Wrapping up a brutal week, here’s a few quicklinks for today as we head into the holiday weekend:

What signal is WEEI sending? – Chad Finn tries to sort through what has been a tumultuous week for WEEI, looking at whether the station is trying to get younger, what’s next for Dale Arnold, and what the Felger factor has been. You can also chat with Chad at noon today.

Big Show undergoes really big changes – Bill Doyle has more on the changes this week at WEEI.

Live chat with Jason Wolfe at noon – Here’s your chance to let the VP of Programming for WEEI know what you think of his changes this week.

ESPN’s Bill Simmons Unveils Details Of New Sports/Pop Culture Site – John Ourand of Sports Business Daily reports on a new website venture for the former Boston Sports Guy.

Bill Belichick puts on good show – Karen Guregian with a look at tonight’s Patriots All Access, which features a lot of behind-the-scenes items from Patriots coach at the Pro Bowl.

The Crawford Effect: Why new Sox superstar’s biggest impact could come from his glove – Alex Speier looks at why the Red Sox need Crawford’s defense as much as his offense.

What’s out there for the C’s? – Peter May looks at what could be available on the trade market for the Celtics.


3 thoughts on “Friday Quicklinks

  1. Simmons "70% sports and 30% pop culture?" That's interesting a refreshing because it seems he's gone the 70% pop culture/reality tv direction the past couple or so years.


    1. Disagree. Maybe he has dedicated podcasts to TV and movies….so what I would say is just skip those. Otherwise, he's still an excellent sportswriter when he writes (see: his NBA Trade Value column).

      I do wish he would stop carrying Blake Griffin's water, though…


  2. Did anyone else catch that Peter May–who was no fan of Danny Ainge when he (May) still worked for the Globe–for about the 2,347th time, mentioned the 2004 (!) trade that Ainge helped facilitate which sent Rasheed Wallace to Detroit? May has never, ever let anyone forget Ainge's role in that trade, never mind the fact that Boston was going nowhere that season, basically, and Ainge actually acquired some decent assets in the exchange. Nice to see that even when these guys leave the Globe, their agendas and age-old biases travel with them.


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