The Jets backed up their bravado and trash talk by dominating Tom Brady and the Patriots at Gillette Stadium yesterday 28-21. The game wasn’t as close as the score would indicate. The Jets pretty much controlled this one right from the Patriots opening drive when David Harris picked off a Tom Brady screen pass on what looked to be a promising drive.The Jets were after Brady all afternoon, sacking and confusing him, and the Patriots had no answers.

The Jets now advance their second straight AFC Championship game, where they will play the Pittburgh Steelers.

While the ending to this season was certainly crushing, I’m don’t think you can categorize the season as a failure. There were way too many positives in 2010, as the Patriots were rebuilt right in front of us. They’ve got a bright future, one that looks to have a fairly long window if they can have another successful draft in April.

It’s a holiday today (or is it a day of mourning?) so I imagine not many people are at work today to check in here. If you want all the coverage from the game you can check

Ten Things We Learned Sunday: Nightmare will haunt Patriots all offseason – Christopher Price looks at another rough ending to the season for the Patriots.

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Uncharacteristic ending for the Pats – Tom E Curran with a look at the stunning end of the season.

You know what? That’s enough. Even I don’t have the stomach for any more…


9 thoughts on “Jets Back Up Trash Talk, Shock Patriots

  1. For all the grief Peyton Manning gets for choking in the playoffs, I think we have to re-examine Brady’s playoff creditials. Since 2005, the only decent game Brady has had was the famous 21 for 23 game vs Jax. Otherwise, he’s been average or worse vs. Denver, San Diego (twice), Indy, Giants, Ravens, and Jets. That’s a significant sample size. I think yesterday we saw that a great Defense is priority #1 in contending. Scoring 38 ppg is useless in the playoffs when you’re consistently shut down on that end.


    1. Yes, please re-examine and explain who has more playoff appearences and wins in the past 10 years.

      Truth in nicknames.


  2. Bruce,
    where are all the naive, arrogant Pats fans who were calling you stupid and irrational last Friday for suggesting that this might be a tough game and that the Jets might actually be able to win????


  3. The two main takeaways from the loss are 1) the small sized WRs of the Pats just aren't physical enough to compete against better defenses. Vincent Jackson for a 2nd round pick would have been a difference maker yesterday. You saw how Braylon Edwards had his way in double coverage. 2) Brady doesn't run anymore. He used to scramble for a few yards whenever the coverage was tight, whereas now he waits and waits and has to throw it away or gets sacked. So instead of 3rd and two its 3rd and seven.

    Overall I think the Pats late season dominance hurt them, they seemed cavalier and in denial at times.


    1. 1) Umm, then how do you explain the Pats beating some of the top defenses this year, through the air with their small sized, finesse WR's?

      2) Brady ran a QB sneak in the game and picked up three yards on it. He has never been nor will he ever be a running QB. This is not news.

      Your last statement makes absolutely no sense. Their late season dominance hurt them? What planet are you from? Welcome to planet Earth. I hope you won't be staying long.


  4. Bruce you were 100% correct, unfortunately. I thought the Pats would win the game not by 42 but by a convincing 17 points. For me, the game was decided in the first quarter when the Patriots marched down the field on their first two possessions and wound up with a grand total of three point. It seemed like the Jets were able to exhale, especially Mark Sanchez, who was erratic early, and the Jets took control of the game from the second quarter on. The Jets were able to have a well balanced attack offensively while confusing the Patriots consistently on defense.

    A rare good twenty minutes on the Big Show this afternoon. Both Steve DeOssie and Fred Smerlas had two very interesting tidbits of info (Let that sink in for a moment. I said Smerlas and DeOssie.) Both guys did not blame Patrick Chung for the botched fake punt but instead blamed long snapper Matt Katula. Smerlas noticed that when the ball was snapped, Chung still had his hands on his knees. Both guys mentioned the alignment did not look right. Don't ask me what that means because I was a little confused by what they said. DeOssie said what normally happens is that there a code word for a fake and that a coach would give a warning for the potential possible use. The blocking back then lines up and sees if the opening is there and calls out the code. In this case it looks like the coach gave the warning but Katula took it as the fake was on and snapped it to Chung who did not call it and, of course, calamity ensued.

    Smerlas also talked about what the major reason why Brady was being pressured so much. He noticed that Brady continually had the play clock go down to one or two seconds. The defense knows you are going to have to snap it and can get terrific jumps on the offensive line. After this twenty minutes of zen by Smerlas and Deossie the show went back to its regularly scheduled shout/bullyfest.

    Finally, on a lighter note, channel 7 did a Sunday morning newscast from Gillette. I have a strange feeling that Ann Allred had to do most of the show prep because I just get the feeling that Adam Williams has completely no clue on sports period. I'm just going on a hunch but he seems like he could not tell you the difference between Tom Brady and Kevin Garnett. Here is what I think show prep was like for Channel 7.

    Ann: Adam this oblong shaped piece of leather with air in it is called a football.

    Adam: How do they hit homeruns with that ball?

    Ann: Errr, Adam that's baseball.

    Adam: I thought a baseball is what that team on skates dressed in black and gold shoots at that guy who looks like Jason from the Friday the 13th films.

    Ann: sigh. Let's try from the beginning again Adam.


    1. And so the deOssie explanation of the botched ke has begun to swirl and in some corners be taken as gospel. Another take today from fmr Pat Matt Chatam contradicts this and claims the play was definitely set up as a fake punt and that the mistake in execution was on Chung. Chatam claimed to be 100% sure of this though he didnt say if that was b/c he was told or if he knew from looking. Of course BB could put this to bed with a decent explanation – "it was a mistake" does not tell us whether or not the play was or was not supposed to be run – but that wont happen and this is going to be a jr version of the Clemens blister.

      What I do find amusing is how Ordo and then John Dennis immediately sucked up to the DeOssie theory and essentially threw the long snapper under the bus. In retrospect if forced to chose I think I'd take my interpretation from the guy who played in the 2000s not in the 80s.


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