The Celtics let the Memphis Grizzlies hang around last night, and down the stretch just could not execute on offense, leading to their demise in a 90-87 loss.  A Rajon Rondo floater with plenty of time on the clock and a Glen Davis desperation three-point attempt are not the ideal shots the Celtics were looking for. Get all the coverage at

I’m short on time this morning, but the big story people are going to be talking about is tonight’s Bruins/Canadiens rematch. It’s an even bigger story in Montreal, where Mike Felger is now public enemy number 2. (Behind Zdeno Chara, of course.) From the Montreal Gazette this morning:

The intro to the segment promised “fact not fiction,” which told me that the guys at 98.5 The Sports Hub don’t understand the concept of sports talk radio. It’s all about opinion. If you don’t have people expressing opinions and debating the news of the day, it makes for boring radio.

Of course, all you have to do is listen to Felger, the village idiot of Boston sports radio, to know that he likes to play fast and loose with the facts.

Of course, I’m positive that Felger is thrilled with this increase exposure, further expanding the “brand.”

In the weeks leading up to this game, ticket prices has spiked, as can be seen in the graphic below.

The price has gone up 82% in the last month.

Catch all the Bruins coverage prior to tonight’s game over at

Here’s a quick five from this morning”

What exactly happened to Josh Beckett, and how he’s going to fix things – Rob Bradford looks at how the Red Sox righty looks to get back on track in 2011.

Raining on Sox’ parade – Michael Silverman searches for some negatives amidst the overwhelming positivity of Red Sox camp.

Minor progress for Gonzalez – Peter Abraham has the first baseman getting some extra work in a AAA game last night.

Fighting chance tonight? – Fluto Shinzawa says that the Canadiens would be wise not to trigger a repeat of the February ninth contest between the clubs.

Jermaine O’Neal’s return on schedule – Mark Murphy has the rehabbing big man set to rejoin the team next week.


24 thoughts on “Terrible Execution Kills Celtics

  1. In Felger's defense, he hasn't asked people to clog 911 lines about any Boston athletes unlike the paragons of virtue up on La Belle Provence. I just hope the Bruins win tonight so there will be far fewer overturned cars up in Montreal tonight…

  2. I have to admit, when Felger ripped those fraudulent hypocrite fans of Les Canadiens on TV soon after the Chara incident, it was the first time I agreed with anything he's said in at least 5 years. He rightly called them (the fans) out for, in the past, defending gratuitously violent hits committed by Montreal players over the past few years while having a hissy fit over Chara's hit–to the point of calling for police investigations. He rightly pointed out that when it comes to the rules of hockey, Montreal fans believe there should be rules for Les Canadiens, and different rules for everyone else. His act has pretty much worn thin with me, but on this issue he was spot on IMO (and I say this as someone who believes Chara should have at least been given a slap-on-the-wrist type of suspension for the hit, if only to avoid the kind of sideshow circus act that has now resulted from it).

  3. Does anyone besides me see the irony in Canadian sports people complaining that Felger is the village idiot. Doesn't that prove his point…that Canadians and specifically Habs fans are Yahoo homers with zero clue about sportsmanship, respect for the game or for that matter the citizens of their city/provence or whatever they call land masses up there.

  4. sounds like Showwalter is taking a page out out the Rex Ryan playbook (Abraham's column)

  5. Yesterday Ordway and Holley giggled like two little boys while listening to L.T.'s interview about the prostitute. This went on for about 20-25 minutes. On the other station you have the Village Idiot of Boston sports (appropriate name). Merloni and Mutt is a boring train wreck .

    I'm not a hockey fan, so it never bothered me that 'EEI pretty much ignored hockey. After ignoring it for 15 years, all of a sudden, it's a daily topic, even in the morning. If they get a new audience, but lose the old audience, what have they gained?

    I know I've been listening to a lot more music lately. I'm really curious to see how March's ratings come out.

    1. I have to question how hard core WEEI's core fanbase is if they spazz out like 5 year-olds every time someone mentions "hockey". This is only Original Six city with back to back to back NCAA national championships in the sport, plus the Super Eight, PLUS the Beanpot PLUS the Hockey East Finals. I'm thinking if you don't like hockey, this is not the place for you.

      1. Well, the Revolution keep making it to their leagues championship all the time but we don't talk about the Revs. Same thing with hockey….especially college hockey. Yes, there are the purists out there who will defend college sports but it just never gains any traction around here. Probably because we'd rather see kids in some of the best schools in the country become scientists, doctors and lawyers rather than athletes.

