The Celtics struggled much of the night last in Philadelphia, looking like a tired, beat up team. Missing much of their front line, and with Paul Pierce battling the flu, the Celtics struggled to the finish with the upstart Sixers and a fired up Philly crowd. With the Celtics trailing by a point with 6 seconds left, Rajon Rondo executed a perfect pick and roll with Kevin Garnett, and hit KG with an alley-oop pass that Garnett gently laid in with 1.6 seconds left to give Boston a 102-101 victory.

The Bruins also were victorious, beating the NY Islanders 5-2 at the TD Garden.

Yes, that really is the cover of the Boston Herald this morning.

Apparently things are going well around here. Dan Shaughnessy is all puppies and sunshine this morning. Don’t be fooled. As soon as things show the slightest sign of going wrong, he’ll return to form.

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Crawford likely to be worth it for the full 7 years of his Red Sox deal – Some talking heads say that its dumb to give a seven-year deal to a guy who relies on speed. Brian MacPherson believes otherwise.

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Celtics have kicked a bad habit – Gary Washburn has the Celtics avoiding the issue of losing to lesser teams this season.

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6 thoughts on “Celtics Edge Sixers On Last Second Hoop

  1. That Herald cover is embarrassing. It's like the NY Daily News and NY Post declaring the Jets Super Bowl Champions before the season started.


  2. If you want to know the difference between someone who really does a good job and knows what is going on and someone who is lazy and pretty clueless, then I give you Rob Bradford (good) and Tony Massarotti (bad). Bradford, who is one of the good co-host on the big show, went over the time-line of the Crawford trade very logically. He mentioned after the Gonzalez trade, the Sox set their eyes not on Crawford but on Cliff Lee. The Yankees bid had become well known at 6 years at around $23 million. The Red Sox jumped and told Lee's agent we will give a seventh year but at slightly less per year. This was a brilliant move by Epstein because the Yankees had to go back to the drawing board with their offer to Lee and could not focus on Crawford. The Red Sox immediately went to Crawford who was looking to get a deal quickly. They swooped in and got the deal for Crawford done while the Yankees were still trying to get a deal with Lee and the Angels were still trying to figure out what Crawford's fair market value was. Bradford did a great job explaining this.

    Then there is Maz, the Tweedledum to Felger's Tweedledee. Maz, who has been one of the most vocal with how cheap the Red Sox have been, started yelling about how the Red Sox way overpaid for Crawford like he was a stockholder with New England Sports Ventures. He says that Crawford is basically a base stealer and that guys with speed can actually hurt. That's right Maz, players who can get from first to third on almost any base hit are a waste. Also why do you need speed in the outfield? He also does not look at the numbers that Theo looks at which I put down in a previous post. Finally, just like Gonzalez, Crawford is at his prime. But Maz can only give seat of the pants analysis for the soul purpose of tweaking fans of the team who he thinks are way beneath him.


    1. 100% agree.

      As Chad Finn pointed out today, Crawford's comparable-for-age for the past two seasons per Baseball Reference is….

      … Roberto Clemente.

      Yeah, Tony — it's HORRIBLE to have a Clemente-esque player on your team. God help us all.


  3. Talk about frontrunners and second guessers….yeah the media calls him "Super Theo" now, but if the Red Sox get off to a 4-6 start (of a 162 game season) they will quickly start with the "overpaid" talk. Look at the way they covered the Pats this year. When Moss was traded "FOR ONLY A THIRD ROUND PICK!!" the Pats were a bunch of dinks. "(what are they thinking? who's gonna stretch the field?) They TRIED LIKE HELL to create a controversy with the Brady contract (what's taking them so long? "Quit making Brady "beg" for a new contract!") They didn't like the Devin Mccourty pick (ANOTHER DB?….they need a pass rusher!!)…….now all of them are on the Pats Bandwagon and conviently ignore what they previously wrote. Oh, to be a member of the sports media. ALWAYS right. NEVER wrong. When they are wrong?….no problem. Just make your column disappear. SEE: William C. Rhoden, New York Times


  4. Breaking News, Ian Rappaport of the Boston Herald says Brandon Spikes out four games due to suspension for banned substance.


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