This was my amusing discovery for the day…

Apparently the former FOX25 Sports Anchor (and current star of The Pulse Network’s Sports channel.) believes strongly that the rookie punter is being disrespectful for wearing the number issued him by the team.

@bossprtsthennow Yes. Grogans first. Someone needs to sit Zoltan Mesko down and make him realize how disrespectful he is being.Sun Nov 28 13:13:43 via Twitter for iPad

He’s really fired up about this:

Zoltan Mesko #14? Can someone explain to me why a rookie punter is wearing Steve Grogans number? If it’s not a tribute then that’s bull#%it!Sun Oct 31 21:28:57 via Twitter for iPad

Did it take Butch until October 31st to realize Mesko was wearing number 14?


21 thoughts on “Butch Stearns Thinks Zoltan Mesko is “disrespectful”

  1. I guess someone should sit down with Mr. Stearns and explain to him how disrespectful he always is to Summer's Eve/Massengill.

  2. To quote David St. Hubbins, Butch Stearns continues to illustrate that there's a fine line between clever and stupid, and Butch crossed it many, many years ago.

    Wow. I can't believe he felt he needed to Tweet not once, but twice, about this.

    And Butchie, we all loved Grogan, but let's face it, he was an interception machine who could never win big games in his prime and who lost his starting job twice: once to Matt Cavanaugh and once to Tony Eason. It wasn't until he got to be the crusty old veteran who was was replaced by the too-laid-back-for-Boston Eason that the fan base began to really warm to him.

  3. The only thing more disrespectful than wearing Grogans number is sleeping on an airport terminal floor in a track suit and shiny white sneakers.

  4. "current star of The Pulse Network’s Sports channel"…Bruce this one had milk pouring out of my nose I was laughing so hard….current star of the Pulse Network's Sports Channel…okay between you and me….is the viewership for the pulse network better or worse than the 6 people a week listening to Pete Shepard's football show on the Pats internet network or where ever it is. I am guessing this is a close one. For someone who so often was ridiculed for being a moron…you would think he would stop it now that he is unemployed.

    One other thing for butchie to ponder…there are only 99 wearable numbers if you do not count 00….if they retire or hold out ones for at best marginal QB's who had a few good games does that mean we get to keep punters out of Zolak's 16 for winning one game against the 49ers? I would ask if he can't really be this stupid but I have always believed that deep down Butch Sterns wanted to be Steve Buckley.

  5. Thanks, Butchie for confirming what many have suspected, you can be dumbed than dirt.

    How did you miss Brady disrespecting Matt Cavanaugh???

    In the week before the Pats play the Jets, this is the best you can come up with??? You've got to be kidding (but sadly you are serious).

  6. What about Edelman wearing Bledsoe's….

    As-if Grogan cares… As-if BB overlooked it…. What an @$$ hat.

    More false drama and false outrage and one more reason to dislike Fox.

  7. Serious question– what is the Pulse Network and where can I find it? I have Comcast and have never come across it.

  8. Butch Stearns continues to show that he is the stupidest and most unlistenable to media personality in New England. No wonder this no talent piece of junk as Shaughnessy would say was issued his walking papers by FOX…

  9. Is Stearns really this dumb or is this just his "kid from Braintree" act? Stearns is a very
    annoying buffoon and one of the many reasons I can no longer stand to listen to WEEI even
    though he is not on much. Between him, Curran, Mustard, Ordway and the rest of these fools
    that station has very little credibility left.

  10. The Pulse Network broadcasts out of the Braintree Bertucci's in its off hours. Either that or Factory Paint had brick wallpaper on clearance. I'm sure it's no surprise that the programming is horrendous. Obviously, even Pete Sheppard gave it a pass. What the hell does that tell you?

  11. Felger may have one upped Stearns in "genius" statement of the day. Felger said Lebron James was going to have miserable game against Cleveland tonight. James had 38 points 8 assists and 5 boards. Yup that has sucked written all over it. Way to go Kreskin, you can put that one up there with Randy Moss will not make the Patriots in 2007.

    1. But his wife is hot. Fact, not opinion. And Mazz agreed with him! So there!
      Does Steve Grogan even care about Mesko wearing his number?!?!

  12. Butch Stearns is as sharp as a doorknob. I wouldn't expect anything with a modicum of intelligence to come out of his mouth. That is why he is the current "star" of the blockbuster Plus Network's sports channel and it's audience of 8 viewers. Hey Butch, can you say 'Doh'? I bet you can.

  13. This coming from the self proclaimed "mayor of Braintree". I'm pretty sure nobody outside of the South Shore gives a crap about this townie's blabbering. I sure don't (413)

  14. Butch is the dumbest guy in Boston sports media. He's so dumb that he thinks he's smart. I remember he had multiple "Quotes of the Day" here on BSMW (which is never a good thing).

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