        1. My point is that when a good balanced sports show can discuss multiple topics. WEEI pummelled the Red Sox and Pats into the ground and pretended that the C's and B's didn't exist up until the C's got Garnett. For people who were actually paying attention during the years of such immortals as Eric Williams, Allah Abdulnaby and Vitaly Pitapenko, that was a bit of an insult. I can not for the life of me tell you how ecstatic I am to hear people discuss the two winter sports teams on sports radio in Boston. Has any here who complains about hockey getting coverage actually heard Steve Sommers in WFAN in New York? He's far more entertaining than anyone in this market and he can intelligently discuss 4 sports – and keep in mind NY has multiple teams in football and baseball (and yes, he hates the Yankees and the "Icelanders" but he can discuss them too)…

    2. To bolster the ratings maybe EEI will have another member of the media admit they are gay and have them on, or maybe they can have Steve Burton on with his friend Jose Canseco to talk steroids.

  6. Tonight further proves my point of why hockey is a 4th class sport: people will only tune in because a fight might happen, not a well played hockey game.

    1. So? People watch boxing and MMA because they want to see someone's bell get rung not a strategic well fought fight.

      Hockey is hungry for ratings. Why deny the fringe fans what they want to see the most?

      1. I tend to watch MMA or Boxing only because I am hoping a hockey game breaks out. So far I have only been disappointed.

  7. Felger and Mazz WAY TOO MUCH HOCKEY TALK. It is truly a 4th class sport. I understand people love the Bruins but not that many people. I would rather hear spring training talk than endless hockey crap. Their show is terrible. I was waiting for a nice change from WEEI and we get EEI 2.0 the zero perspective whiners. We have had it great here and people like Mazz and Felger just love playing the turn in the punch bowl game to get people to pay attention to them. Like a kid brother getting on the phone and yelling weird crap while you talk to your hot gf in high school. You are annoying and you make no sense. EVERYONE has bad drafts and draft picks. Colts, Steelers everyone. They just pay attention and mico analyze BB because they have no outside perspective. He has made mistakes but the good outweighs the bad by a 12 tons. I can't listen to any sports radio for more than 5-10 minutes now since Dale and Holley was taken off the air. I hate to sound like a whiner but that was really the only good sports show out there.

    1. C'mon @jamiefolk, cheer up. Let's turn on 'EEI and listen to the Weekday Weekend Show with Mut and Lou and listen to a spirited discussion about superstitions and the athletes who love them. ::sigh::

    2. I've always regarded hockey in the same way I regard NASCAR. I don't see how people with an IQ hugher than Forrest Gump can sit and watch anything that boring. I think they watch NASCAR hoping for a crash and I'm sure that the reason that hockey is the only sport that allows fighting is because without it, it's too boring. What I really have to laugh about is the custom of starting a fight even though no one is mad. "Eh, wanna go?"

      Partly because I think Dale got screwed, buit mostly because it's a pretty bad show, I must agree that Mut and Merloini is no more than a mediocre weekend show.

      1. Playoff and Olympic hockey have no fighting and are considered superior by nearly all hockey fans.

        I guess we should devote more time to slotting the starting pitchers. Nothing boring about that.

          1. Seriously. I'm in the minority, but Spring Training is pointless. The early innings have people we will be seeing at Fenway in a few weeks, but the rest of the time, it's a preview of the Paw Sox, Sea Dogs or Lowell Spinners. Which is nice if you really miss baseball, but with the B's and C's jockeying for playoff posession,it's not that exciting.

          2. Again, it's a perfectly relevant comment. If you're excited to see the Sox and their AAA roster, good for you. I'm not. Wake me up in a few weeks when the games matter.

        1. Those are better because the talent pool is significantly better and each game is several orders of magnitude more important than your average NHL regular season game.

          Losing a player as important as Milan Lucic or Nathan Horton or Zdeno Chara for 5 minutes during the regular season stinks, but is something you can get through. Losing one of them for 5 minutes during the playoffs is unacceptable.

          This isn't rocket surgery, your comparison is not direct.

        2. Way late, but I think you may have misunderstood my comment. I am neither pro nor anti fighting and I understand why there is no fighting in the playoffs. I was simply arguing that hockey fans do not need fights to enjoy a game as Jack stated.

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