that Dan Shaughnessy has the bus to loserville all warmed up and ready to go this morning.

Some breaking news from Sean McAdam this morning, as he reports that Adrian Gonzalez and the Red Sox have agreed to a 7-year, $154 million extension, which is expected to be announced this afternoon. McAdam was the first of the locals to break the story, which while expected, is still very welcome news.

Bleu, blank, et rouge – Fluto Shinzawa has the Bruins coming up empty in the opener. Amanda Bruno has a lifeless power play among the Bruins failings last night.

Bruins need to shed loser’s mentality – Joe Haggerty says that the Bruins need to raise the bar of their own expectations.

Canadiens get the first goal, sit back and win – DJ Bean has Montreal doing exactly what it wanted to last night.

They didn’t go bump on this night – Kevin Paul Dupont says that the Bruins did not play their game last night.

Ex-Devils Scott Gomez, Brian Gionta leave burn – Steve Conroy’s notebook has a pair of former Stanley Cup champs coming up big for the Habs.

Time to get down to business – Peter Abraham says that the slow start of the Red Sox needs to end now.

Curt Young not restless – Scott Lauber has the new pitching coach still settling in. Maureen Mullen has Young taking the slow start personally.

Should Celtics train a new top dog? – Jackie MacMullan wonders if the Celtics should look to Kevin Garnett more in the final seconds rather than Paul Pierce.

No stop sign: Green means go – Julian Benbow with a mini-feature on Jeff Green, who got a taste of playoff experience last season, and plans to make an impact this season.

Celtics’ regular-season report card – Mark Murphy grades out the Celtics.

Team expects big postseason impact from Shaquille O’Neal – Dan Duggan’s notebook has the Celtics expecting that the big fella will be a contributor. The Globe notebook from Frank Dell’Apa says that the Celtics will have a better idea of Shaq’s status today.

A ‘winning’ moment for 98.5 – Chad Finn looks at the Toucher and Rich show scoring an exclusive interview with the elusive and reclusive Charlie Sheen.

Bruins And Celtics Open Playoffs (Just In Time For Red Sox Fans) – In my SB Nation Boston media column, I round up the playoff coverage of the Bruins and Celtics, and in the spirit of the new partnership between WEEI and SB Nation, I give you my opinion of the move of Mike Adams to the Big Show:

In a brilliant move, WEEI program director Jason Wolfe astutely read his audience perfectly, and responding to their wishes, moved the incredibly popular Mike Adams into a role with the new-look powerhouse afternoon drive show “The Big Show” with Glenn Ordway and Michael Holley. Adams’ hilarious comedy and pinpoint knowledge of all things sports will compliment the reasoned and insightful Ordway as well as the nuanced pearls of Patriots insider knowledge that Holley brings to the program. This is truly a win for all involved, especially the listeners, who will be treated to a show that will rival the very best that any station has put out in the history of radio.

What? You’ll just have to read the rest.


7 thoughts on “Canadiens Shut Out Bruins in Game One

  1. Bully for you Bruce for being an honest contrarian and publicly acknowledging the brilliance of Mike Adams and the importance (often overlooked) of knowing about the 1978 Red Sox. If I had three thumbs they'd all be pointing up.


  2. If they were going to add somebody like Mikey Adams they should have just brought Sheppard back into the fold.


  3. WEEI sounds like a ship without a captain. Matt Perrault, one of the two dweebs doing the Saturday AM show with Bradford, started posting on the media board at SoSH and his posts were deleted and now Bradford has started a thread over there trying to make them look less foolish. That is the belly of the beast. Virtually everyone who posts there hates WEEI. This guy wanted them to like him (Sally Field?) and I bet Jason Wolfe got wind of it.

    I've listened to WEEI on Saturday for two weeks, because I can't stand Felger on the CSN show…….but he's gone now. Bye bye Bradford, Darryl and Darryl.


    1. I listened to 'EEI for a few minutes this AM until I remembered that the Baseball Show was on. Bradford and two nobodies vs. Neumie, McAdam, Shaughnessy, and Merloni. It's a good thing for 'EEI that 98.5 isn't simulcasting because they would have no listeners. Talk about a mismatch. This is like Notre Dame against Fitchburg State.


  4. Is Michael Holley still on the "Bigger Show" with shrinking listeners? I swear i listened for 10 minutes and didn't hear a peep. Did anyone else notice they start the whiner line at 5:30 and the shows over by 5:50? I miss the good old days of going overtime into planet mikey while he cries that theyre cutting into his 20 minutes of actual work.


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