I can’t get on anyone in the media for doubting the Patriots going into last night’s game, because I did the same. In my mind, I imagined the Steelers bringing great energy at home, and relentlessly pushing the Patriots over the field. It didn’t happen. In fact, the exact opposite happened. The Patriots played with the relentless energy, sacking Ben Roethlisberger five times, and Tom Brady three three touchdowns to rookie Rob Gronkowski in a 39-26 Patriots victory.

However, I did enjoy old friend Albert Breer accusing the Patriots of running up the score last night, and then quickly backtracking.

Ten Things We Learned Sunday: Patriots show resiliency in win over Steelers – Christopher Price looks at some things to take away from one of the most emotionally satisfying wins in recent memory for the Patriots. Tom E Curran has Five thoughts and Bill Burt has five reasons Patriots fans should be giddy.

They put squeeze on Roethlisberger – Greg A Bedard looks at the relentless and constant pressure the Patriots defense applied to the Steelers QB. Mark Farinella has more on a fired-up Patriots defense. Karen Guregian has the defense answering the call after the debacle in Cleveland.

Tom Brady gets Patriots fired up – Mike Reiss says that this one clearly meant a little more to the Patriots QB. Tom E. Curran has more on a fired-up Brady. Ron Borges has a great line to open his Brady column. Jeff Howe has more from a happy Brady.

Patriots silence their doubters once again – Jim Donaldson says that what happened in Cleveland last week was a fluke.

Gronkowski holds family banner highest – Farinella notes that on a winning day for the Gronkowski family, rookie Rob had the biggest day. More on the rookie tight end from Monique Walker and Shelly Anderson.

Happy new year – Michael Felger weighs in on the Patriots, Bruins and LeBron James. Also on CSNNE, Rich Levine wonders what the ceiling for this Patriots team is.

Welker was slotted for success – Monique Walker’s Globe notebook has the Patriots offense rediscovering Wes Welker last night. The Herald notebook from Ian R. Rapoport has more on Welker, Hector Longo cranks out his Two-minute drill.

Rajon Rondo and Goliath find their groove – Steve Bulpett has Rondo and Shaq working well together.

Delonte West set to join Celtics mix – Chris Forsberg has the Celtics guard set to join the rotation now that his suspension is over.

Krejci easing way back in – Fluto Shinzawa has the Bruins center practicing for the first time since suffering a moderate concussion.


9 thoughts on “Patriots Stun Steelers (and everyone else)

  1. Felger nailed it. I had not listened to him since Tuesday, but that day he was guaranteeing a Pats victory. I hate to say it, but he has actually been right about a lot of stuff this year regarding the Pats.


    1. The only brown lining (the opposite of silver lining, and an ode to Felger's insistance that Moss was the "turd in the punch bowl") about the Pats apparent return to dominance is that it's given Felger the evidence to incessantly toot his own horn about how right he was about Moss, Dieon Branch, the Pats attitude and "fight," etc, etc. Not that the Pats are necessarily winning because of the reasons that he thinks they're winning, but their play has given him the ammo to go on a Nostradamus-like power trip. And it gets worse with every positive performance.

      I think I might actually listen to The Big Show on the way home from work tonight.


  2. yea seriously. albert breer is a useless non factor. i don't get any NFL news or insight from him. please stop referring to him in this site.


  3. Running up the score? Has Breer watched the Pats play pass defense this season? Last night was at least the third time this year that the pass defense was very good for long stretches of the game, and then gave up tons of yards and points in the final quarter to let the other team back into the game (San Diego was another example of this). They needed every point they could get last night and I'm glad the offense never took its foot off the gas.


  4. Bruce:

    I think there is a difference between being pessimistic about the Pats chances because you look at all the match ups and determine that the Pats are undermanned as some media people did, versus looking at the Pats performance at Cleveland and then projecting that performance onto future games. For example it would be silly to think that because the Pats beat a Pitt team they have owned in Pittsburgh, that they will walk over Indy. To do so would be to ignore the Pats ability to redouble efforts after being embarrassed and forgetting they are still a very young team in a lot of places. Those guys (rookies, second and even some third year players) still do not know that you have to bring maximum energy and effort every time you play. They are learning. Also, Indy is not Pitt. Indy has its own problems, running back, receiver, tight ends and poses different problems for the Pats … Mathis and Freeney, Manning, being bored to death by the Colts coaching staff's lack of charisma…

    Whereas I am fairly confident the Pats will beat Indy (thank you NFL schedule maker for 3 games in 10 days with 2 of those games being the Steelers and Colts…you suck). My confidence has a lot to do with the fact it is a home game, the Pats defense seems to be gelling (although 21 4th q points had me throwing baked corn chips at the TV…thank god the dog was there to eliminate the evidence or I would be a dead man) and the Pats offense is very well balanced. If you accept that both the Cleveland and Pitt games were anomalies, one being uncharacteristically bad, the other being uncharacteristically good then what you have with the Pats is a damn good 7-2 team that does not lose at home and that is playing with a purpose.

    Now if we can get the talking heads to have a world view that is longer than 24 hours…we might get some good football talk and writing this week. Assuming Bert Breer does not say anything…he is Tomasse stupid…how cool is that? I made Tomasse into an adjective.


  5. anybody who whines,crys or even refers to, "running up the score" in PROFESSIONAL football is an idiot in my book…get outta here with that Pop Warner league crap. and yes, I would feel the same way even if some team beat the Pats 80-0


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