Just as a heads up, I’m going to be taking advantage of the bye week here, and take some time to go visit family out West. With another baby coming in December, this is likely our last chance to get out there for a while.

Bob Ekstrom will be filling in for the next few days, and I’ll be back the middle of next week.

The Patriots report cards should have a decidedly different feel this week. Check out Patriots Daily for Jeremy Gottlieb’s report card this morning, and head to PatriotsLinks.com for the other report cards, as well as the all the breathless coverage on Randy Moss to the Vikings.

The Celtics open their preseason schedule tonight in Manchester, NH against the Philadelphia 76ers. Check the coverage at CelticsLinks.com.

So what did everyone think of Four Days In October last night?


13 thoughts on “Bye Week

  1. Somebody please help:

    According to Felger, if I think Randy Moss has been good for the Patriots and I love watching him play, then I'm a 'fanboy' in my 'Patriots footy pajamas'. BUT… if I think think trading him isn't the worst thing in the world, considering they won Superbowls with the likes of David Patten and Troy Brown, then I am a 'Patriots true believer' according to D&C.

    How should I feel? I'm so confused.
    Patriots fans just can't win in this town.


    1. D and C are probably off their games because this is only golf weather if you live in Wales. Felger can usually handle criticism, but he goes for the "Patriots suck up" card one too many times for my taste.
      someone should call him up and ask if Mazz can do any tricks.


  2. I'm sure Bruce will have more on this huge breaking story later this morning, but I just want to caution all Pats fans right now: in the wake of this Moss trade, get ready for ENDLESS resurrections of the "I don't like Tom Brady's body language" stories (circa 2006).


  3. I really enjoyed 4 Days. While I didn't love the Simmons-Clarke device, it was a much better option than having breathless narration throughout. Splicing game footage, home movies and news reports really moved the story along. I forgot how big Lowe was in game 7 and just how poorly Pedro pitched in game 5. One nit: They made a big deal about but then didn't resolve what was behind Pedro's game 7 relief stint. Tito said it was important to Pedro, while Pedro acted like he had no idea he'd be going in. Guess i believe Tito…


    1. I believe Tito, for sure.

      The crowd at The Stadium was dead at that point, and seeing Pedro on the mound brought them back into it, big time. He gave up two runs but he just barely escaped giving up more. Thankfully, Bellhorn smashed one off the RF foul pole leading off the next inning and restored order.

      Pedro had a bugaboo about the Yankees at that point in his career and he wanted to be involved in that game as more than a spectator IMO.


  4. I call bull on Bruce.

    He isn't "visiting" family.

    He is escaping the wasteland that is going to be sports talk radio in Boston after this trade.

    (Good luck to anyone actually listening to either station from 2-6 this week.)


  5. How far has the Globe’s football coverage fallen?
    Shalise Manza Young, “covering” the Randy Moss saga, had to quote Fox Sports, Espn-Boston, WEEI, and, dread, the Boston Herald… She didn’t have a single source of her own.
    An example of Affirmative Action in inaction.


  6. So is the Randy Moss situation more telling of the control Belichick has over his team and the info that hits the media, or how bad the Boston media is at their jobs?


  7. Apparently Shank's premise this morning is that by subtracting a surly superstar, the Patriots are worse off than they were on Sunday. The only parallel I could think of is if a certain Surly Curly Haired Columnist left the Globe, it would be addition by his subtraction.


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